Wednesday, November 29, 2006

4.30am start

I was actually awake at 4am this morning but lay there checking the clock every 5mins because I refused to get up before 4.30am. Then I was up having toast, banana and sugar free maple syrup for breakfast plus my regular caffeine shot. I was feeling okay and seemed to have recovered from the 2 runs I had done earlier in the week so was feeling pretty confident about my run this morning.

Distance – 15km
Time – 1hr 33.15min
Av pace – 6.13min/km
AHR – 148; MHR – 188
Started with – That’s all lies – Jet
Finished with – Deeper water – Deadstar (pretty much how I was feeling by then)

The run was basically the Barbecue Stakes run with Mt Taylor in the middle. Started off well but once I hit the hills I was struggling and I hadn’t even hit Mt Taylor proper. Clairie’s comments came back to haunt me – especially the bit about the fact its not how you feel before the hill but how you feel halfway up the hill – and I hadn’t even reached THAT hill! So I did some SFT walking training interspersed with running.

The doctor’s comments of ‘run within your comfort zone’ also passed through my mind. Only trouble was my comfort zone this morning was an easy 5km loop near home not struggling up Mt Taylor, so I was way out of my comfort zone!

Anyway I soldiered on, very slowly, and made it to the top and then down the other side. The rest of the run was uneventful……fortunately.

Mt Tennant on Saturday? I don’t know, might be pushing it this week.

I have boot camp yoga (my term) after work today. Forget visions of lying back relaxing, gently moving into poses and holding them before languidly moving into the next pose. The class I go to is more along the following lines:
“Move into xyz Pose – hold; bend deeper; stick that shoulder in; hooooold that pose; push the hip out; relax; move the thigh thataway; breathe; and lets do all that again….and again….and again.
Ok, now we will do xxx pose (some gravity defying pose); hooooold that pose; push up higher with those hips; relax those shoulders; straighten the legs; breathe; and we will do that pose again…..and again….and again.”
And so on it goes for 90 mins, fortunately with a relaxing session at the start and at the end.
I’m toooo tired for that!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Take 2......

I wasn’t sure if I’d be pushing the friendship by running again this morning but I really want to get back into my training routine and I usually run on Mondays (I can see the head shaking and finger waggling already!). I was up at 5am (it’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve done this) and out the door for a 11-12km run. *Fingers crossed* the running gods are not cranky with me…….

Distance – 11.3km
Time – 65.55min
Av pace – 5.48min
AHR – 137; MHR – 203 (that's the shock of getting out of bed so early and inflicting exercise on my body at such an ungodly hour)
Started with – Good People – Jack Johnson
Finished with – Filthy/Gorgeous – Scissor Sisters

I am suffering some DOMS (would you believe!) so its lucky tomorrow is a rest day. However, I am a bit unsure whether to tackle the Mt Taylor run on Wednesday – admittedly it would be slow but because I’m running by myself I could take my time; walk even. Do I; don't I; will I; won't I? Think I’ll wait and see how I feel tomorrow and then make the decision tomorrow night.

ihatetoast - a butterfly cake is a cupcake that has had the top cut off, then filled with jam and whipped cream. The top that has been cut off is then cut in half and the 2 halves placed in the cream to mimic wings. The cakes I made were also dipped in chocolate (of course) and rolled in coconut before doing the above steps.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I have a plan - it looks like a plan, sounds like a plan, it IS a plan!

My doctor has given me the all-clear to start running/exercising long as I run/exercise within my comfort zone and don't push it (*sigh* there's always a catch isn't there!).

So, the plan run within my comfort zone this week, and take it each day as it comes. If I don't feel up to it, I won't run. Now this may sound pretty basic and common sense but common sense has not my strong point in the past! So, baby steps it is.

Next, depending on how I go this week, I'll re-introduce the gym next week. I thought it might be just a bit too much to start running AND head back to the gym in my first week post-lurgies. I desperately need to get back to the gym soon because I'm metamorphosing into the marshmallow woman - my muscles are becoming soft and squishy. However, baby steps it is - the gym will happen next week.

Take 1 - first run post-lurgies

I loaded up my ipod with some new tunes and resurrected some oldies and this morning I ran! Oh yes, I was out that door, ready to follow that road wherever it took me, with the sun on my back, the wind on my face.....

Cut, cut, cut!

yeah, yeah, ok - it was more like......*cue heavy breathing* I hadn't even reached the end of the street and the legs were complaining about the sudden burst of activity after weeks of idleness, heart rate was maxing out, thoughts of calling it quits were flashing through my mind....I was dying.

