Monday, October 31, 2005

Some days its probably better to stay in bed

Monday morning - swim

Session - 1 km time trial
Total distance - 1.3km
Time - 21.17min for 1km

I hadn't done a time trial for quite a while and since I have been swimming twice a week regularly for the past month, I thought my 1km time would improve. I thought I was swimming okay; it felt faster and I felt stronger, apart from a nagging ache in my upper R arm. There were not many swimmers in my lane so I certainly wasn't getting stuck behind slower swimmers. So why hasn't my 1km time improved - if anything, I've got slower. Sometimes I find swimming so frustrating.

Monday afternoon - easy run

Session - no plan, just follow the cycle path
Distance - 9.58km
Time - 56.27min
Av pace - 5.53min/km
AHR - 154
Calories - 523

It was supposed to be the regular Parliament House run session this afternoon but I had forgotten to bring my running bag to work. So instead of driving home after work, getting changed and then turning around and heading back into the city, I decided I would do one of my usual cycle path runs from home. I thought it might be just what I needed after a very so-so day at work but my body initially rebelled against the idea. Everything hurt - not at the same time but in turns - first it was my R calf, then my L hamstring, followed by my L calf, R glute, L ankle, and so on. Some days its probably smarter to listen to the body and quit while I'm ahead but I plodded on, in the vain hope things would improve...and they did marginally. It was a very forgettable run to finish off a very forgettable day.

The one highlight in my day was a phone call this afternoon from a very good friend, Kezza, who lives in Alice Springs. She was ringing to let me know that she's training for the Canberra Half Ironman and would be in Canberra in early December. This is so exciting - it was Kezza's fault that I decided to do an Ironman because she invited me to Forster with her back in 2003 to cheer on some of her Alice Springs buddies who were competing. The rest, of course, is history! Anyway, the other reason she was ringing was to let me know that the Alice Springs marathon is held in August every year and that we (Strewth and I) were very welcome to stay at her place.

So it might be.....August 2006 Alice Springs marathon!

(am) Cycle - 8 x hill repeats

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tiptoeing through the cow pats

Well I wasn't exactly tiptoeing, but there were plenty of cow pats to avoid.

Session: monthly vets' run @ Bluett's Pines
Distance - 7km
Time - 34.31min
Av pace - 4.51min/km
AHR - 172; MHR - 192
Calories - 398

Km splits:
1 - 4.35
2 - 4.59
3 - 4.06 (obviously downhill)
4 - 4.26
5 - 5.18 (hill)
6 - 5.42 (hill)
7 - 4.41

Woke several times during the night to rain falling, and it was still raining when I got up this morning. However, it managed to clear up before the actual run but it was quite muggy while running. The event was held not far from where I live, in what used to be a pine plantation, hence the name. However, the pine plantation has long since gone, one of many casualties of the 2003 bushfires, so its quite desolate and exposed out there now. Cows graze in there and in today's event it was a case of 'dodge the cow pats'. Unfortunately, the presence of cow pats also means the presence of lots of little sticky black bush flies, which wasn't a problem when running but was oh so annoying when standing around afterwards.

The surface was quite muddy in parts, with puddles scattered throughout, and cow pats to round out the obstacle course so at times it was a challenge just to stay upright and out of trouble. My legs, having only just recovered from last week's downhill run, weren't entirely happy with the undulations today but didn't really complain until we hit the long gradual incline at the 4.6km mark which didn't level out until about 5.8km (1.2km of gradual uphill - not pretty). Many people were walking and I was soooo tempted to but gave myself a stern talking to about not wimping out and plodded on relentlessly. Passed Strewth at this point. In the final 100m I somehow managed to slip into a hole (I do have a reputation for finding holes, ditches, etc) and how I didn't go over I don't know, but I managed to catch myself and continue on. Which is probably a good thing because I don't think it would've been a pretty sight falling face first onto the muddy, cow pat dotted surface just before the finish line!

The best part of the morning: the post-run cappuccino with friends at Black Pepper cafe ;-)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

The joys of cycling

It was not exactly a gut-busting effort Miners, but I was out there :)

And all the fond memories of cycling on the road came flooding back:

* bus drivers who think its their calling in life to see how close they can get to cyclists and then honk their horn;
* large semi-trailer vehicles that go roaring past as you hang on for dear life and hope not to get sucked under the wheels;
* bright sparks in cars who think there is nothing funnier than harassing a cyclist by yelling out, swerving in front of you, and not giving way when they are supposed to;
* and finally, my personal favourite - the driver who thinks that cyclists have no place on the road and that their taxes should not be wasted on on-road cycle lanes. They tend to slow down, wind down their window and let you know exactly how they feel, punctuated with many expletives.

Yes, I got one of this motorists this morning so they consequently got the finger - I really wasn't in the mood. For a couple of seconds he seemed to slow down and I thought uh-oh he's going to come back but then he continued on, gesticulating madly. As if I care!

Session - Cycle
Distance - 37.54min
Time - 1hr 32:09min
Av spd - 24.4kph; Max spd - 45.5kph
AHR - 144; MHR - 192
Calories - 769

I thought I might ride some of the Tour de Femme course since I actually entered the event yesterday. However, it has been a few years since doing the event so I was pretty vague about where it actually went but I'm sure I covered some of the course!

Hopefully I will be getting a new pair of Shimano tri cycling shoes next week - they had to order in my size.

(am) Run - monthly vets' run at Bluett's Pines, 7km

Friday, October 28, 2005

Back into it

Friday morning - swim
Session - 300m wu; 3 x 300m L2 (30sec RI); 2 x 100m kick (20sec RI); 100m cd
Distance - 1.5km

Times for 300m:
1st - 6.06min
2nd - 6.15min
3rd - 6.03min

Not a bad swim - my mind tended to wander when swimming the 300m sets hence the slower 2nd 300m.

