Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hill repeats x 6

Looking back over yesterday's entry I don't know what I was on but I was obviously delirious by the time I got to the last sentence and stated that I had 8 hill repeats to do on Tuesday morning. Correction - 6 hill repeats on the bike.

Session - 6 hill repeats on the bike (1st 2 repeats in largest rear cog; next 2 in the 2nd largest rear cog; final 2 repeats in 3rd largest rear cog).
Distance - 16.33km
Time taken - 46.30min
Av speed - 21kph (my excuse: I was going uphill 6 times with added resistance)
Max speed - 42.2kph
AHR - 128; MHR - 157
Calories - 318

It was a fairly balmy morning by Canberra standards - about 15*c I think, when I headed out the door at about 5.50am. There were so many birds around - in gardens, on the roads, up in trees. Its no wonder so many baby magpies get squashed by cars - they are too busy wandering on the road following their parents, too worried about food to check to see if a car is coming. The ride was uneventful - I found the hill challenging by the 4th repeat but not as bad as a couple of weeks ago. I must be improving.

Today is the Melbourne Cup - "the race that stops a nation". I'm going out to lunch with friends but then its back to work.


Susan said...

I'm glad you only have six to do . . . phew.

Poor magpies.

Al Carter said...

It's so warm in Canberra - lucky old you - all our birds are gone and I'll soon be putting my bike away until March next year!

As a bike lover those hill repeats sound like fun - I must find some hills - how long is the hill you repeat on?

Friar said...

That "Back To Work" sounds like a bit of a downer. :-((

Especially after the lunch part.