Thursday, August 26, 2010


One thing I have learnt from Michelle Bridges, my on-line personal trainer extraodinaire, is the mantra JFDI. In other words, suck it up and just do it even if its the last thing you feel like doing. Which is what I had to tell myself at 5am this morning, after a bad night's sleep and the fact that I had been awake since 3am. It was only a short easy run of 6km this morning but I so wanted to stay in bed and not have to go outdoors in the arctic weather but......yep, that's right, I JFDI!

Time: 5.30am
Weather: wet, possibly sleeting, windy, cold
Distance: 6km
Duration of run: 35.59min
Pace: 5.58min/km
Cals: 347

This was my first run post half-marathon. I had run on the treadmill on Tuesday but this was the first time this week I had ventured out into the inhospitable conditions. No-one could question my dedication (or probably more appropriately, madness) to running this morning. Surpisingly I didn't see anyone else braving the weather. I wonder why?! My lips turned blue, my face was numb, I lost the feeling in my feet but I did that run!

Later I met Strewth and Mr B for brekkie at Cream for the most delicious GF fruit toast and fruit salad. Its something I look forward to once a fortnight! That, and the company!

One more thing: bring on Summer! Now!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ethel, git your clothes back on........

Event: Vets half marathon
Time: 8.30am
Distance: 21.1km
Duration: 1hr 40.05min
Pace: 4.43min/km
Cals: 1,145

Woke to a clear, still morning but oh boy, it was chilly. Correction: it was bloody freezing. The fog came in briefly but disappeared just as quickly. I headed down to Stage 88 about 8am, allowing some time for the necessary toilet stop and cursory run around the paths, loosely called a warm up, except I didn't warm up. Then the layers had to come off - the tracky pants, the long sleeved top, the fleecy jacket, the looser, lighter jacket. This left me in running shorts and singlet (cue flashback to a song from the 70's - The Streak, when streaking was all the rage).

For the first 5km of the run I could not feel my fingers or toes, and my eyes were streaming from the cold. The things we do. I settled into a steady pace, which averaged between 4.45 - 4.55min/km, and took in my surroundings, enjoying the view. Occasionally I would pass other runners and they, in turn, would pass me. Spoke briefly to Charlie who passed me and then I passed a little later. Jen took off after a couple of kms never to be seen again by me for the duration of the run, only to find out afterwards that she wasn't that far ahead of me at the finish.

Feeling gradually returned to my extremities as I warmed up. I was enjoying the run. All was good. I ran the second half of the event slightly faster, about 1min 37sec faster in total, so a negative split of sorts. I also felt strong and comfortable the entire way, without verging into the uncomfortable zone. So all in all, very happy with the run. Okay, maybe I could've gone slightly faster and got under the magical 100mins but there's always a next time...isn't there?!

And to top off a great run, I came first in my age group! Definitely nothing wrong in having macarons the day before!

Speedy Geoff & Jen Runs: thanks for the welcome back!
Ewen: I'm at a loose end now that Masterchef has finished! Can't you tell!

L to R: medal winners: Ruth, Margaret, CJ, Jen. Can you tell that we're cold!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I'm back.....

After a prolonged break from Blogger I have decided its time to resurrect the blog. Time will tell if I am successful or not!

So what am I doing, or not doing?

I'm currently on holidays but return to work next week *groan*. Last week I was in Noosa where there were blue skies and sunshine and I was getting about in shorts and t-shirts.

This week I am bundled up in layers of woollies and still freezing. Last week I was able to indulge in the best cappuccino on a daily basis. This week I am back to drinking long blacks because a good cappuccino is hard to find. Last week I was eating flourless chocolate cake, gelato, choc coated macadamias, and cheesecake. This week I'm supposed to be eating healthy meals and more fruit and veg, but um...have on occasion succumbed to chocolate...and my latest craving: macarons! I even made a special early morning expedition to the Farmers Markets this morning to buy macarons. Oh so very moreish.

Tomorrow I am running in the Vets half marathon so the macarons mentioned above are part of my carbo-loading diet! I'm treating it as a training run given that I am still suffering DOMS from weight training on Wednesday and Thursday! This year its all about just enjoying the running. Last year I was injured for most of it and couldn't run and then had a hip arthroscopy later in the year. So this year, no PBs and no goal times in mind other than enjoy the run. I'm also doing the Melbourne half marathon on 10/10/10.

Until tomorrow..........