Friday, October 28, 2005

Back into it

Friday morning - swim
Session - 300m wu; 3 x 300m L2 (30sec RI); 2 x 100m kick (20sec RI); 100m cd
Distance - 1.5km

Times for 300m:
1st - 6.06min
2nd - 6.15min
3rd - 6.03min

Not a bad swim - my mind tended to wander when swimming the 300m sets hence the slower 2nd 300m.

Tomorrow (Saturday):
(am) cycle...maybe

Thursday morning - cycle (windtrainer)
Session: 5min wu; 10 x 20sec sprint (1:40min RI); 5min cd
AHR: 129; MHR: 158
Finally decided it was time to get physical again after having a few easy days following the Bulls Head Challenge. So it was out of bed and on my bike (on the windtrainer) in the morning for a half hour session. My legs were feeling it by the 5th repeat and I was only halfway through the session. Somehow managed to get through the rest of the session.
Best music to sprint to:
Highway to Hell - AC/DC
I See Red - Split Enz

Thurs lunchtime - Gym
Session - upper body weights session (again) and killer abs session
Felt as though my legs had suffered through enough in the past week to inflict more pain on them so rather than do a lower body weights session, opted to do another upper body weights session (I'll have Popeye post-spinach muscles soon!). I am improving slightly on the killer abs session though still have to have a break after the 4th exercise before moving into the 5th and last exercise of the session (the intention of the routine is to move seamlessly from exercises 1 through 5 - 15 reps of each).

Thursday evening - Yoga
Any ideas of going to yoga and zenning out on the floor were quickly dismissed with the announcement at the start of class that we would be focussing on standing poses for the session. Currently my hamstrings and calves are so tight you could play a tune on them so trying to bend this way, stretch that way, turn the leg in the hip socket, keep the heel on the floor, was a challenge to say the least. To top it off we again practised the beginnings of a handstand (adho mukha vrksasana) - this is going to be a personal challenge for me, I'm really not sure of this one. Shoulderstand yes; handstands, hmmm.


KIT said...

I need a rest after reading all that!!
It is a buzz when you nail tha handstand! Keep working at it... you will feel very strong when you do it :)

miners said...

What's this Saturday cycle, maybe ...?

Unless it's another chocolate day, I want to hear about a gut-busting effort on the bike tomorrow CJ!

Hilda said...

I will try those songs, recomend more as much as you can. I'd loved to go in to the cylce, but I don't have one and there is not a good one at the gym... a shame.
Go to sleep is late.

D said...


Susan said...

oh my popeye muscles! I want those too.

Lulu said...

You'll soon master the handstand. I had the same reaction when I started yoga.. the last time I did a handstand I was 6 years old and I fell over and broke my collar bone...I wasn't keen I can tell you, but I did it in the end. Never managed to do it without the wall for support but I was up on my hands at least..

Wobbly man said...

Handstands are done with mirrors anyway...I' must say I am feeling tired after reading all that!