Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The no-exercise option :-)

Woke this morning and briefly thought about my options for today:
a) get on my bike before breakfast, or
b) get on bike after work, or
c) go swimming after work, or
d) don't do any exercise

Guess what option I chose! Yes, the no-exercise option won out so I closed my eyes and dozed off again. And today I've refused to feel guilty about not doing any exercise. And how are my legs? Well, walking down steps is still testing my calves and quads but I am feeling a bit better. Still not running though.

(am) cycle (hometrainer)
(pm) gym - upper body weights session plus killer abs session
(pm) yoga


Susan said...

oh, I'm feeling guilty. My alarm didn't go off this morning . . . so, I'll blog a little. I think I'll do 5 miles after work.

How do you get your excercise done at lunch? I may try that, although we don't have a shower at work.

Jen_runs said...

Woohoo CJ. Well done for choosing not to do any exercise and perhaps more importantly (and harder) refusing to feel guilty about it. We all need rest days. Hope you enjoyed it!


Al Carter said...

Not doing anything is always a good option. I'm feeling good today cause I did get my lazy ass out of bed and into the pool.

KIT said...

Just what the doctor ordered!!!!
That few extra minutes in bed always feel a bit luxurious when its a rest day! I hope you enjoyed it!!!

Wobbly man said...

Oh dear, that dreaded snooze button got another one! Hope you enjoyed your rest day. It may help iron out a few niggles too.

D said...

I'm a little late..congrats on the Bulls Head Challenge..awesome!

Nice job Susan on the new header - it looks great!

miners said...

Oh thank God!!! Now I can have a rest day as well!

I've been feeling too guilty about trying to keep up with your schedule ;)

strewth said...

Really love your new banner. But what's with the time you wrote this blog - 3.07am??? Is that for real?

Hilda said...

I always say that exercise is not an option when you really are into it, but you are something else... I was wondering how do you manage to recover if you train so hard day after day!!! Even three times a day!

Run for Chocolate said...

It must be in the air! I turned my alarm off and never looked back! The no-exercise option seemed to be a popular choice! I love your new header too.

Rae said...

You deserve a day off!!! You had an awesome race last weekend and everyone needs a rest day! Have a great weekend!