Saturday, October 15, 2005

A clean, mean, racing machine........

My bike, that is, not me! My bike finally got a well deserved service during the week at Rideshop in Braddon and has a shiny new cassette and chain. I was also advised not to neglect my bike in future...oh dear. So now its home, sitting in the shed, waiting for its next spin on the week.

* Saturday morning - long run *

Distance - 22km
Time - 2hr 52 sec
Av pace - 5.29min/km
AHR - 151; MHR - 187
Calories - 1,326 (much happier with that!)
Fave song - "I feel good" - James Brown (came on at a very crucial time in the run)

Weighed myself pre- and post-run - lost 1.1kg, so made sure I drank lots during the day to replace the fluid loss.

Perfect running weather this morning - overcast, no wind, and not too cold. Spring has sprung, and the trees are getting new leaves. Decided to run out past the Cork Plantation, alongside the Parkway. Passed quite a lot of people initially on the cycle paths going through Macquarie/Cook - out walking their dogs or on their bikes. However, once I hit the off-road part of my run I didn't see another soul, and that included kangaroos. Was running with Garmin Girl this morning at 5.30min/km pace and for most of the run I stayed a comfortable distance in front of her...until I hit the 18km mark (going uphill, I might add). Next thing I know GG has slipped past and somehow had managed to get about 35m in front of me. However, at that point my favourite James Brown song "I Feel Good" popped up on my ipod and I powered away, leaving GG in my tracks.

This afternoon Mr CJ and I visited Floriade, an annual Canberra flower festival, held over about 4 weeks in September/October. We thought we better go today because tomorrow is the last day of Floriade for this year! Personally, I can take it or leave it, once you've seen one tulip you've seen them all, but I was interested in visiting the area that contains jewellery, handmade soaps, clothing, food, etc. We had a cappuccino to fortify ourselves for the visit (very mediocre) and then visited the craft area. Bought a packet of chocolate coated licorice nibbles and one handmade soap. Disappointed in the craft displays - wasn't really my type of jewellery or clothing. Mr CJ rushed me past the Belgian chocolate and fudge displays.

* Friday morning - Swimming - Pyramids *
Session - 300m wu; 2 x 50m/100m/150m/100m/50m (15sec RI); 2 x 100m kick/fins (15 sec RI); 2 x 100m swim/fins (15sec RI)
Distance - 1.6km

Good swim.

* Friday lunchtime - Gym *

Session - lower body weights + ab exercises

A hard session - not because I had increased weights or reps but I think I was tired. Work has been really hectic all week and has meant some late nights as well. By Friday this had all caught up with me and I definitely felt it, trying to get through the session. But I felt good once I'd finished! Also, because I knocked back several offers of going out for coffee at lunchtime 0;-)

It was also a 20 Fantale day - which started at 9am! Not good.

* Thursday evening - Return to yoga, Level 1 *

This is my 3rd 10 week session of Iyengar yoga for the year and I'm hooked. It has really helped with my flexibility and strength. Tonight we did a lot of hip opening and stretching exercises - really good for running. A lot of reps of downward facing dog pose, and several variations on lunges. Plus some shoulder opening and stretching exercises and finally shoulderstands. I felt like I had had a really good workout by the end of the session.


Rae said...

I love yoga! Downward F dog is one of my faves, and exalted warrier. (Except for the days when I'm a little tired and I tip right over doing the warrier pose. Cracks my hubby up every time!!)

KIT said...

I really love that style of Yoga! It is very strong and takes a lot of strength to maintian the poses! It is great for flexibility.

I would say you easily burnt off your 20 fantales!!!

Tesso said...

I don't love yoga ... but I love chocolate coated licorice. Yum! Yesterday I finished off some dark choc coated bullets, and a couple of days before that choc coated aniseed rings.

Hmmm, "I Feel Good", might have to add that to my collection :-)

miners said...

ohhh - I was looking forward to photos of the bike!!