Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday on my mind

"...Wednesday just won't go
Thursday goes too slow
I got Friday on my mind...." (Easybeats, 1967)

I have been a day ahead of myself for most of this week so yesterday (Thursday) I thought it was Friday, and then this morning I thought I could sleep in, thinking it was Saturday. Fortunately, my brain registered something was not quite right with that thought before I dozed off again! However, I am only working until lunchtime today - having an early start to the weekend.

Since my last entry (Wednesday) I have managed to cycle (on the windtrainer), go to the gym and do the killer abs exercises again, go to yoga, and then swim this morning. Phew!!!!

So, starting with the most recent and working back:

Friday morning - swim
Session: 300m wu; 10 x 50 L2.5 (15 sec RI); 8 x 50m of 25m sprint/25m easy (15 sec RI); 200m L2; 100m cd.
Distance - 1.5km

Good session. Quite busy in the lane this morning so some of my rest intervals were actually based on starting when the person in front of me was about halfway down the pool, rather than on time. Followed this with brekkie at Red Belly Black with Strewth, who had been to dragon boat training.

Thursday evening - yoga
A good workout - I never thought I would say that about yoga, but with this type of yoga I always leave feeling like I've had quite a workout. We did repeats of adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog pose) followed by chaturanga dandasana (four limbed staff pose - similar to plank pose) - I am trying to remember the sanskrit names as that is what they use in class, and I have to look at what other people are doing because I can never remember them! We also did halasana (plough pose) and salamba sarvangasana (supported shoulderstand), and lots of other poses that I can't remember the names of!

Thursday lunchtime - gym
Did the killer ab session again, and I could still feel the after-effects of Tuesday's efforts. For each exercise I do 15 reps but for the last one I had to do 3 x 5reps because 15 in one go was just too hard. Also did a lower body weights workout.

Thursday morning - cycle (windtrainer)
I was planning on doing a ride out on the road but woke up to rain so changed the session to an interval one, similar to what I did on Tuesday.
Session: 5min wu; 2 x 2min L4+ HR - zone 4 (3min RI); 3 x 2min L2.5 HR - upper zone 3 (2min RI); 4 x 2min L2 HR - lower zone 3 (30sec RI); 5min cd.
Total time - 42min

Tomorrow:REST DAY!!!!!!!!!


A Girl Running said...

OMG - you so deserve that rest day tomorrow!

I love the sounds of your Yoga...I am still looking for a local class

miners said...

You're wearing me out again CJ!

Jen_runs said...

You did a lower body weights session at lunch on Thursday after riding on Thursday morning. OMG - you are a machine CJ.

Enjoy your weekend!!


Tesso said...

That's funny, I've been a day behind. This morning I was thinking how nice it was going to be catching up with the Regatta Runners for their usual Friday brekky ... tomorrow.

I can't believe you can do three workouts in one day.

Susan said...

Fridays are great days!

KIT said...

That is sooo dispointing when you think Friday is a Saturday!!! I did that a few weeks agao and was crushed. You deserve a rest day :)

D said...

A rest day seems very well deserved!!