Friday, December 30, 2005

Mr CJ has left the building....

Mr CJ has left me.........well, for 10 days anyway. He's gone to Perth to spend some quality time with his sister. We had a little drama at the airport tonight - Mr CJ is very laidback and casual about schedules, timetables, etc and said we had plenty of time to get to the airport. So, who was the one who missed the bag cutoff tonight?! Hmmm, I wonder. This meant he had to cram clothes from his (brand new) suitcase in his backpack and into a gift bag containing presents for his sister. Fortunately the toiletry bag (that came with his brand new suitcase) could be unattached from the case and taken separately. Meanwhile there are final boarding calls......he gets his boarding pass and heads through security only to be stopped because as usual it beeps when he goes through. Off come the shoes, go through again, final boarding call again, gets called over for a some sort of residue scan, someone is getting very frustrated.....!!! My parting view of Mr CJ was of him heading up the escalator clutching 3 bags and a pair of shoes, shaking his head as he goes!!!! Gee, I wonder who learnt a valuable lesson about turning up at the airport on time!!!!

Marathon training update:
Week 4 of 18
Easy week

Session - easy 10km followed by 6 x 100m strides (90sec RI)
Distance - 10km + strides
Time taken - 52.51min for 10km
Av pace - 5.16min/km
AHR - 148
Calories - 633

Times for 100 strides:

Good run - nothing to report apart from feeling a bit stiff in the legs from the gym session the day before. The 100m strides went well considering I had just run 10km, well you couldn't say I hadn't warmed up!!!

Wednesday afternoon
Session - Gym followed by swim

After getting a quick tour of the gym and sporting my lime green towel (the gym is called Club Lime) I headed off to one of the many exercise bikes for a warmup. I'm not usually one for stationary equipment such as exercise bikes and treadmills but I thought I'd give it a try - okay for 6mins!!!! Then I did a lower body weights/stability session that my physio would be proud of:
* One legged squats
* Stationary lunges
* One legged raises on swiss ball (bridging)
* Swiss ball hamstring curls
I followed this up with the killer abs session which I have to confess I had neglected for about a month, and did I feel it! It was hard work.

Then it was off for a swim to cool down and loosen up my legs. It was fairly quiet in the pool although about 4 lanes had been cordoned off for kids and a floating castle thingummy.
Pool session:
* 500m freestyle
* 400m kick with fins
* 100m freestyle with fins

Wednesday morning

Session - Easy 8km run
Distance - 8km
Time taken - 43.24min
Av pace - 5.25min/km
AHR - 144
Calories - 447

I could get very used to easy weeks! Its a bit like tapering in a way.

Thursday afternoon Mr CJ and I ventured to Woden to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the cinema. It was also one way of getting out of the heat for a couple of hours! Temperatures lately have been around 33* - 35*C (91*-95*F) and this weekend they are forecasting 38*C (100*F) both days. Anyway back to the movie - armed with our choctops (mine was coffee, Mr CJ had vanilla) we ventured into the cinema only to be met with almost total darkness. As usual we were running late (!) and the movie had already started - we had to wait for our eyes to adjust, and for some light, to figure out where to sit. Considering the movie has been out for a couple of weeks, the cinema was still quite full. We eventually found seats up the back and managed to make our way up without tripping up the steps (my party trick) or treading on people's feet. I enjoyed the movie; Mr CJ was pretty much underwhelmed though he managed to sit through it without fidgeting and grumbling (a sure sign that he's bored).

Wobbly - you asked what sort of music I was downloading. I have very eclectic tastes and for running I prefer songs with a good beat. Anyway, for an example, some of the songs I downloaded the other day include:
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
Real Wild Child - Iggy Pop
Lets get it started - Black Eyed Peas
Do you want to - Franz Ferdinand
Just want you to know - Backstreet Boys
On my way - Spiderbait
Pretty Vegas - INXS
Get the party started - Pink

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Easy 10km run

I'm currently downloading music and since we use dialup its taking forever - so I thought I'd update my blog while I'm waiting.

