Monday, October 24, 2005

Sore quads, tight calves, feeling very tired....

Yesterday afternoon I was so tired - I wasn't that tired after Sydney marathon. Today, I'm still feeling really tired, my quads are sore and my calf muscles are very tight. Walking down steps is proving to be a challenge - I am so over downhills! I wore my Linebreak tights yesterday afternoon after the race and I think it has helped a little. But I have come to the conclusion that downhill running does put a lot of stress on the body.

Monday morning swim
Session: recovery swim inc 300m wu; 200m pullbuoy; 200m fs with fins; 300m kick with fins.
Distance - 1km

A very slow and leisurely pace in the pool this morning though it was like peak hour traffic in the lanes. Was more focused on the brekkie with Strewth afterwards.

(am) cycle ....maybe
(pm) gym - upper body weights plus killer abs session....maybe
(pm) run....maybe

I'm keeping my options open!


KIT said...

Maby a massage??? You deserve it! I bet your legs are sore... nothing tougher than down hill running... especially 27km of it!

Jen_runs said...

No wonder your legs are sore; you just ran downhill for 27kms!!!

Breakfast on a Monday morning is much more important than exercise if you ask me ;-)


Ewen said...

So that's why you weren't at Parly House doing sprints tonight!

Susan said...

Way to go. Sounds like a really tough race. What are linebreak tights?

Al Carter said...

Congrats on the second place in the race. How did you manage all that downhill - I can go up hill like a mountain goat but donhill always leaves me impersonator someone a lot lot older than me - to run it is amazing.