Tomorrow (Saturday):
(am) cycle...maybe

Thursday morning - cycle (windtrainer)
Session: 5min wu; 10 x 20sec sprint (1:40min RI); 5min cd
AHR: 129; MHR: 158
Finally decided it was time to get physical again after having a few easy days following the Bulls Head Challenge. So it was out of bed and on my bike (on the windtrainer) in the morning for a half hour session. My legs were feeling it by the 5th repeat and I was only halfway through the session. Somehow managed to get through the rest of the session.
Best music to sprint to:
Highway to Hell - AC/DC
I See Red - Split Enz

Thurs lunchtime - Gym
Session - upper body weights session (again) and killer abs session
Felt as though my legs had suffered through enough in the past week to inflict more pain on them so rather than do a lower body weights session, opted to do another upper body weights session (I'll have Popeye post-spinach muscles soon!). I am improving slightly on the killer abs session though still have to have a break after the 4th exercise before moving into the 5th and last exercise of the session (the intention of the routine is to move seamlessly from exercises 1 through 5 - 15 reps of each).

Thursday evening - Yoga
Any ideas of going to yoga and zenning out on the floor were quickly dismissed with the announcement at the start of class that we would be focussing on standing poses for the session. Currently my hamstrings and calves are so tight you could play a tune on them so trying to bend this way, stretch that way, turn the leg in the hip socket, keep the heel on the floor, was a challenge to say the least. To top it off we again practised the beginnings of a handstand (adho mukha vrksasana) - this is going to be a personal challenge for me, I'm really not sure of this one. Shoulderstand yes; handstands, hmmm.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The no-exercise option :-)

Woke this morning and briefly thought about my options for today:
a) get on my bike before breakfast, or
b) get on bike after work, or
c) go swimming after work, or
d) don't do any exercise

Guess what option I chose! Yes, the no-exercise option won out so I closed my eyes and dozed off again. And today I've refused to feel guilty about not doing any exercise. And how are my legs? Well, walking down steps is still testing my calves and quads but I am feeling a bit better. Still not running though.

(am) cycle (hometrainer)
(pm) gym - upper body weights session plus killer abs session
(pm) yoga

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Thank you Susan

A big thank you to Runner Susan for my cool new header/banner :) Very appropriate......and definitely worth a packet of double choc Tim Tams! a big way

Woke up this morning and attempted to get out of bed. !@#$% what happened to my legs overnight? All muscles seem to have seized. I was doing a pretty damn fine interpretation of a hunched over little old lady. In fact, little old ladies could've given me a run for my money this morning - it was very embarassing. Although I didn't think it was possible, my legs were more stiff and sore than yesterday - I've decided that I do not like downhill running. Then to add insult to injury - I read on Flash Duck's blog that she has no muscle soreness whatsoever! How can that be! Here I am, hobbling/shuffling around, grimacing when attempting to go down steps (and believe me, there are lots of steps around today!) and Carolyne is not experiencing any discomfort at all. Hmmmppphhh.

Decided to go to the gym so shuffled/hobbled over there at lunchtime to do an upper body weights session plus the killer abs session. Figured that I was better off concentrating on the upper body today, and let the lower body recover from Sunday's effort (never again!)

I'm also still feeling very tired and nodded of four or five times in front of the TV last night before heading to bed. Gosh, the life of a runner - so exciting!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Sore quads, tight calves, feeling very tired....

Yesterday afternoon I was so tired - I wasn't that tired after Sydney marathon. Today, I'm still feeling really tired, my quads are sore and my calf muscles are very tight. Walking down steps is proving to be a challenge - I am so over downhills! I wore my Linebreak tights yesterday afternoon after the race and I think it has helped a little. But I have come to the conclusion that downhill running does put a lot of stress on the body.

Monday morning swim
Session: recovery swim inc 300m wu; 200m pullbuoy; 200m fs with fins; 300m kick with fins.
Distance - 1km

A very slow and leisurely pace in the pool this morning though it was like peak hour traffic in the lanes. Was more focused on the brekkie with Strewth afterwards.

(am) cycle ....maybe
(pm) gym - upper body weights plus killer abs session....maybe
(pm) run....maybe

I'm keeping my options open!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bulls Head Challenge

Distance - 27.28km
Time - 2hr 16.51min
Av Pace - 5.01min/km
AHR - 170; MHR - 182
Calories - 1,502

This morning I ran in the Bulls Head Challenge, part of Australia's toughest downhill race (Brindabella Classic). It is 27.2km of mainly downhill, all on bush roads and tracks. It starts at an altitude of 1,280m and finishes at the Cotter reserve, at an altitude of 484m. Great weather - blue skies, no wind (to start with anyway), mild temperatures. Met up with Flashduck and PRB at the start and also met Bernie G.

We got under way just after 9am and immediately it was downhill. The downhill specialists, Flashduck and PRB, flew past me and it was only on the very few uphills not long after the start that I managed to pass them again. Also the front runners in the Brindabella Classic (54.4km run) were heading to the turnaround. After running this course I have a lot of respect for those runners - we mainly ran downhill; they ran the same route uphill to the turnaround before running downhill. Ouch! I loved running through the bush, surrounded by trees, hearing the birds, waterfalls, and other sounds of the bush. I half expected GG to drop out during this stage but it never failed me.

For most of the run I was by myself and I didn't have any idea how many were ahead of me; though I had a pretty good idea who was behind me! Stopped at all drink stations for water, cordial and jellybeans and also had 2 GU sachets in my back pockets. Note to self - if I do this again next year, wear something a bit lighter - the CR tri top was way too hot. Emma Murray, World Champion mountain runner, passed me at about the halfway mark - I think she was doing the longer race. Had a little chat as she went past - I think I was saying that I wanted some uphills for variety! She did warn me that there were hills to come. I regretted making that comment!!

