Thursday, October 13, 2005


Opened one eye...surely not, it can't possibly be *pull the doona over my head* ....have another peek, ohmigod, it is...damn, damn, damn - time to get up. Its morning! I wish I was in Sydney going to the Lindt Cafe with Jen, Lulu and DJ but unfortunately I'm in Canberra and I have a run to do before work.

Session - 10min wu; 3 x 5min L2.5; 3.56min cd
Distance - 7.9km
Av pace - 5.31min/km
Pace per 5min interval - 4.43min/4.49min/4.49min
AHR - 149; MHR - 178
Calories - 454

Now I have a gripe about calories expended - I think there should be bonus calories for doing a hardish session early in the morning. 454 calories is pathetic - I worked damn hard for that measly amount. I think my session was worth at least double that *stamp foot*

The run itself was fine - it was done mainly on Florey cycle path. It was a lovely morning - no wind, not too cold and everywhere is so green - its lovely. The warm up wasn't too promising - a slow hard slog to begin with but once the 5min intervals started I felt much better. And Garmin Girl only gently reminded me once or twice to speed up. Also, there is nothing like "Turn up the radio" by Masters Apprentices to get the legs turning over - I love that song for running and it always brings a smile to my face. Then there was a bit of thigh slapping, foot tapping Dixie Chicks music.

Yoga tonight - I am really really looking forward to it. Not as good as Lindt Cafe though.....


D said...

Nice run ...hope yoga was fun. I would take any place that serves coffee over Yoga any day... ;)

Lulu said...

We wish you were in Sydney @ the Lindt cafe too. And I totally agree on the calories expended.. definitely should be doubled for any exercise conducted before breakfast!

Jen_runs said...

We wish you were here with us too! But I actually stayed in bed so perhaps you've burnt off my Lindt cafe calories for me!!

go girl said...

I totally agree as well. I think that you burn more cals before breakky. But I always make up for it during the day.

Al Carter said...

Award yourself 200 more calories burned for dragging yourself out of bed.
If it had been raining, you could have added another 200 calories burned.
Other things that you can use to increase calorie burnage:
Running during period
actually any exercise during period
Gym work after hard day's work
exercise straight after chocolate eating
exercise while thinking about chocolate
not eating chocolate after exercising.

see, you'll do fine.

Susan said...

I certainly need to start some yoga and stretching stuff. I don't want my calves to be cramping again.

KIT said...

Good run! I really like running intervals... I love the feeling of going faster (although the heart feels it)
If we double the calories expended can we eat twice the chocolate???

Rae said...

I start every race with Dixie Chick's "Ready to Run"! I'm sure that's totally cheesy but it puts me in a good girl-power mood every single time!!