Rest days over, it was time to get back into marathon training...and not of the eating kind. I decided to run early in the morning before it got too hot, as it was forecast to be about 30*C today. Also Strewth was dropping her ipod into me before she left for Sydney - a very brave woman, she is entrusting me with compiling a playlist for her!!! Then there was the shopping - I was taking son#3 shopping so he could exchange a t-short that he received for Christmas. Somehow he also managed to get 2 more t-shirts, 1 shirt, 2 pairs of boardies, a pair of sunnies and a book as well!!!!

Marathon training update:
Week 4 of 18 (easy week)

Session - easy run
Distance -10km
Time taken - 53.30min
Av pace - 5.20min/km
AHR - 146; MHR - 161
Calories - 537

A very pleasant run - obviously 10km runs agree with me at the moment - long enough so I feel I've got a workout, short enough so that I don't crash and burn in glorious CJ style!! The glute was niggly and the back a little stiff but nothing out of the ordinary, and probably better than it has been for a while.

I am thinking of buying a pair of racing flats for the marathon, so obviously they have to have a little bit of support, but not as much as the Asics GT 2100s I run in at the moment. Any suggestions?

Now its back to the downloading.......

Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day swim

For the benefit of Wobbly Man, here's a photo of Mia and our Christmas tree. Actually, there's a funny story about Mia and the Christmas tree - the other night she was being silly and spinning around on her platform (what she is sitting on) and spun around so fast that she spun off and into the tree. Being the little stress ball that she is, she totally freaked out and took off with tinsel and baubles attached. Took her several hours to recover and she gave the tree a wide berth for a while!!!!

Suffering from post-Christmas bloat (self inflicted as a result of eating fruit mince pies, chocolates, various salads, crisps, dried fruit and nuts, rum balls, licorice allsorts, Christmas pudding icecream..........I decided that I needed to do something active today. It was another rest day from running, and cycling did not appeal so swimming was the preferred option. I had won a 1 month gym membership in a fun run a month or so ago and had to start it before 31 December, so today was the day.

Session - easy swim: 300m wu; 100m kick; 200m pullbuoy; 100m kick; 6 x 100m on 2.10min
Distance - 1.3km
Time taken - approx 30min

A comfortable swim with only one other person in my lane so wasn't troubled by anyone trying to swim over or into me. As usual, my kicking, without fins, was pretty abysmal, but breathing to alternate sides while swimming freestyle was ok. No bulging biceps, taut triceps, lean lats, or awesome abs to keep me in the pool any longer than I needed to today, so after about half an hour decided I had done enough and got out.

Tomorrow I hope to check out the gym and go for another swim. My marathon program also tells me I have an easy 10km run as well.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day. I received some great presents, ate far too much and watched DVDs all afternoon. Bliss!!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

A 'Bah Humbug' long run

Marathon Training update - week 3 of 18 weeks

Session - long run

The temperature when I started this morning at 6am was 29*C (84*F) and stayed that way for the entire miserable run. I had set Garmin Girl virtual training partner mode on for 5.30min kms and for the first couple of kilometres I was behind. However I gradually caught up and overtook Garmin Girl and by about 10km was about 500m ahead. However I was feeling very ordinary - this should have set off warning bells but didn't...

Anyway by about 15km little hills were beginning to feel like mountains, the sun was blazing down from a cloudless sky, and I was starting to feel cold - bizarre. I had goosebumps but I was also hot and sweaty. This was about when the walk a bit, run a bit strategy kicked in.

At 18km I switched off the virtual partner mode - I didn't need to see how quickly the gap was closing between me and Garmin Girl. This was not helping my rapidly flagging sense of humour. My ipod was also taunting me by playing such songs as DOA by the Foo Fighters, I Feel Good by James Brown and We Are The Champions by Queen (I was feeling anything but, at this stage).

20km and I had run out of water. The original plan was to run 24km but that was not going to happen today. I walked, shuffled my way home and the stats tell the sad story.

Distance - 22.8km
Time taken - 2hr 12.06min
Av pace - 5.46min/km
AHR - 162; MHR - 189
Calories - 1,283

Have a happy and safe Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The mercury is rising....

Today it was 33*F (91*F) - tomorrow it will be 35*C (95*F) and windy. Hanging out in the mall all day is looking mighty good. The nights are also getting warmer, I think it was about 18*C (64*F) overnight. So what did I do today? Well I finished off some homemade chocolates from a friend, had lemon gelato for lunch and finally finished off the chrissie present shopping (and wrapped them too). Oh, and I ran.....