Jackie Fairweather (Gallagher) passed me just before Vanitys Crossing and said that I was running well. I might add she was too - she was also doing the longer race! I waded through knee deep water of Vanitys Crossing, had something to drink and then set off again feeling distinctly blah at this point. My stride was out, I was running with sopping socks and shoes on, and I was feeling hot and oh boy, there were hills. My km times certainly showed the problems I was experiencing at this point (about 6km from the finish)- up until this point my pace had been mostly under 5min/km; for the next few kms it was as follows:
6.58/5.50/6.15/6.06/5.09 (this was the downhill bit to the finish).

Finally I could see the Cotter reserve and had one final downhill to run - by this stage my legs were complaining bitterly, my right foot was hurting, in fact, everything was aching.

That Finish banner never looked so good! After that, I headed to the river, took off my socks and shoes and lowered myself into the cold but very refreshing water. Not long after Carolyne finished, and Peter a little after that.

I couldn't hang around for the presentation but Roy, the race organizer, dropped off my trophy tonight - I was 2nd woman in the Bulls Head Challenge. I received a beautiful silver cup.

This afternoon, I was soooo tired - had a nana nap on the lounge. I felt like I had run a marathon. I'm also sunburnt!!!

(am) Recovery swim

Saturday, October 22, 2005

In serious bike training........

for a very important cycling event: the Wamboin Winery Wander on Saturday 3 December. I have about 5 weeks to get my cycling up to 80km for this event.

The Wamboin Winery Wander is an 80km participation ride with leaders on sealed roads that explores some of the undulating country to the north of Canberra and includes lunch and wine tasting at Lamberts Winery. For those not keen to ride after lunch there is the option of a bus back to the finish. The bus can also carry any wine you purchase. It is 50km to lunch [talk about working up an appetite] and 30km from there to the finish.

That is my type of cycling!

Addendum to Friday

4pm Run session: warm up; 12 x 30sec sprints (30sec RI); cool down
Total distance - 5.71km
Total time - 32.55min
AHR - 146 (during warm up) 160 (during main session); MHR - 176
Calories - 331

1 - 3.56min/km (127.2m)
2 - 3.34min/km (139.9m)
3 - 3.45min/km (133.2m)
4 - 3.59min/km (125.7m)
5 - 3.49min/km (131.2m)
6 - 3.49min/km (131.2m)
7 - 3.56min/km (126.9m)
8 - 3.48min/km (131.8m)
9 - 3.37min/km (138.4m)
10 - 3.32min/km (141.3m)
11 - 3.53min/km (128.7m)
12 - 3.22min/km (148.6m)

I was very hot and bothered by the time I finished. Went out to dinner that night with good friends/work colleagues to Ginseng Asian restaurant in Manuka. Good night.

Tomorrow (Sunday):
9am Bulls Head Challenge, 27.2km run.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday on my mind

"...Wednesday just won't go
Thursday goes too slow
I got Friday on my mind...." (Easybeats, 1967)

I have been a day ahead of myself for most of this week so yesterday (Thursday) I thought it was Friday, and then this morning I thought I could sleep in, thinking it was Saturday. Fortunately, my brain registered something was not quite right with that thought before I dozed off again! However, I am only working until lunchtime today - having an early start to the weekend.

Since my last entry (Wednesday) I have managed to cycle (on the windtrainer), go to the gym and do the killer abs exercises again, go to yoga, and then swim this morning. Phew!!!!

So, starting with the most recent and working back:

Friday morning - swim
Session: 300m wu; 10 x 50 L2.5 (15 sec RI); 8 x 50m of 25m sprint/25m easy (15 sec RI); 200m L2; 100m cd.
Distance - 1.5km

Good session. Quite busy in the lane this morning so some of my rest intervals were actually based on starting when the person in front of me was about halfway down the pool, rather than on time. Followed this with brekkie at Red Belly Black with Strewth, who had been to dragon boat training.

Thursday evening - yoga
A good workout - I never thought I would say that about yoga, but with this type of yoga I always leave feeling like I've had quite a workout. We did repeats of adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog pose) followed by chaturanga dandasana (four limbed staff pose - similar to plank pose) - I am trying to remember the sanskrit names as that is what they use in class, and I have to look at what other people are doing because I can never remember them! We also did halasana (plough pose) and salamba sarvangasana (supported shoulderstand), and lots of other poses that I can't remember the names of!

Thursday lunchtime - gym
Did the killer ab session again, and I could still feel the after-effects of Tuesday's efforts. For each exercise I do 15 reps but for the last one I had to do 3 x 5reps because 15 in one go was just too hard. Also did a lower body weights workout.

Thursday morning - cycle (windtrainer)
I was planning on doing a ride out on the road but woke up to rain so changed the session to an interval one, similar to what I did on Tuesday.
Session: 5min wu; 2 x 2min L4+ HR - zone 4 (3min RI); 3 x 2min L2.5 HR - upper zone 3 (2min RI); 4 x 2min L2 HR - lower zone 3 (30sec RI); 5min cd.
Total time - 42min

Tomorrow:REST DAY!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hill repeats

The first thing I noticed when I got on my bike this morning was the wind chill factor when riding. However, I was pretty certain that I would be feeling very warm very soon because today it was 5 x 2min hill repeats. Now I know Chewings St is not up there with Black Mountain, Mt Ainslie or Red Hill but its still a hill; I'm starting off small.

Session: 13min wu; 5 x 2min hill repeats; cd
Distance - 17.52km (bike computer); 17.46km (GG)
Time - 46.47min (bike computer); 47.10min (GG)
Av spd - 22.4kph/ Max spd - 41.4kph (love those downhills!)
AHR - 141; MHR - 167
Calories - 355

The clean, mean, just recently serviced racing machine (aka the bike) was great to ride - amazing what a new cassette and chain can do! For the first 2 hill repeats the chain was in the largest cog on the rear (don't laugh Miners) and it was still a struggle. The 3rd and 4th repeats (had a bus on my tail for one of them - not fun) I had the chain on the 2nd largest rear cog; and the 5th (and last) repeat, the chain was on the 3rd largest rear cog. I have to admit that even the small hills I encountered on the cool down ride felt huge after the hill repeats. I truly suck at cycling.

