Monday, October 31, 2005

Some days its probably better to stay in bed

Monday morning - swim

Session - 1 km time trial
Total distance - 1.3km
Time - 21.17min for 1km

I hadn't done a time trial for quite a while and since I have been swimming twice a week regularly for the past month, I thought my 1km time would improve. I thought I was swimming okay; it felt faster and I felt stronger, apart from a nagging ache in my upper R arm. There were not many swimmers in my lane so I certainly wasn't getting stuck behind slower swimmers. So why hasn't my 1km time improved - if anything, I've got slower. Sometimes I find swimming so frustrating.

Monday afternoon - easy run

Session - no plan, just follow the cycle path
Distance - 9.58km
Time - 56.27min
Av pace - 5.53min/km
AHR - 154
Calories - 523

It was supposed to be the regular Parliament House run session this afternoon but I had forgotten to bring my running bag to work. So instead of driving home after work, getting changed and then turning around and heading back into the city, I decided I would do one of my usual cycle path runs from home. I thought it might be just what I needed after a very so-so day at work but my body initially rebelled against the idea. Everything hurt - not at the same time but in turns - first it was my R calf, then my L hamstring, followed by my L calf, R glute, L ankle, and so on. Some days its probably smarter to listen to the body and quit while I'm ahead but I plodded on, in the vain hope things would improve...and they did marginally. It was a very forgettable run to finish off a very forgettable day.

The one highlight in my day was a phone call this afternoon from a very good friend, Kezza, who lives in Alice Springs. She was ringing to let me know that she's training for the Canberra Half Ironman and would be in Canberra in early December. This is so exciting - it was Kezza's fault that I decided to do an Ironman because she invited me to Forster with her back in 2003 to cheer on some of her Alice Springs buddies who were competing. The rest, of course, is history! Anyway, the other reason she was ringing was to let me know that the Alice Springs marathon is held in August every year and that we (Strewth and I) were very welcome to stay at her place.

So it might be.....August 2006 Alice Springs marathon!

(am) Cycle - 8 x hill repeats


strewth said...

Hmmmm - and is there a half marathon in Alice?? And your day was catchy - mine wasn't much better!! The best part was brekkie. Good luck in your sweeps tomorrow.

speedygeoff said...

You missed a great hill session at PH in the daylight.
Now if you lose track of time Tuesday with the GGs going around and everything you could always drop by NKL where we will be running a few laps before dark..

TA and the Gnome said...

Must be the day for work. I think every man and his dog needed their medicines today. BTW I bought new shimano tri cycling shoes yesterday - SH-TR02(all silver) and a new set of pedals to go with them. tried them out on the windtrainer tonight and they felt much nicer than my very old netti shoes. Hope you get yours soon,


Al Carter said...

Sometimes everything nurts - sometimes it just aches slightly and every now and again the whole lot works like a well oiled machine and when it does - it's a great work out indeed!!!

Susan said...

Alice Springs will be an awesome marathon.

Yes, sometimes it is better to stay in bed. I plan on starting two-a-days myself this week. Although, running and more running. I need to figure out this swimming thing.

D said...

So how long does it take you to do a 22 mile training bike ride?

Hopefully your aches and pains have dissipated.

I'll have to look up that marathon!

Al Carter said...

Alice Springs sounds like a nice place.
My next race is going to be in Central Park - yahoo!

miners said...

must have been the wrong side of the bed yesterday, that's all. Hope today treats you better

(can I come to Alice Springs? THAT would be a fun race)

Jen said...

Yes you are right. I should have stayed there today :-(


brent d. said...


Ewen said...

You'll enjoy Alice Srings CJ - great countryside and no hills.

Susan did a great job with your banner - chocolates with your name on them must be hard to resist.

Tesso said...

A couple of my mates did Alice this year. Going by their reports it sounds fantastic. And hearing about the winners and placegetters times you could be in for a podium finish :-)

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