Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter in November

The plan was to run the Cotter. With great trepidation I drove out to the Cotter, the weather matching my mood - it was grey, cold and miserable. However by the time the guys (Two Fruits and softshoeshuffle) showed up and we unanimously agreed to run around Lake Burley Griffin instead, I was feeling much more confident of making the distance.

Not long after we arrived at Black Mountain peninsular several more cars showed up containing some very familiar faces: Roger, Maria, Peter, Helen, and Charlie. Time for a quick chat and then we (me, two fruits and softshoeshuffle) were off around West basin. The weather wasn't too bad - not exactly shorts and singlet weather (i was wearing several layers) but there were patches of blue sky and sunshine.

However can't say the same for the last 8km we ran once the others left for coffee (sob!). It was bitterly cold, windy and I'm positive there was a touch of sleet. It was miserable but I wanted to get in 25km for the day so there was nothing for it but to tough it out. Also by this stage my legs were feeling it - they were very tired. However it was with great satisfaction when we completed the 25km. I was going to treat myself to an Italian hot chocolate at Belconnen markets (its not dissimilar to a cup of melted chocolate rather than the insipid hot cocoa-type chocolate you usually get) but they don't sell it anymore (double sob!).

Today I feel fine - no soreness or tightness in the legs. I attribute that to the wonderful epsom salts bath I had last night - it was bliss.

The weather is still the same - wet, cool and miserable but its doing the garden a lot of good. Our strawberries are going crazy and they are so delicious - they may be small but so sweet. Just great with dark chocolate - for the antioxidants of course!!!!

Tomorrow the plan is to go to the gym before breakfast/work for a weight session (back and biceps) plus a 30min hard cardio session on the exercise bike.
Tomorrow night I will be assessed on instruction in resistance exercises for the abs/back and arms, plus on one piece of cardio equipment(bike, crosstrainer, stepper or dreadmill). I've been studying today and using son #2 as a guinea pig!