Distance - 9.1km
Time taken - 48.52min
Av pace - 5.19min/km
AHR - 147; MHR - 173
Calories - 514
Session - inc 3 x [30sec fast with 1min RI; 60sec fast with 1 min RI]

Times for intervals:
30sec fast - 5.06/4.40/4.17min/km (not very consistent)
1min fast - 4.37/4.32/4.10min/km

This is my 4th day of running in a row and despite some grumbles from the R glute, it really wasn't that bad. But I'm not running tomorrow - I will swim instead. I think it would be pushing the friendship too far by running 5 days straight.

Oh, and yesterday we signed the building contract. Its official - we are in debt and the renovations/extensions start in February!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I love watermelon......

..and summer, and warm days, and summer clothes, and holidays. I don't like running in the middle of the day, but first thing in the morning in summer is the best time to run. I haven't been swimming or cycling but have been shopping and doing breakfast and lunches with friends this week.

Had a close encounter with a sporting star this morning when Mr CJ and I were in a bike shop selecting a pair of sunnies for me (my Christmas present). The shop is owned by Dean Rogers (who served me) and who should also be in the shop but his brother, Michael Rodgers. Yes, THE Michael Rodgers - world time trial champion, Tour de France competitor - he has a mean set of quads and calves!!!

Anyway, I digress....back to my running exploits.

Week 3 of 18 - marathon training

Workout - easy run
Distance - 12km
Time taken - 1hr 5.24min
Av pace - 5.26min/km
AHR - 145
Calories - 693

The glute was letting me know loud and clear that it really didn't agree with running this morning, even at easy pace. But in true CJ fashion, I ignored it and plodded on, in the vain hope that if I ignored it, the niggle would go away. I know, there are gaping holes in my logic.

Reading other blogs tonight I feel like I'm plodding on and everyone else is just getting faster and better. Silly, I know; logical, its not. The Christmas silly season is getting to me and I'm consuming far too much chocolate. At this rate, come New Year it will be lard-arse CJ waddling on!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Earth to CJ..........

Sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat, sleep....get the picture!!! That's been my week, punctuated by the occasional run and swim. I'm still tire easily but my running is improving, and on Saturday night I managed 2 champagnes and 4 Banana Daiquiris at friends' Xmas party, without falling over or falling asleep!!! I'm now officially on holidays for a month. Yay!!

Thanks for all your kind words - I am taking my iron pills (with orange juice TA!) and having lots of rest, and while I'm not exactly bursting out of my skin just yet, I am getting there.

Marathon training update (warning - this will be boring)

Thursday 15/12/05
Distance - 10.15km
Time taken - 56.04min
Av pace - 5.32min/km
Calories - 580

Saturday 17/12/05
Distance - 22km
Time taken - 1hr 57.06min
Av pace - 5.19min/km
AHR - 163; MHR - 217
Calories - 1,224

Week 3 of 18 (already!)
Monday 19/12/05
Distance - 8km
Time taken - 43.29min
Av pace - 5.26min/km
AHR - 141; MHR - 164
Calories - 462

Today - Tuesday 20/12/05
Distance - 12km, running the last 4km strongly
Time taken - 1hr 4.08min
Av pace - 5.21min/km - the last 4km was run at an average pace of 4.52min/km
AHR - 147; MHR - 172
Calories - 696

R glute felt a little sore about halfway into the run, about the time the ache in my L ankle disappeared! Gorgeous morning for running - cool but sunny blue sky. Wasn't struggling with the last 4km like last week when I was having problems maintaining 5min/km pace. Its all good! Needed a nana nap this afternoon.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

A kilometre too far...

Tried running 10km yesterday afternoon.....

Stats: (warning - these are really sad!)
Distance - 1km (1.6mi)
Time - 5.44min/km

By the time I had run a kilometre I knew that I couldn't go any further or any faster - I was tired, breathless and felt really really tired. So I stopped, turned around and walked home. Had something to eat and then fell asleep on the couch at 7pm, woke up at 9pm and went to bed where I promptly fell asleep again until 6am this morning.