Now if I could just sneak in a nana nap sometime today......

(am) Cycle - about an hour on the road
(pm) Gym - those killer ab exercises again
(pm) Yoga - can't wait!

Late edit:
I have been starving all day and craving anything sweet, such as chocolate. I've tried to resist so munched my way through a mandarin, apple, small packet of dried fruit and nuts, Koolmints, yoghurt, salad and crispbead. But eventually succumbed to chocolate licorice bullets and fantales and I was sizing up the Turkish Delight and other chocolate bars, but didn't have any!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Peak hour at Nth Lyneham

Last session for the day and I was looking forward to it, for a change. It had been head down, bum up all day at work (apart from the killer abs workout at the gym at lunchtime) so I needed to get outdoors.

Session - 3 laps of Nth Lyneham course (all offroad)
Distance - 11.08km
Time - 1hr 6.56min
Av pace - a comfortable 6.02min/km
AHR - 135; MHR - 159
Calories - 589

It was quite busy at Nth Lyneham this afternoon - other runners, people out walking their dogs, and kangaroos - lots of them. In fact, I wished I'd brought my camera phone along for the run because I could've got some great shots. Next week. Anyway I managed to get in a 1.6km warmup while waiting for Strewth to show up so had the advantage of getting all my huffing and puffing done before we started running the course! No problems with the run today - after doing a fairly hard cycle session this morning and then a gym session at lunchtime, I really just wanted to turn my legs over on an offroad course, and this was perfect. There was quite a brisk chilly wind blowing so I never really got too hot while running and once we had finished, we didn't hang around talking for too long because it got quite cold quite quickly.

(am) Cycle - hill repeats (so looking forward to it - not!!!)

Killer abs....

I wish - but I'm trying; boy, am I trying. At the gym today I did a series of Pilates-type ab exercises - oh my, were they tough. I'd want to see some results for the effort I put in!

Lunchtime - gym
Upper body weights + killer ab exercises

Also increased weights on some of the exercises so consequently had wobbly arms by the end of the go with the jelly legs from this morning's cycle session!!!

Jelly legs

Time to get back on my bike this morning. I programmed and downloaded the interval session to GG last night. Note to self - reprogram!

5min wu; 2 x [1 x 2min L4/HR zone 5 (3min RI); 1 x 2min L2.5/HR zone 4 (2min RI); 1 x 2min L2/HR zone 3 (30sec RI); 5min easy]; 5min CD
Total time - 44mins
HR - will add later (AHR appears to be about 135; MHR - 171)

It was a hard session, particularly the 2min at zone 5 heart rate (90%+ MHR). I don't know if I managed to get my HR up that high but my poor legs were spinning at top speed, to the point I was seeing spots before my eyes and the sweat was dripping off me. But its got to be good for me, right?! And 2 minutes can take forever unless, of course, I'm at the rest interval stage, and then 2 minutes just flies by.

Monday, October 17, 2005

A good swim

Monday morning - swim

Session - swim inc 300m wu; 2 x 100m L2 (15sec RI); 2 x 100m L2.5 (30sec RI); 2 x 100m L4 (1:30min); 2 x 100m L2.5 (30sec RI); 2 x 100m (15sec RI); 100m cd
Distance - 1.4km
Times for 100m -

Had a good swim this morning. Thought I paced myself quite well over the main set of 100m swum at increasing then decreasing intensity - a version of pyramids. Felt strong in the arms and focused on pulling through the water. It was good to have a good swim for a change.

Monday afternoon - run

Decided to run from home rather than go to Geoff's run session at Parliament House. Was having the usual problems with motivation.

Session - 10min wu; 3 x 5min L2.5 (5min RI); 5min CD
Distance - 8.5km
Time - 47.08min
Av pace - 5.32min/km
AHR - 143; MHR - 170
Calories - 468

Interval times:
1st 5min interval - 4.56min/km
2nd 5min interval - 4.46min/km
3rd 5min interval - 4.43min/km

Thought I was going to die in the first interval - heavy breathing, tired legs, and Garmin Girl kept beeping at me incessantly to 'speed up'; god I hate the first interval. I'm traditionally a slow starter and have always struggled with the first one or two intervals on the track. However, the 2nd and 3rd intervals were much better - time-wise and physically. In fact there were a couple of times when GG beeped at me to 'slow down'. By the end of the session I was feeling so much better and glad that I had made the effort to run after work.

(am) Cycle (on windtrainer)
(pm) Gym - upper body weights workout plus ab exercises
(pm) Run @ Nth Lyneham with Strewth

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The week in review

Dinner at a Thai Restaurant back in Sept!

l-r: Lulu, CJ, Jen, Owl and Mr "The Legend" Lulu.

It was a great night.

It was a hectic week, work-wise, but I still managed to do most of my sessions.

Mon 10 Oct:
(am) Swim - 1.4km
(pm) Run - about 8.5km, inc 12 x 30sec intervals

Tues 11 Oct:
(pm) Massage - mmmmmm
(pm) Run - 15.6km @ Nth Lyneham

Wed 12 Oct:
(pm) Gym - upper body weights + ab exercises

Thurs 13 Oct:
(am) Run - 7.9km inc 3 x 5min intervals
(pm) Yoga - Level 1 classes commence

Fri 14 Oct:
(am) Swim - 1.6km inc pyramid session
(pm) Gym - lower body weights + ab exercises

Sat 15 Oct:
(am) Long run - 22km

Sun 16 Oct:
Rest day; sleep in; read newspaper; update blog.

Swim - 3km
Run - 54km
Gym - Wed/Thurs
Yoga - Thurs pm
Massage x 1

Just annoying little niggles eg tight L calf muscle, sore R glute, lower back soreness on Wednesday

Overall health:
Just tired

Events this week:
Sunday 23 Oct - 27.2km Bulls head Challenge

(am) Swim
(pm) Run session at Parliament House

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I've been tagged!

