Sunday, October 16, 2005

The week in review

Dinner at a Thai Restaurant back in Sept!

l-r: Lulu, CJ, Jen, Owl and Mr "The Legend" Lulu.

It was a great night.

It was a hectic week, work-wise, but I still managed to do most of my sessions.

Mon 10 Oct:
(am) Swim - 1.4km
(pm) Run - about 8.5km, inc 12 x 30sec intervals

Tues 11 Oct:
(pm) Massage - mmmmmm
(pm) Run - 15.6km @ Nth Lyneham

Wed 12 Oct:
(pm) Gym - upper body weights + ab exercises

Thurs 13 Oct:
(am) Run - 7.9km inc 3 x 5min intervals
(pm) Yoga - Level 1 classes commence

Fri 14 Oct:
(am) Swim - 1.6km inc pyramid session
(pm) Gym - lower body weights + ab exercises

Sat 15 Oct:
(am) Long run - 22km

Sun 16 Oct:
Rest day; sleep in; read newspaper; update blog.

Swim - 3km
Run - 54km
Gym - Wed/Thurs
Yoga - Thurs pm
Massage x 1

Just annoying little niggles eg tight L calf muscle, sore R glute, lower back soreness on Wednesday

Overall health:
Just tired

Events this week:
Sunday 23 Oct - 27.2km Bulls head Challenge

(am) Swim
(pm) Run session at Parliament House


Lulu said...

I hope you enjoyed your rest day and feel refreshed for it tomorrow before you start another hectic week.

Nice photo :)

Wobbly man said...

Wow - thats sounds like a tough week - except Sunday that is!

go girl said...

No wonder you are tired CJ. That's a heavy week there. Well desreved reat I say.

Susan said...

That's some week - you deserve the rest.

Hilda said...

Nice photo, so you have a good week end!! Well at least you changed batteries from this tough week. You will do it great.

Jen_runs said...

Wow, that's a tough week CJ. No wonder you are a bit tired. All your hard work will definitely pay off!!

Great photo :-)


Gronk said...

Wow. You make me feel very lazy CJ.