So what's the problem? I had blood tests on Monday because I had been suffering a range of annoying symptoms over the last couple of months that were gradually becoming worse, including:

Tiring easily
Frequent headaches
Racing heart or palpitations
Becoming irritated easily
Concentration difficulties
Cracked or reddened tongue
Loss of appetite
Slow recovery after long or hard runs

The diagnosis.......iron deficiency anaemia. The blood tests confirmed it so now I feel relieved...tired, but relieved! Relieved because a) its not all in my mind and b) its easily fixed. I'm now on iron supplements and hopefully should pick up over the next couple of months. However, in the meantime I can't believe how tired I am, or how quickly I get fatigued. Its starting to show up in my running now, but I noticed it with my swimming a couple of weeks ago - I was getting breathless very quickly even though I wasn't swimming fast. The annoying thing is I have actually been careful with my diet this year (I'm vegetarian) and have been eating properly, compared to other years when my diet has been a complete disaster-zone!

So my list of woes is growing:
glute/lower back problems
tendonitis - ankle

Monday, December 12, 2005

Official tri results, long run and Canberra Half Ironman

l-r Strewth, CJ, Kezza (photo courtesy of Strewth)

Official results - Saturday's mini tri
Time - 34.45min
Splits - 7.19min swim/ 19.02min cycle/ 8.24min run
Place - 24th overall (of 190 competitors); 1st in age group (of 12 competitors)

Marathon training update:
Week 1 of 18
Day 7 - long run

Distance - 20km (12.43miles)
Time taken - 1hr 48.25min
Av pace - 5.25min/km
AHR - 150; MHR - 205
Calories - 1,114
Weather - warm, about 22*C (71.6*F)

I had it easy compared to the 800 or so competitors who were competing in the half Ironman - I was only doing a 20km run, they were swimming 1.9km, cycling 90km and running a half marathon. After watching Miners finish his swim leg and head off on his bike (he is the most laidback person I've ever encountered before the start of a triathlon event!), Strewth and I started our long run, planning on finishing before Miners got back from the bike leg.

I ran with Strewth until we had crossed Kings Avenue bridge, just to be sure that Strewth knew where she was going as we would soon be running separately. Had my trusty ipod for company and headed off around Lake Burley Griffin to the beat of Rogue Traders, Scissor Sisters, and the like. Glute and ankle aches and pains were noticeable and at one stage I was contemplating slowing to a walk because the ankle was giving me a lot of grief. However the ankle ache did settle down and I plodded along, drinking regularly and consuming 2 packets of GU at the 8km (4.97mi) and 17km (10.56mi) marks respectively.

About 4km from the end of my run the first Half Ironman competitor came running down 'Hospital Hill' - way way ahead of the next competitor. This was Leon Griffin who finished in 4hr 9min, 10min ahead of the guy who came second. I was to encounter him again near the end of my run (one way to get a bird's eye view of the event!) I had a good run - 100% better than the long run I did last Sunday.

After finishing the long run Strewth and I resumed cheering duties and kept an eye out for Miners - who managed to sneak in from the bike leg and head out on the run before we realised. However, it wasn't long before Miners appeared in view, looking strong on the run leg. managed to get a photo and cheer - I have to say its hard work cheering and trying to take photos! Aki joined us at this point and proved to be a vocal cheer squad supporter! We also managed to see Ironbee out on the run course - well, it was easy spotting the guy with antennas on his cap! The morning was starting to warm up - it was going to be a long hot morning for some competitors out on the course, particularly on those parts of the run course where there was absolutely no shade whatsoever.

PRB, Speedygeoff and Geoff B joined us at some stage - after Miners had finished I think. We also managed to cheer in our ex-coach Vicki who was smiling and looking pretty damn fresh for someone who had just completed a half ironman! We also met Highwayman and a couple of others whose names escape me. Miners finished in 5hr 6min but I'll let him tell his story - after all, it was his day! And from what I hear, he's qualified for Ironman 2006! Woohoo!

