Monday, March 31, 2008

Warning - Black cloud hovering

The marathon is 13 days away and right now the physio has ordered no running for 5 days. You're kidding right? I've started my taper, its true, but this is ridiculous.....a sudden taper you might say. This has only been issue #546 that I have had training for this marathon. It seems I run okay for a couple of weeks and then *pfffft* something happens - I get sick (a few times now), I fall (and I don't even have to be out running for this to happen), work/study/home/life gets in the way......

So what's the problem this time? Well it seems that I have aggravated something (muscular or neural we're not quite sure but probably a bit of both) in my glute that is having an effect on my hamstrings and generating some swelling on the medial/posterior side of my left leg. When some strength tests were tried on my left leg I couldn't do them - there is no strength there, no matter how hard I tried to exert some pressure. How did this happen? Thinking back, I did slip down a rocky slope after the Skyfire fireworks a couple of weeks ago, and landed very heavily on a rock, on my left glute. Its been since then that the problem has developed, especially while running while away at the coast over Easter.

So I'm cranky, tired, miserable, eating to compensate for not running and basically indulging in self sabotage. I see the physio again on Wednesday after having run that morning. Fingers crossed there is some improvement. At the moment I am weaning myself off chocolate (who am I kidding - I've gone cold turkey) and eating apples instead. Not quite the same really. But I don't want to waddle to the marathon start either!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm still here....

I noticed Ewen's comment on Two Fruits blog - something about CJ's blog biting the dust. Ewen, never mention CJ and 'biting the dust' in the same sentence please! That's just asking for trouble.

I have been running - 32km at the Cotter on Saturday (with two Fruits) - for a flat run it was rather hilly!!!!!!! Still, there was no walking and joy, oh joy, there was a mobile coffee stand at the finish. I thought I was seeing things - had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming! It would have been perfect if they also sold Magnum icecreams! Anyway a great run and great company.

This morning I did a 20km run before work. It went something like this: Up at 4.30am for my first breakfast of toast, banana and honey. Out the door at 5.30am for a run around the 'burbs under the street lights because it was dark. About 6.15am stopped off at home for something to drink. Then headed offroad up behind Hawker and then ran parts of the Pinnacle nature park. Home again about 7.40am for my second breakfast - omelette made with 1 egg and 3 egg whites. Shower and then off to work by 9.30am.

Off to Hyams Beach over easter - it can't come soon enough!