Thursday, February 28, 2008

I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on!

Now that’s a statement guaranteed to get some looks in a busy shopping centre! And this was the comment I got from Katie (one of the speedy geese) as I was on my way back to work after lunch today! There were a few sideways glances our way after this announcement!

But that’s probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me today.

I ran a 12km fartlek session this morning, mentally reciting the names and positions of the skull bones as I was doing this. Then it was a quick revision of anatomical and movement terminology.

No classes tonight but I will be attempting my first legal principles assignment.

Today's fantale tally: 6
Yesterday: no fantales but 5 sherbies
Tuesday: 9 fantales

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Breathe deeply…slowly…….reeeelllllaaaaaxxxx

Aaaargh! I’m drowning in assignments and homework – don’t these lecturers realise I have a life? That I must run 100km for the week and go to work for at least 8 hours a day? And then somewhere in there communicate with the family…in person…face to face. And sleep….and eat….and do all those other things ‘normal’ people do.

Calm down, breeeaaathe……

I ran a total of 100km for the week, last week. It was my heavy week. This week is an easy week thank goodness. So I am remembering how to have an intelligible, let alone intelligent, conversation, not fall asleep at the table, and not have that glazed, dazed look at work – doesn’t inspire much confidence apparently!

On Sunday I ran the monthly vets’ event at North Curtin – a 6km course that includes a hill at the start before a lovely downhill stretch followed by a flattish bit on a cycle path. This month I started in group 35 (down from group 36) and watched as the others in my group took off leaving me in their wake. Not to worry – I had already run 7km that morning, before breakfast, so I had no grand plans of setting any land speed records. However I did manage to pick up some speed and managed to say hi to Mr B, Strewth, Charmaine and Geoff B as I passed them (not necessarily in that order). It was a good run and by the time I had crossed the finish line 27.57min later I had completed my 100km for the week! Yay!

Sat through the riveting subject of Contracts last night in the Risk Analysis, OH&S and Legal Principles class – it was about as exciting as my previous classes on negligence and duty of care. Thank goodness the lecturer has a sense of humour. Fortunately there are only 4 more classes left for this unit. Unfortunately there are also 2 assignments and one is due in 3 weeks time. On Wednesday nights we have anatomy and physiology – far more interesting. Though I have to say I can’t recall from my nursing days (way back in the dim dark past) there being so many bloody bones to remember! I’m trying not to confuse my sesamoid with the flat, the long with the short, the tibia from the fibula, the femur from the humerus….you get the picture! Not forgetting the medullary canal, diaphysis, epiphyses, etc, etc. And this unit also involves weekly worksheets, an exam and a presentation including a class handout.


And did I mention the dancing fantales? No, maybe not, let’s not even go there……..

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gym…..race…..hilly run…..feeling wasted…….

It’s been a busy couple of days exercise-wise. Yesterday morning I fronted up at the gym for the first of my twice-weekly weights session. I think it will be time to tweak my program soon – I’ve been doing this one for a while. I had to rush through the session as I had an early meeting down in Tuggeranong (my gym is in Woden) – I hate early meetings. But then on the other hand at least then its out of the way.

After work it was time to head off for the second race in the cross country Summer series – this one was a 5km at Weston Park. The weather was very different to last week – not as hot, it was overcast with a breeze blowing, though it felt very warm while running. All the usual suspects were there and I got to catch up with Kelley. It was lovely to catch up. The course was definitely cross country – all on grass, which can be hard and tiring if you’re not used to it. I would have preferred not to have gone out too fast…again. Next week I plan on negative splitting and finishing the race strongly, not just barely holding on. The other thing is that I have to get up for a medium long run the next morning so I really don’t want to go hard the night before.

This morning I ran 16km up hill and down dale. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel as tired as expected. The run itself was uneventful though I did see a lot more people out running this morning. It was also quite foggy.

The rest of the day I felt wasted – the gym/run sessions of the last couple of days had finally caught up with me and my brain has turned to mush. My bed is looking really good right about now………

Monday, February 04, 2008

Dreary day – dreary mood

Rain is good, don’t get me wrong but I do like the blue sunny skies. There is no sign of sunny blue skies today – it’s grey, cloudy, and drizzly. Perfect weather to be home reading a good book (I’m currently reading The Power of One – Bryce Courtney), not sitting in a cold office, in front of a computer.

Running-wise, I ran 20km on Saturday. It was thoroughly enjoyable as it was my easy week and after having run 34km the week before, the 20km seemed like a jog in the park(!). Then it was off for a much-needed massage in the afternoon – pleasure and pain, what can I say?! I finished the day with pizza at Zeffirelli’s with a group of very dear friends.

Sunday warranted a sleep-in, which I had, and then I ran a very gentle 6km before breakfast. In the afternoon I met up with Strewth, Rachelle and Ewen for coffee at Tilley’s. It was a great afternoon – I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This morning it was drizzly as I ran my 11km with 2 x 7min at tempo pace (10km pace). The run back home seemed to take forever as my legs felt slow and heavy. And I’ve felt like that ever since – slow and heavy, foggy headed (Mondayitis symptoms I’m sure).

Friday, February 01, 2008

Back to school

Just in case I thought working full-time and marathon training wasn’t enough, I’ve enrolled in Certificate 3 Fitness at CIT. I’ll be studying part-time, with evening classes twice a week. I’ll go straight from work to class on those nights.

For the first semester I will be doing ‘Risk Analysis, OH&S and Legal Principles’ for 9 weeks, then ‘Provide nutrition advice to clients in accordance with recommended guidelines’ for 9 weeks, on Monday evenings, and (wait, there’s more……..)
and I’ll be doing the following units for 18 weeks on Wednesday evenings:
*Apply basic exercise science to exercise instruction
*Provide advice to clients on the application of basic anatomy and physiology to fitness programs

*Implement strategies for dealing with medical conditions in a sport setting
*Develop and apply an awareness of specific populations to exercise delivery

Whew! I’m looking forward to it – new challenges for a new year. Just remind me of my initial enthusiasm and excitement when its halfway through the semester, my motivation levels have plummeted and I’m asking myself why I’m doing this!

And thanks for the lovely comments on my Ironman experience – I have great memories of the day, and, you know, after reading my account there’s that little niggling thought again……!!!!!!