...and its got me thinking....hmmmmm, maybe I could do another half ironman next year....and then Ironman 2007! I really shouldn't watch these events - its not healthy!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tri-ing to have fun

Saturday pm - Mini triathlon

Distances - 300m swim/8km cycle/2km run
Total time taken - 34.30min (provisional)
Swim - 7.15min
Cycle - 18.53min
Run - 8.31min
Weather - windy, warm, probably about 22*C (71*F)

There were lots of people doing the mini tri Saturday afternoon. Some of the triathlon clubs had been running 6week novice training courses culminating in competing in this triathlon, so there were lots of tri newbies. Meanwhile, just down the road a bit the 'real' triathletes were registering for the Half Ironman event being held Sunday.

It had been very breezy all day and the wind didn't look to be abating at all before the event started at 3pm. The lake was looking quite choppy although where the mini tri was being held was quite sheltered compared to other parts of the lake. I was in the 6th wave (of 6) in the short course so had to wait around waiting for the other waves to start - Strewth was in the third wave. Eventually our wave was off and there was the usual vying for space in the first 50m of swimming, which I spend trying to avoid arms, legs, bodies, etc. The choppy water didn't become noticeable until I had swum around the buoy and was heading back to shore.

It was quite a run to the transition area, over gravel and grass - my poor feet are not used to the hard surfaces! I had racked my bike near a tree which was handy as a marker - its easy to lose your bike among all the other bikes (as Strewth could tell you!). The wind was very noticeable when on the bike - I could feel my bike being pushed from side to side - I need to be heavier! It was a strange sensation to be passing so many people on the bike leg but being in the last wave I guess it was to be expected. Its just that usually people are passing me!

Back into transition and then off with the helmet, change into runners, CR cap on and I was off again for a 2km run. Surprisingly I got into my stride fairly quickly today and felt comfortable for all of the run, again passing lots of people. It was a surprise when I had gone around the turnaround and was heading back to the finish, to see Strewth heading out to the turnaround, because I couldn't recall passing her on the bike leg. Apparently we were in transition at the same time after the bike leg but Strewth had had some problems and took a bit longer before heading out on the run.

Finally I was finished - it had been a very comfortable event - good for cross-training. Our friend Kezza from Alice Springs was there to watch - it was so good to spend some time with her.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Pain in the butt...

...literally and figuratively speaking.

Physio update #2
Glute pain - no better
Ankle - niggle getting worse
Mood - cranky, shitty, miserable

Still very tight and tender around L3 area of spine - continue with back extension exercises. R glute/piriformis is very tender - continue with stretches, tennis ball massage, neural stretch.
L ankle - some tendonitis so I have to massage around inner ankle throughout the day and apply anti-inflammatory gel. If not improved in a couple of weeks, then consider a cortisone injection.
Next appointment - next Friday

Friday morning - swim

Session - 300m wu; 200m pullbouy; 200m kick (sans fins); 3 x 100m (30sec RI)
Total distance - 1km

Started swimming and breathing to alternate sides but by the second 50m I knew that today was not going to be a good day for breathing to alternate sides. So I reverted to my usual swim style of breathing only to my left side every second stroke.
100m times: 1.52min/1.59min/1.56min

Week 1 of 18
Day 4 - Thursday
Session - 10km inc fartlek

Workout - 10.3km; 54.36min; 555cals inc:

Warm up - 3.15km; 17.01min
Av pace - 5.24min/km
AHR - 141; MHR - 165

Fartlek session - 2.2km inc 4 x 45sec efforts (2min RI)(11min)
Av min/km pace for 45sec efforts - 4.45min;4.40min;4.23min;4.25min
AHR - 152; MHR - 165

Cool down - 5km; 26.35min
Av pace - 5.18min/km
AHR - 154; MHR - 166

R glute was complaining as per usual, particularly as I had run the day before. Not only does it complain about hills, now it also complains about running consecutive days. It is becoming one very fussy and finicky glute.

It was a perfect morning for running - no wind, cool without being cold and blue skies. Every now and then there would be a flash of red, blue and green as parrots flashed past, and the occasional squawk from a sulphur crested cockatoo.