Rae (Runningintoabrickwall), has tagged me in the latest fun 'get to know your fellow bloggers' chain game. I'm new to this so bear with me.

Here are the rules:
1. Go into your archives.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Find the fifth sentence (or the closest one to it)
4. Post the text of your sentence in your blog along with these rules.
5. Tag five other people.

From Friday, July 8, 2005, here's my sentence: "Have friends who are in Florence at the moment (Strewth and Dave) and work colleagues who are in the Czech Republic but heading to London shortly."

What was I talking about?: The bombs that went off in London were the talking point at that time and I was worried because friends of mine were overseas at the time, but fortunately not in London.

I tag: Hilda (Every day's race against), Strewth (Strewth's training diary), Al Carter (The Mighty Pen), Jen_runs, & Lulu runs.

A clean, mean, racing machine........

My bike, that is, not me! My bike finally got a well deserved service during the week at Rideshop in Braddon and has a shiny new cassette and chain. I was also advised not to neglect my bike in future...oh dear. So now its home, sitting in the shed, waiting for its next spin on the week.

* Saturday morning - long run *

Distance - 22km
Time - 2hr 52 sec
Av pace - 5.29min/km
AHR - 151; MHR - 187
Calories - 1,326 (much happier with that!)
Fave song - "I feel good" - James Brown (came on at a very crucial time in the run)

Weighed myself pre- and post-run - lost 1.1kg, so made sure I drank lots during the day to replace the fluid loss.

Perfect running weather this morning - overcast, no wind, and not too cold. Spring has sprung, and the trees are getting new leaves. Decided to run out past the Cork Plantation, alongside the Parkway. Passed quite a lot of people initially on the cycle paths going through Macquarie/Cook - out walking their dogs or on their bikes. However, once I hit the off-road part of my run I didn't see another soul, and that included kangaroos. Was running with Garmin Girl this morning at 5.30min/km pace and for most of the run I stayed a comfortable distance in front of her...until I hit the 18km mark (going uphill, I might add). Next thing I know GG has slipped past and somehow had managed to get about 35m in front of me. However, at that point my favourite James Brown song "I Feel Good" popped up on my ipod and I powered away, leaving GG in my tracks.

This afternoon Mr CJ and I visited Floriade, an annual Canberra flower festival, held over about 4 weeks in September/October. We thought we better go today because tomorrow is the last day of Floriade for this year! Personally, I can take it or leave it, once you've seen one tulip you've seen them all, but I was interested in visiting the area that contains jewellery, handmade soaps, clothing, food, etc. We had a cappuccino to fortify ourselves for the visit (very mediocre) and then visited the craft area. Bought a packet of chocolate coated licorice nibbles and one handmade soap. Disappointed in the craft displays - wasn't really my type of jewellery or clothing. Mr CJ rushed me past the Belgian chocolate and fudge displays.

* Friday morning - Swimming - Pyramids *
Session - 300m wu; 2 x 50m/100m/150m/100m/50m (15sec RI); 2 x 100m kick/fins (15 sec RI); 2 x 100m swim/fins (15sec RI)
Distance - 1.6km

Good swim.

* Friday lunchtime - Gym *

Session - lower body weights + ab exercises

A hard session - not because I had increased weights or reps but I think I was tired. Work has been really hectic all week and has meant some late nights as well. By Friday this had all caught up with me and I definitely felt it, trying to get through the session. But I felt good once I'd finished! Also, because I knocked back several offers of going out for coffee at lunchtime 0;-)

It was also a 20 Fantale day - which started at 9am! Not good.

* Thursday evening - Return to yoga, Level 1 *

This is my 3rd 10 week session of Iyengar yoga for the year and I'm hooked. It has really helped with my flexibility and strength. Tonight we did a lot of hip opening and stretching exercises - really good for running. A lot of reps of downward facing dog pose, and several variations on lunges. Plus some shoulder opening and stretching exercises and finally shoulderstands. I felt like I had had a really good workout by the end of the session.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Opened one eye...surely not, it can't possibly be *pull the doona over my head* ....have another peek, ohmigod, it is...damn, damn, damn - time to get up. Its morning! I wish I was in Sydney going to the Lindt Cafe with Jen, Lulu and DJ but unfortunately I'm in Canberra and I have a run to do before work.

Session - 10min wu; 3 x 5min L2.5; 3.56min cd
Distance - 7.9km
Av pace - 5.31min/km
Pace per 5min interval - 4.43min/4.49min/4.49min
AHR - 149; MHR - 178
Calories - 454

Now I have a gripe about calories expended - I think there should be bonus calories for doing a hardish session early in the morning. 454 calories is pathetic - I worked damn hard for that measly amount. I think my session was worth at least double that *stamp foot*

The run itself was fine - it was done mainly on Florey cycle path. It was a lovely morning - no wind, not too cold and everywhere is so green - its lovely. The warm up wasn't too promising - a slow hard slog to begin with but once the 5min intervals started I felt much better. And Garmin Girl only gently reminded me once or twice to speed up. Also, there is nothing like "Turn up the radio" by Masters Apprentices to get the legs turning over - I love that song for running and it always brings a smile to my face. Then there was a bit of thigh slapping, foot tapping Dixie Chicks music.

Yoga tonight - I am really really looking forward to it. Not as good as Lindt Cafe though.....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sore lower back

My lower back was quite stiff and sore this morning. I didn't notice it when I first got up but by the time I got to work and sat at the computer, it was really quite sore. Not quite sure why it was playing up - maybe doing an offroad run concentrating on the downhills yesterday afternoon was my downfall. Whatever, by lunchtime my back problem had improved so I was off to the gym for my upper body weights workout and also to work off the chocolate cake I had at our section meeting this morning!

Gym - lunchtime
Session - upper body weights session, the same as last week
Ab exercises - same as last week
Stretches - same as last week

A good session - it was great to get out of the office for a while. Its been so busy at work lately and I've been working at nights from home, so its nice to be able to switch off and think about something completely different, like the effort of continuing to lift weights when certain muscles are screaming out to stop.

