Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hill repeats

The first thing I noticed when I got on my bike this morning was the wind chill factor when riding. However, I was pretty certain that I would be feeling very warm very soon because today it was 5 x 2min hill repeats. Now I know Chewings St is not up there with Black Mountain, Mt Ainslie or Red Hill but its still a hill; I'm starting off small.

Session: 13min wu; 5 x 2min hill repeats; cd
Distance - 17.52km (bike computer); 17.46km (GG)
Time - 46.47min (bike computer); 47.10min (GG)
Av spd - 22.4kph/ Max spd - 41.4kph (love those downhills!)
AHR - 141; MHR - 167
Calories - 355

The clean, mean, just recently serviced racing machine (aka the bike) was great to ride - amazing what a new cassette and chain can do! For the first 2 hill repeats the chain was in the largest cog on the rear (don't laugh Miners) and it was still a struggle. The 3rd and 4th repeats (had a bus on my tail for one of them - not fun) I had the chain on the 2nd largest rear cog; and the 5th (and last) repeat, the chain was on the 3rd largest rear cog. I have to admit that even the small hills I encountered on the cool down ride felt huge after the hill repeats. I truly suck at cycling.

Now if I could just sneak in a nana nap sometime today......

(am) Cycle - about an hour on the road
(pm) Gym - those killer ab exercises again
(pm) Yoga - can't wait!

Late edit:
I have been starving all day and craving anything sweet, such as chocolate. I've tried to resist so munched my way through a mandarin, apple, small packet of dried fruit and nuts, Koolmints, yoghurt, salad and crispbead. But eventually succumbed to chocolate licorice bullets and fantales and I was sizing up the Turkish Delight and other chocolate bars, but didn't have any!


Run for Chocolate said...

I wish I had a good bike to ride. My is a piece of junk I bought at a tag sale. I love those naps, they are the best things! Can't wait to see the picture of your bike!

Hilda said...

Cycling sounds so exiting on your words!! I am looking forward to see those photos with kangaroos and people running!! Should be a great view!! Specially running.

A Girl Running said...

I am jealous, I want a clean mean racing machine too =)

Hope you loved the yoga, I am looking for a class in my area - i love it

miners said...

Hey, there was no laughing over here. I am definitely a non-cyclist too and have a granny-gear 25 cog on the back. I'm impressed you have the discipline to do the hill repeats - I get bored too easily.

How about the stories of Lance & Co doing 3-4 repeats of some of the 40+km climbs while training for the Tour! madness

Wobbly man said...

Hey - cool bike CJ! I'm jealous too. Umm, I think yours may have an oil leak though...

Gronk said...

Yes the oil leak ! Ha ha. Wobbly man beat me to it. :(

Nice wheels anyway CJ.

Jen_runs said...

Slick bike CJ. As I've told Miners before, red bikes go faster!!


Lulu said...

Now it looks like a nice clean shiny bike and that's all the comment I can make as I know nothing about bikes, except the have wheels, handle bars and a saddle.. seems you've got that all covered with yours :) What's the green things on the back wheel> I thought there was a plant growing out of it which I thought might slow you down a bit :)

go girl said...

At least your bike looks fast. I founf mine in the back of the shed the other day. It's a bright orange "dynastar" K-mart version I think.
No wonder you are so hungry with 3 sessions of exercise per day!! Good excuse to eat I say.

miners said...

Yay - another red bike for Jen's photo collection! Looks good CJ (oil leaks aside).

CJ said...

That's not an oil leak - I had moved a pot plant and that was the water stain underneath it! Also, the green thing, Lulu, is a violet plant growing in the crack in the concrete - its not part of my bike!

Rae said...

The bike looks great! Do you guys celebrate Halloween much? I've been drooling over all the candy out in the stores lately but have held strong and not bought any....yet.

Susan said...

YAY - let me put a design together and I'll send you a sample to look at in a few days! I tried to email you but it wouldn't let me.

My friend just got back from 2 weeks in Austrailia, and she ate kangaroo. Aren't they pets there? Do you guys have kangaroos like we have cows?