Thursday evening - yoga

It was not a good night for me - my balance deserted me, my glute and hamstring were sore, and I was tired. I almost fell asleep during the relaxation period at the start of the class - lying on my back with my legs up the wall (Viparita Karani). Then our instructor thought it would be a good night to try some balance poses - the type where you balance on one leg, with one hand on the ground and the other leg up in the air. If you found that hard to follow try doing it! I wobbled one way, then the other, then fell over a couple of times and finally gave up. We also attempted handstands again - several versions, but I couldn't do any of them. It was such a frustrating class.

Tomorrow (Saturday):
(am) Sleep in
(3 pm) mini triathlon - 300m swim; 8km cycle; 3km run

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Crrrruissseeey 10km run

Marathon Training update:
Week 1 of 18
Day 3 - Easy run

The program called for a 10km easy run. 'Easy' meaning running at a comfortable pace, somewhere between 5min and 5.30min/km - I chose the latter.

Distance - 10km (about 6.2mile)
Time - 54.54min
Av pace - 5.29min/km
AHR - 150; MHR - 168
Calories - 566

After the usual first 10mins when even 6min/km seems like race pace, I settled into a very comfortable rhythm and in fact, was surprised that the gap between me and Garmin Girl was growing (with me leading) because the pace felt quite slow. The R glute was a little touchy to begin with but once I'd warmed up it wasn't bad, unless I was running uphill - it complains bitterly about hills at the moment. The L ankle however began aching about halfway through the run. I'm beginning to sound like an old crock!

For the run home I encountered a headwind - always fun, though I did appreciate the coolish breeze as it was quite warm (about 25*c/77*F). Once I'd finished the run it was a matter of stretch, stretch and more stretching.

(am) Run - 10km fartlek
(pm) Yoga


"And what can I do for you today?"
"Well I have tight calves, sore glute, piriformis problems, tightness in the lower back, L ankle is a bit stiff..."
My marvellous massage therapist certainly earns her money when I come through the door, once a month!

Deep tissue massage is a wonderful thing - painful, but oh, what a good pain. No wimpy, wussy, namby pamby relaxation massage for me - its prod, poke, stick the elbow in, knead and generally pummel me into shape.

However, instead of running 12km after work, as part of my marathon training program, I dozed off on the sofa! So, second day into my training program and still no running - good program!

Tuesday morning - cycle

Session - road cycling inc 6 x 30sec efforts thrown in at random
Time - 50min
Distance - 20.43km
Av spd - 24.4kph; Max spd - 42.3kph
AHR - 129; MHR - 159
Calories - 433

Frustrating session - my average speed is slow and just never seems to improve. This week I hate my bike. End of story.....

Marathon training update:
Week 1 of 18
Mon - no running
Tues - no running

Monday, December 05, 2005

Dumb things #2

Decided to give swim squad another go tonight - the ear was ok and I felt fine. Hmmm...

Session - Swim squad
Distance - 1.8km

Started off fine (this is starting to sound all too familiar!) though even in the warm-up (800m) I was having trouble breathing to both sides without taking on water or running out of breath. Breastroke defeated me - that would have to be the most stupidest swimming stroke ever invented (because I can't do it to save myself).

The main set included sets of reps of 100m efforts with 20sec rest intervals. I could do 2 reps but not the third - that's ok, two reps will do. By the time I got to the 300m 'cruise' swim I was exhausted and decided to call it a night.
Got home and really couldn't be bothered cooking so finished off the last slice of chocolate mousse cake! Very nutritious!

Today is also the start of my marathon training - its a rest day! Good way to start.

(am) cycle
(pm) run

It's a fine line.......

......between pleasure and pain
You've done it once you can do it again
Whatever you done don't try to explain
It's a fine, fine line between pleasure and pain" (Divinyls)
*This was how I felt on my long run - not pretty at times*

Felt recovered sufficiently to attempt a long slow run yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. Decided to run a slightly different way down to the lake, via Melba cycle path, to the peninsular and then return home the usual way along Florey cycle path. It was about 5pm when I started and it was quite warm and sunny - something we haven't had too much of recently. In fact Canberra experienced a severe thunderstorm Friday afternoon which caused $$$$m of damage and one death.