Didn't go swimming tonight after work as I have to much work to do and that is why I am still sitting in front of a computer.

(am) run before work
(pm) back to yoga - Level 1 - yay!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Massage = bliss

Had my regular monthly massage today and it was well worth the wait. Had been getting increasingly tighter across the shoulders and upper back (most likely due to work) plus the usual problems with my glute. My marvelous massage therapist also found other tight and/or tender spots such as my left calf, courtesy of my recently sprained ankle, and also my right hamstring. By the time I left an hour later I was feeling so much looser and calmer. That lasted all of 5 mins (the walk back to the office) and then it was straight into a teleconference. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

One of our work colleagues had been to Haigh's cholcolate shop in Sydney recently, and brought us back a bag of chocolate freckles - they were the best! However, it was not a good idea to leave the opened packet on our meeting table - it was just way too tempting to take one...another one...then another one....well, another one won't hurt......oh hell why not just eat the whole damn lot!

Run session - after work, 5.09pm
Location - Nth Lyneham
Distance - 15.6km, 5 laps
Time - 1hr 34.19min
Av pace - 6.02min/km
AHR - 145; MHR - 170
Calories - 837

Arrived at North Lyneham before Strewth [though might have scored a speeding fine for my troubles :( , will have to wait and see if anything arrives in the mail], so did about 1 3/4 laps before meeting up with Strewth, running the other way. Enjoyed a leisurely, though at times challenging, run - ankle was fine. It was almost dark by the time we finished - it will be great once daylight saving starts in a couple of weeks.

Was planning on doing some work tonight but feeling too tired so have decided to give it a miss and work doubly hard tomorrow ;-))

(lunchtime) gym - upper body weights session/ab exercises/stretches
(pm) swim - maybe

Monday, October 10, 2005


Maybe it was the work I did at home on the weekend; maybe it was just the thought of what was ahead of me this week at work; or maybe it was just plain Mondayitis, but I did not want to get out of bed this morning. However, I convinced myself that I would feel much better for getting up and going swimming and that was why 6.30am found me at Civic pool, getting changed. Strewth had beaten me to the pool this morning and was busy ploughing up and down the lane when I got in.

Monday morning swim - Intervals
Session - 300m wu; 2 x 100m L2 (15sec RI); 2 x 100m L2.5 (30sec RI); 2 x 100m L4 (90sec RI); 2 x 100m L2.5 (30sec RI); 2 x 100m L2 (15sec RI); 100m cd
Total distance - 1.4km

After my usual slow start, I gradually increased my speed [from snail pace to turtle pace ;-)] Found the L4 intervals hard work - lungs fit to burst, legs feeling tingly (obviously lack of oxygen!) and seeing spots before my eyes - oh what fun! I might be a Piscean but I'm no fish when it comes to swimming.

Monday afternoon run - Intervals
Location - Parliament House
Session - 24min warm up; 12 (I think) x 30sec intervals at L2.5 effort (60sec RI); cool down jog back to carpark.
Distance - 8.47km (garmin girl said 7.47km but I had forgotten to turn it on for the first km)
Time - 43.16min+
Av pace - 5.47min/km (doesn't tell the whole story - there were 30 sec sprints in there)
AHR - 150
Calories - 424

I find it really hard to get excited about run sessions after work and today was no exception. Plus I was feeling very tired so again I reluctantly dragged myself to PH after work feeling very unenthusiastic about running. All I really wanted to do was go home, have something to eat and go to bed. Consequently I forgot to turn on Garmin Girl when we started our warm up run and it was only because Gandalf (Strewth's Garmin) beeped at the first km marking that I remembered. Its a speedy bunch that goes to Geoff's run session and the warm-up is not always the gentle jog that one envisages (or hopes for) but can sometimes feel like a mad sprint to keep up with everyone. Today was no exception. After the warm up we headed down to a grassy area near the High Court to run intervals - 30 sec hard with 60sec rest - 12 of them I think. Rather than try to figure it out on Garmin Girl I thought I'd just follow everyone else but everyone else seemed to have their own ideas of when to stop and start the intervals and I got totally bamboozled. Then a light bulb went on in my brain - its really not that hard to figure out 30sec and 60 sec intervals on the watch just by looking at the time. Doh!!! Finally my brain had synchronised with my watch!!! I continued on with my intervals and actually completed a hard workout.

(lunchtime) massage - so looking forward to it
(pm) run with Strewth at North Lyneham

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The week in review

A productive week, exercise-wise

Monday 3 Oct:
(pm) Run - 10.7km

Tues 4 Oct:
(am) Cycle (WT) - 30min
(pm) Gym - upper body weights/ab exercises

Wed 5 Oct:
(am) Cycle - 16.34km
(pm) Run - 8.02km
(pm) Swim - 1.5km

Thurs 6 Oct:
(pm) Gym - lower body weights/ab exercises
(pm) Cycle (WT) - 40min

Fri 7 Oct:
(am) Swim - 1.4km

Sat 8 Oct:
(am) Long run - 19.97km

Swim - 2.9km
Cycle - 1hr 10min (WT); 16.34km (road)
Run - 38.7km

dodgy ankle - a bit stiff and achey

No *touch wood*

(am) Swim
(pm) Run session @ PH

No cycling this week - bike is in for service. What a shame!

19.97km run

The plan today was to run 20km at 5.30min/km pace - simple. Woke to grey skies and cold windy weather - hardly conducive to doing anything outdoors, let alone a long run. Was meeting Strewth and Mr B at the yacht club but would be running on my own as I was running faster and for longer, so packed my ipod for company while running.

