Sunday, October 09, 2005

19.97km run

The plan today was to run 20km at 5.30min/km pace - simple. Woke to grey skies and cold windy weather - hardly conducive to doing anything outdoors, let alone a long run. Was meeting Strewth and Mr B at the yacht club but would be running on my own as I was running faster and for longer, so packed my ipod for company while running.

The weather looked threatening at times and I was convinced it would rain at some point on the run. Was comfortable until about the 16km mark when my ankle decided to start aching. Then I found it a real struggle to run against the wind when on Kings Avenue bridge - I was constantly being pushed to the side. My pace at this point was slowing. The wind didn't ease once I got off the bridge - I was almost running headlong into it now and it was like this for the last couple of kms back to the yacht club. I managed to pick up my pace somehow and beat Garmin Girl back to the car. I turned off my watch and then looked at my distance - I was convinced that I had run 20km but instead Garmin Girl said 19.97km. Bugger - 3m short! Still, I reckon that the energy expended running into a strong wind was definitely worth the other 3m! Changed into some warm, dry clothes and met up with the Strewth, Mr B and JD at The Oaks Brasserie next to Yarralumla Nursery for a cappuccino and a date scone - had definitely earned it today.

Distance - 19.97km
Time - 1hr 48.50min
Av pace - 5.28min/km
AHR - 160; MHR - 191
Calories - 1,118

Tomorrow - REST DAY!!!!!! ;-0


Hilda said...

Is it already sunday and your run is done... well here is saturday and it is just 11.30 am!!!
Look I missed 3 miles! You just miseed 3meters, I know the point of view is different, and you are very strong, but still... it is nothing. The wind took that extra energy developed, but how did you know???
By the way, about the measurement, what do you use for it??

Jen_runs said...

I think running into that headwind more than makes up for the last 3m!. I ran with my iPod for the first time today; loved it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)


KIT said...

Hey CJ!!
I had the same headwind I think!!! It makes running twice as hard, at one point I was almost at a standstil! Great minds think alike- we almost had the same long run today :)

Thanks for the advice re swimming, I will give that a go! The time trial is a good idea to keep an eye on progress!

And yes the Lindt cafe was so evil, but so yummy! You would think all that chocolate would have given me more than enough energy!

Tesso said...

Ha ha, you should've run around your car CJ!

speedygeoff said...

Nice vivid description there CJ; my ankle ached in sympathy as I was reading your words. And I could feel that wind pushing me off the bridge too. Good running writing!