Friday, October 07, 2005

I am feeling very blog-deprived - while I've been managing to update my blog I haven't had the time to read many others and I feel like I'm missing out on what's happening in Blogland. Work is unfortunately getting in the way of my life at the moment.

Swim session - Civic Pool

This morning I shared my lane with a few hunky male Dolphins water polo players - nothing like some motivation when swimming laps! ;-) However I tried to time my laps so that I didn't get mowed down as they powered down the pool. I, in comparison, looked like I was plodding along! While I was supposed to be increasing speed with each set of 50m it was a struggle - my arms felt like lead weights this morning.

Session -
300m wu;
7 x 50m L2 (10sec RI) - average time was 58sec per 50m;
7 x 50m L2.5 (20sec RI)- average time was 55sec per 50m;
7 x 50m 25m-L2.5/25m-L1 (10sec RI);
50m cd
Total distance - 1.4km

L1 - easy pace
L2 - getting harder
L2.5 - threshold
L4 - bloody hard work

Swimming was followed by brekkie with Strewth - always pleasant. Retail therapy at lunchtime :)

Tomorrow - (am) 20km long run at 5.30min/km pace
Put bike in for service - it hasn't had one since before the Ironman in April 2004!!!


Jen_runs said...

Mmm, perhaps I should come swimming with you :-)


PS After reading your blog yesterday, I did some retail therapy too (oh, and I've been to the Lindt cafe this afternoon!)

Susan said...

I need some swim lessons . . . Like the chart on the sidebar - I need to figure that out when I return!

Wobbly man said...

Ooh, that sounds like a tough swim. Well done!

Hilda said...

You are always working so hard. You have so much energy!!

KIT said...

Great swim! I have no idea about how to train in the pool. I just tend to do laps, alternating faster laps with slower laps and then try to beat my time. I wouyld like to try a biatholon in Jan so I need to get a bit faster in the pool. Currently I do 30 laps in about 33-34mins. Any suggestions to increase speed ion the pool?
Enjoy your long run :)

strewth said...

What is a biatholon, do you know? I see you've finally resorted to word verification after a bit of scam!