The weather looked threatening at times and I was convinced it would rain at some point on the run. Was comfortable until about the 16km mark when my ankle decided to start aching. Then I found it a real struggle to run against the wind when on Kings Avenue bridge - I was constantly being pushed to the side. My pace at this point was slowing. The wind didn't ease once I got off the bridge - I was almost running headlong into it now and it was like this for the last couple of kms back to the yacht club. I managed to pick up my pace somehow and beat Garmin Girl back to the car. I turned off my watch and then looked at my distance - I was convinced that I had run 20km but instead Garmin Girl said 19.97km. Bugger - 3m short! Still, I reckon that the energy expended running into a strong wind was definitely worth the other 3m! Changed into some warm, dry clothes and met up with the Strewth, Mr B and JD at The Oaks Brasserie next to Yarralumla Nursery for a cappuccino and a date scone - had definitely earned it today.

Distance - 19.97km
Time - 1hr 48.50min
Av pace - 5.28min/km
AHR - 160; MHR - 191
Calories - 1,118

Tomorrow - REST DAY!!!!!! ;-0

Friday, October 07, 2005

I am feeling very blog-deprived - while I've been managing to update my blog I haven't had the time to read many others and I feel like I'm missing out on what's happening in Blogland. Work is unfortunately getting in the way of my life at the moment.

Swim session - Civic Pool

This morning I shared my lane with a few hunky male Dolphins water polo players - nothing like some motivation when swimming laps! ;-) However I tried to time my laps so that I didn't get mowed down as they powered down the pool. I, in comparison, looked like I was plodding along! While I was supposed to be increasing speed with each set of 50m it was a struggle - my arms felt like lead weights this morning.

Session -
300m wu;
7 x 50m L2 (10sec RI) - average time was 58sec per 50m;
7 x 50m L2.5 (20sec RI)- average time was 55sec per 50m;
7 x 50m 25m-L2.5/25m-L1 (10sec RI);
50m cd
Total distance - 1.4km

L1 - easy pace
L2 - getting harder
L2.5 - threshold
L4 - bloody hard work

Swimming was followed by brekkie with Strewth - always pleasant. Retail therapy at lunchtime :)

Tomorrow - (am) 20km long run at 5.30min/km pace
Put bike in for service - it hasn't had one since before the Ironman in April 2004!!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


The plan was to get up this morning and do another spin session before work. That plan went out the window when I woke this morning feeling extremely tired. So instead I drank the coffee that Mr CJ had left for me, ate my muesli and read the paper. Decided I would do the session after work instead.

Lunchtime - Gym

Wow - two days I've made it to the gym this week. This has to be a record of sorts for me. Today it was a lower body weights session plus ab exercises, consisting of the following:

Swiss ball squats
Stationary lunges
Swiss ball single leg raises
Standing calf raise
Glute machine
Swiss ball crunches
Reverse crunches
Twist crunches

After work - Spin session on hometrainer

Session - 5min wu; 5 x 2min fast (2min RI); 5 x 1min fast (1min RI); 5min cd
Time spent on bike seat - 40 loooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg minutes
AHR - 139bpm; MHR - 170bpm

Legs, especially my quads, felt really tired about 30secs into each interval - it may have been the after effects of the gym workout or just that I really suck at cycling. Turned up my ipod and focused on the music and tried to ignore the pain!

Tomorrow - (am) swim then brekkie with Strewth
(lunchtime) retail therapy with Bec

Thought for the day

Obviously I have a very full life!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A triathlon of sorts

Well, it was spaced out over the day and done out of order but I managed to train in all three disciplines today - cycle this morning before work, run at lunchtime, and swim after work.

Time I started - 5.53am
Distance - 16.34km
Time it took - 39.37min
Av spd - 24.7kph; Max spd - 40.9kph
AHR - 145; MHR - 160
Calories - 331

Now I remember why I had a love/hate relationship with my bike - 2 days in a row on the bike seat - not pleasant. And I also really, truly suck at cycling - its such bloody hard work and I get tired legs really quickly. And they've put a row of little bumpy things on the corner of Haydon Drive as you enter Ginninderra Dve - how I didn't come a cropper remains a mystery.

Lunchtime run
I was planning on running the 6km Barbecue Stakes but around 11.30am got to thinking that I didn't really want to get all competitive and have to race so I decided that I would do a solo run of about 8km. However, I am truly my own worst enemy - despite constantly reminding myself that it wasn't going to be a hard run I had also decided to negative split the run. I ran the first 4km in 20.16min so of course that meant I was going to have to run a lot harder on the return. It was also very warm and getting warmer by the minute.

Stats:Distance - 8km
Time taken - 39.26min
Av pace - 4.55min/km
AHR - 160; MHR - 173
Calories - 430

Evening swim

I was meeting Strewth for a swim and we weren't quite sure how crowded the lanes would be. Several lanes were booked by various swim clubs and aqua aerobics but we managed to find lanes with not too many people in them. Good swim - the longest I've swum for a while.

Session - 300m wu; 3 x 300m (30sec RI); 2 x 100m kick (20sec RI); 100m cd
Times for 300m:
1st 300m - 6.15min
2nd 300m - 6.10min
3rd 300m - 6.18min
Total distance - 1.5km

Phew - that was my day, exercise-wise. Looking forward to my bed tonight.

Tomorrow - (am) cycle - windtrainer (need a pillow for my bike seat)
(lunchtime) - gym - lower body weight session plus ab exercises

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


This morning I became reacquainted with my bike - a red and black Giant OCR1 with tribars. Nothing as flash as Miners but I did manage to clock up 6,000km in the first 10 months after I bought it - training and competing in a half ironman, long course triathlon and an ironman. It was also very much a love/hate relationship over that period! Since the ironman in April 2004, though, I have probably only cycled another 200km and have not been on my bike since 4 March this year. Yes, it was well overdue for us to get reacquainted.

So the plan was to do a spin session this morning - I am gently easing myself back into cycling.

Session - 5min wu; 10 x 1min fast (1min RI); 5min cd
Total time - 30min
AHR - 153; MHR - 240 (I know its a blip but believe me, it felt like it by the 5th interval!)

Generally it was a good session - I had used the 'interval' option on garmin girl so only had to listen for the alert signal - she kept count of the number of intervals and of course, the time of the intervals and rest intervals. Too easy! Spent the rest of the morning, at work, yawning and feeling rather hungry.