Session - longish run
Distance - 16km (10 mile)
Time taken - 1hr 25.54min
Av pace - 5.22min/km
AHR - 162
Calories - 882
Weather - blue skies, windy, warm

The run started well - felt fresh in the legs even though the troublesome R glute was complaining, but nothing out of the ordinary. The first part of the run was new to me so that kept me interested initially. Fortunately I had the sense to take a small drink bottle full of water with me as I found I was getting very thirsty.

Down to the lake and I was starting to struggle. My glute hurt, my legs were tired, hell I was tired. At the 10km mark I succumbed to these feelings and walked for a short while, drinking from my water bottle. Then I set off again, trying to maintain a slow but steady pace and just listening to music on the ipod - I swear I'd be lost if I didn't have that wonderful little gadget sometimes!

I started to pick up closer to home and managed to get home with my average pace somehow not creeping up beyond 5.30min/km - god knows how!

Post-mortem of run: Why did I feel so crap? I didn't think I went out too fast. My average pace per km, while quicker for the first 10km than the last 6km, was still not that quick - about 5.10min/km. Maybe I didn't hydrate sufficiently yesterday before the run - drank lots of coffees but not a lot of water *smack on wrist.* Oh, and I had had an ear infection...mmmm, that probably had something to do with the crash and burn tactics as well! Guess I'll never learn! ;-) Maybe the title of this blog should've been Dumb Things (Paul Kelly)!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Run for cake

I haven't been completely slacking off this week (I have an ear infection and so am taking things a little easier).

In order to enjoy the Chocolate Mousse cake (which by the way, was absolutely delicious - imagine layers of chocolate mousse sandwiched between layers of chocolate cake) we had on Wednesday night for our youngest son's 21st birthday, I decided to re-run one of my old routes - one that used to do about 7 years ago when I first started running. Now that I had Garmin Girl I could see how long it actually is - I used to think it was sooo long!!!

Session - run (sole purpose was so that I could eat cake guilt-free!)
Distance - 7.8km (To think I used to think this was such a long run!)
Time taken - 41.21min
Av pace - 5.16min/km
AHR - 152
Calories - 417 (yep, that should cover cake consumption!)
Fave song to run with - Filthy (Gorgeous) - Scissor Sisters

A good run. It was interesting running this course again after so many years, and to see what has changed. The route runs along a creek in Latham - there used to be weeping willows and some other sort of deciduous tree growing along the banks of the creek. These have mostly been removed because they are considered pests ie introduced species. Apparently native species of trees will be planted - it does look very bare at the moment. The creek was flowing well due to the rain we have had recently. It had been a very cool morning but by the afternoon was quite warm - probably the first glimpse of sunshine we had seen for a few days.

Thursday morning - cycle
Distance - 21.9km
Time taken - 52.55min
Av spd - 24.9kph; max spd - 42.5kph
AHR - 139; MHR - 163
Calories - 461

And the physio's verdict is....... well as very very tight calves (no surprises there), I'm inflexible around L3 in spine, and there is some nerve involvement on R side which impacts on R glute and hamstring.

And the treatment includes:
*Calf stretches - bent knee and straight knee versions - 1-2mins at a time
*Half push ups (or for those who do yoga - cobra pose) - focusing on the mid lumbar spine - sets of 10 to a total of 100 per day
*Standing backbends - same as above
*Deep piriformis massage with tennis ball - 5mins on most tender spots
*Neural slides - alternate lift/lower head and pull/release foot x 60secs

I have another appointment in a week's time and I promised faithfully, hand on heart, that I would do these exercises at least 3 times a day. Now to figure out when to fit them in with the rest of my life! However, I start marathon training very soon (ie next week) so I need to get this problem sorted out now.

Oh, and I don't have to stop running - I do like this physio!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

WAG tri - official results

Official results for the Women's and Girls' triathlon, held last Sunday, are out.

Place - 7th (of 132 competitors); 1st (of 26 in age group)
Official time - 58.27min

Swim - 8.14min (2nd in age group; 17th overall)
Cycle - 31.26min (2nd in age group; 19th overall) *cycle leg also includes transition times
Run - 18.47min (1st in age group; 3rd overall)

It was interesting to note that my bike computer said around 28min for the bike leg - that means I spent over 3 mins stuffing around in transition after the swim and cycle legs.

Anyway I'm very happy with the results :-)