And then I found my stride, the breathing settled down, the heart figured things weren't so bad and obligingly slowed down, and finally I could hear my music over my breathing. I was running....!!!!!

Distance: 12.2km (yeah, I was surprised too!)
Time: 71.23min
Av pace: 5.50min/km (baby steps remember)
AHR: 143; MHR: 162

Ok, it wasn't fast but I just continued with the 'one foot in front of the other' and look where it got me. So a slow 12km later and I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself!

The best music for running today:

Twisted Transistor - Korn
Right here, right now - Fatboy Slim
No way back - Foo Fighters
Welcome to the black parade - My Chemical Romance
On my way - Spiderbait
Stinkfist - Tool
We're not gonna to take it - Twisted Sister (did you hear that, body!)

....and my current favourite - an oldie but a goodie......

Enter Sandman - Metallica

And so what does one do to celebrate running post-lurgies? Make butterfly cakes! And the family loved them!

So, thank you everybody for your kind thoughts and positive vibes. Fingers crossed, the rest of the week will go just as well.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hit by a double whammy

For the past couple of weeks I've been hit by a double whammy - first a horrible virus thingy which zapped all my energy and left me feeling, and looking, like death warmed up and then when I was at my lowest, the worse sinus infection I have ever had. I have never felt so sick, so blah, so utterly horrible as I have for the last couple of weeks. Now I'm dosed up on super strength antibiotics so *fingers crossed* I am on the road to recovery. I HATE BEING SICK!

I have had plenty of rest, more than enough sleep, have done absolutely nothing (apart from a few days work here and there) and I am bored. I need to get better and I need to get better NOW! I want to go back to the gym and start running again..yes, even hills. I feel like a big fat lump of more positive vibes please because I need to get better now!

Have a good weekend!

ps thankyou Strewth for the Haigh's dark chocolate frogs - they are, sorry were, very moreish!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Not 100%......still

but thank you for your kind words. I will be back.....when I can find the energy....

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wasn't she nice! A very lovely work colleague left some Lindt chocolate balls on my desk yesterday.

Update - still trying to get over this lurgy; feeling frustrated - was never good at the convalescing bit. More chocolate may be called for.......

Thursday, November 09, 2006

White flag waving

I give up, the white flag is waving, I admit defeat - I have been hit by the dreaded lurgy. So instead of trying to pretend that there's nothing wrong (my usual plan of attack), I have decided I need to take a break and recover properly. It's pointless trying to continue when I'm not 100% and probably making things worse.

I did run this morning - a very slow 5km which felt like a marathon. And instead of feeling energised when I had finished, all I wanted to do was go back to bed. I took my running gear to work hoping that I might feel better for Track after work but that didn't happen either. Tomorrow will be a rest day.

And still no chocolate! Sheesh....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bleh, brain fog

Its a bleh day - I feel blech, blah, bleh. I tried running this morning but I only got 500m before realising it was a really stupid idea (I had got up at 4.30am, had breakfast, drove to Woden - I just can't take the hint). I am sooo tired and experiencing brain fog - can't think straight, actually can't think at all, it hurts. Even thinking about doing something wears me out. So methinks that a rest day is in order. That, and a block of chocolate would help, but there isn't any in the house and I can't be bothered going to the shops to buy any.

Tomorrow is another day and I will feel better.

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Guess what? I am officially fit and healthy!

I had my health appraisal at work today. This is the 3rd appraisal I have had since working in this department – the first was back in 1998, the second in 2002 and now this one. And it’s all basically good news, except for the iron levels (again). It was interesting comparing my results with the other 2 appraisals and to see that I have greatly improved in some areas (ie flexibility and ab strength), have certainly not gone backwards in other areas, and some areas just need a bit of tweaking.

Body Fat % - 17.1%
Lung function – excellent (can’t recall exact figures)
Blood Pressure – 110/78
Eyesight – excellent
Flexibility – I have improved!! (must be the yoga)
Abdominal strength – I have improved – up to level 5.
Cholesterol – my HDL:LDL ratio has improved
Iron – still on the low side and should be checked out again. This is an ongoing challenge (its not a new problem) and also explains the lingering tiredness and slow recovery I have been experiencing.

So I must be doing something right!