Tuesday lunchtime - gym

Definitely a day for firsts today! Ok, so its not the first time I've been to the gym but the first time in a long while (as with my cycling). I refused to be swayed today and ignored Bec's invitations to go shopping and have coffee - I was a woman on a mission. However, we have pencilled in Friday lunchtime this week for those pursuits!

Session - upper body weights plus ab exercises
Swiss ball dumbbell chest press
Standing dumbbell lateral raise
One-arm dumbbell row
Bench dips
Alternating dumbbell curl
Swiss ball crunches
Reverse crunches
Twist crunches

Tomorrow - (am) easy 45min cycle
(lunchtime) 6km run
(pm) swim


Monday, October 03, 2005

Return to North Lyneham

I love public holidays - the chance to sleep in, laze around, do nothing...well, dream on because my day was nothing like that! Was woken early by Mia, our cat, who was diving on and off our bedhead, and flying around the room at hyperspeed, chasing a moth. Then she insisted that we catch it for her, which Mr CJ did do but only to shut her up, but she lost it and so we went through the crazed cat routine again. After breakfast and shower, I donned my cleaning gear and cleaned the bathroom and toilet and put on a load of washing. Then I was off to Federation Square to meet Bec, do some shopping and have lunch. I bought a gorgeous sapphire blue necklace. Then I was off to Woden Plaza with Mr CJ to price computer parts as we are debating whether to upgrade or just replace the old computer with a new computer. Finally, late in the afternoon I donned my running gear and drove to Strewth's place as we had agreed to run at North Lyneham, an off road 3.15km loop course, that we (Mr B also joined us) ran 3 times. And that was my day.....

Distance - 10.7km
Time - 1hr 02.53min
Av pace - 5.51min/km
AHR - 144; MHR - 172
Calories - 584

The North Lyneham course that we run follows roughly the perimeter of fenced in bush and trees - it is an undulating and at times quite uneven 3.15km on gravel. Sometimes there are cows grazing in the bush and quite often there are kangaroos watching the crazy humans run around in circles! The first lap was hard work and we were questioning our sanity as to why we thought doing this course was a good idea. However, we gradually hit our stride and by the third lap I was cruising along feeling really good. Isn't it funny how we can start a run feeling really bad and yet by the time we have finished can be feeling really good.

Tomorrow -
(am) 30min spin on hometrainer
(lunchtime) gym

Sunday, October 02, 2005

11.7km run on a beautiful Sunday morning

Blue skies, bright sunshine and no wind - that was what confronted me when I ventured out for the newspaper this morning. I was meeting Strewth, Mr B, Helen and Trath down at Lake Ginninderra for a gentle run around the lake followed by brekkie at Black Pepper cafe - all very civilised. I decided not to strap my ankle today as I was running on a mainly stable surface and I wanted to see how my ankle would fare. Also noticed that the bruising had ventured up the side of my calf - the bruising was more extensive than I'd realised. Anyway my ankle was fine for the run. Tomorrow is an off-road run so I'll strap it because of the uneven surface.

Helen and Trath started off before us using the excuse that they are still easing back into exercise (after their recent overseas jaunt) and didn't want to hold us up. Strewth wasn't feeling very well initially so we waited until her stomach settled a bit before starting off. Mr B soon left us behind as he took off to catch up to Helen and Trath, and in fact passed them as well. It was a beautiful day for a run - very pleasant weather. Lots of people out running, walking and riding bikes. No magpies were swooping today.

Distance - 11.7km
Time - 64.33min
Av pace - 5.31min/km
AHR - 146; MHR - 232!!
Calories - 604

I always enjoy our post-run refreshments and today was no different. Sat outside at Black Pepper cafe and had 2 cappuccinos and muesli with yoghurt 0;-) The Hare and Nerida joined us, as did one of Strewth's non-running friends.

Later today I bought the Triathlon and Multi Sports magazine for the triathlon training program, hoping that this will spur me into getting on my bike next week (thanks TA!)

Proposed program for the week
Tomorrow (Monday) - a planned off-road 10km run with Strewth, and maybe Mr B, at North Lyneham
Tues - (am) cycle!!
(lunchtime) gym
Wed - (lunchtime) Run - Barbecue Stakes 6km
(evening) Swim
Thurs - (am) cycle!!
(lunchtime) gym
(after work) run
Fri - (am) swim
Sat - (am) long run
Sun - (am) long cycle

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Post-chocolate blowout

I have been very slack with my running since the marathon which, I hasten to add, is ok because recovery time is very important......and chocolate is good for the soul! However, this morning it was time to get out the door and do some serious running. It was a return to Spring weather - blue skies with some clouds and a brisk breeze. My plan was to run down to Lake Ginninderra for 50 mins, then return the way I came, keeping to a 5.30min/km pace - thanks to Garmin Girl.

Distance - 18.3km
Time - 1hr 40.03min
Av pace - 5.27min/km
AHR - 160; MHR - 175
Calories - 992

After a sluggish start (my first km was 5.05min but it felt slower) I gradually relaxed into a comfortable stride and didn't have any problems, apart from being swooped by a magpie - the first time for me this year. The ankle still aches a little.

Will be running around the lake again tomorrow with Strewth et al, followed by brekkie at Black Pepper - can't wait. Mr CJ and I are getting through the orange flavoured and extra dark chocolate Lindt balls that Strewth brought back from Sydney on Thursday.

Friday morning - swimming
Only averaging one swim a week at the moment. On Friday met up with Strewth at Civic pool and decided to do the following session:

Session - 200m wu; 8 x 100m (10sec RI); 200m cd
Times for 100m - 2.05/2.04/2.05/2.02/2.03/2.06/2.05/2.01
Total distance - 1.2km

Good swim followed by brekkie with Strewth at Red Belly Black cafe.

First triathlon for the season - Women's and Girls' triathlon, 27 November - time to get on my bike!