This morning’s run
Distance – 12km
Time – 66.27min
Av pace – 5.32min/km
AHR – 139; MHR – 161

I was going to run after work yesterday but was still feeling tired from Saturday’s run so I decide to miss my gym session this morning and run instead. It was slow to start with but I did improve the longer I ran but though certainly wasn’t running at earth shattering pace!

am –
hilly run
pm - yoga

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Long run - the stats tell it all

Summary Data
Total Time (h:m:s)
6:46 pace

Moving Time (h:m:s)
6:21 pace

Distance (km)
Moving Speed (kph)
9.4 avg.
24.5 max.

Elevation Gain (m)
+1,058 / -1,052

Avg. Heart Rate
150 bpm
Zone 4.1

Temperature (°C)
14.7°C avg.
16°C high

Wind Speed ( kph)
ESE 11.1 avg.
ESE 13.0 max.

When the going gets tough, the music goes on. And the music went on fairly early in this run! I was tired to start with, and it never got better. We ran the rollercoaster, up past the hermit's grave, up Mt Majura and up Mt Ainslie - notice, there were lots of 'ups'. There were times when I enjoyed running and there were times when I hated it with a passion - fortunately, those feelings never lasted long! And I did sleep well that night!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there

Wise saying! I went to Track at the AIS again last night –two weeks in a row. First up was the Pennington/GM 3,000m. This is a handicapped race – on age and gender. The only other woman in my age group was Elaine Cooper, who is only the fastest woman in the Vets (I think), runs like a gazelle, and won this event! I was tempted to hang on to her singlet for the 7 ½ laps! Which brings me to the number of laps – I lost count, got confussed, was it 5 laps I’d just run, or am I coming up to my 5th, do I have one lap left, or was it 2? How can I focus on running fast when I’m trying to work out how far I’d run round in circles? Anyway, I think I ran it a touch slower than last week though still felt comfortable.

Then the rain came down again – it had been stormy and raining on and off since lunchtime. I had been debating running in the 1,500m but the downpour made up my mind – coffee was a much better deal! The final event of the night was the 5-lap spiral handicap. This was fun and I couldn’t lose count of how many laps I’d run because after each lap you move over a lane – easy!

So that was my second week at Track – did I enjoy it? Well…….yeah, maybe!

Thursday morning – easy run
Distance – 11km
Time – 63.21min
Av pace – 5.45min/km
AHR – 140; MHR – 201

I surprised myself by feeling okay after yesterday’s hilly run so this run was very comfortable. Admittedly there are no hills – makes a nice change. Besides I knew I had Track later in the day so didn’t want to do anything too stupid.

This morning – gym (aka Testosterone Central!)

I lay in bed this morning thinking how much nicer it would be stay there a bit longer and skip the gym. Then the self nagging started, the guilts set in and eventually I got up because I couldn’t stand the internal chatter any longer! Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy! Made it to the gym for a back, biceps and abs session. This morning there seemed to be a lot more grunting, puffing, huffing and the occasional yells happening – and no, it wasn’t me! Must be a big weekend coming up for a few of the guys, the way they were lifting the weights this morning!

Tomorrow – long run
Sunday –
Rest day

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Up before the birds

Beep beep beep – hit the alarm button on clock radio, head still under pillow
Beep beep beep – hit the alarm button again – wrong alarm – its my watch alarm.
One eye opens – try to blearily focus on time on clock– can’t possibly be time to get up yet. I’ve only just got to bed.
Damn, it is time to get up. It is still dark and even the birds aren’t up yet – it is early.
I have breakfast, get dressed and then drive to the gym, where I leave my car and start the run to Mt Taylor.

Distance – 14.7km
Time – 93.24min
Av pace – 6.19min/km
AHR – 144; MHR – 175

I follow the start of the BBQ Stakes run but turn left at the top of Waldock St and into Mt Taylor Nature Park. I follow the gravel road, walk over a style and run past a tank, I think, and then follow the gravel road around the base. It’s undulating but not overly hilly. I pass the first lot of steps up to the top of Mt Taylor and continue around until I come to a walking path that heads upwards. I follow this and begin to wonder why I am doing this – it’s steep and unrelenting. There are some steps further up though not many and then the top of Mt Taylor comes into view – a mobile phone tower and then a bit further up some other sort of contraption. The view is amazing but my calves are cramping! I have to wait for the cramping to subside before running down again and this presents its own problems – in parts its very steep and gravelly so can’t really run. Finally I reach the gravel road and make my way back to the gym for a shower.

It has been a long day………….