Monday, October 10, 2005


Maybe it was the work I did at home on the weekend; maybe it was just the thought of what was ahead of me this week at work; or maybe it was just plain Mondayitis, but I did not want to get out of bed this morning. However, I convinced myself that I would feel much better for getting up and going swimming and that was why 6.30am found me at Civic pool, getting changed. Strewth had beaten me to the pool this morning and was busy ploughing up and down the lane when I got in.

Monday morning swim - Intervals
Session - 300m wu; 2 x 100m L2 (15sec RI); 2 x 100m L2.5 (30sec RI); 2 x 100m L4 (90sec RI); 2 x 100m L2.5 (30sec RI); 2 x 100m L2 (15sec RI); 100m cd
Total distance - 1.4km

After my usual slow start, I gradually increased my speed [from snail pace to turtle pace ;-)] Found the L4 intervals hard work - lungs fit to burst, legs feeling tingly (obviously lack of oxygen!) and seeing spots before my eyes - oh what fun! I might be a Piscean but I'm no fish when it comes to swimming.

Monday afternoon run - Intervals
Location - Parliament House
Session - 24min warm up; 12 (I think) x 30sec intervals at L2.5 effort (60sec RI); cool down jog back to carpark.
Distance - 8.47km (garmin girl said 7.47km but I had forgotten to turn it on for the first km)
Time - 43.16min+
Av pace - 5.47min/km (doesn't tell the whole story - there were 30 sec sprints in there)
AHR - 150
Calories - 424

I find it really hard to get excited about run sessions after work and today was no exception. Plus I was feeling very tired so again I reluctantly dragged myself to PH after work feeling very unenthusiastic about running. All I really wanted to do was go home, have something to eat and go to bed. Consequently I forgot to turn on Garmin Girl when we started our warm up run and it was only because Gandalf (Strewth's Garmin) beeped at the first km marking that I remembered. Its a speedy bunch that goes to Geoff's run session and the warm-up is not always the gentle jog that one envisages (or hopes for) but can sometimes feel like a mad sprint to keep up with everyone. Today was no exception. After the warm up we headed down to a grassy area near the High Court to run intervals - 30 sec hard with 60sec rest - 12 of them I think. Rather than try to figure it out on Garmin Girl I thought I'd just follow everyone else but everyone else seemed to have their own ideas of when to stop and start the intervals and I got totally bamboozled. Then a light bulb went on in my brain - its really not that hard to figure out 30sec and 60 sec intervals on the watch just by looking at the time. Doh!!! Finally my brain had synchronised with my watch!!! I continued on with my intervals and actually completed a hard workout.

(lunchtime) massage - so looking forward to it
(pm) run with Strewth at North Lyneham


Hilda said...

You have such a determination!! Well there is not other way to get where you are but with hard work, I can undestand that. Is very good to have partner who to share with at least you have many. You are also a great writer you know?? I could almost feel how slow all was going inside you.
Enjoy that massage!!!

Katie said...

I have a gandalf as well!!
I never feel like running after work, but usuaslly always enjoy it!! So I need to always remind myself that i feel good once out the door... especially on a monday. I find it much easier to do my training in the morning. Sounds like a tough run... especially when the warm up is fast :)

Jen said...

I struggle to motivate myself for after work runs too, particularly when I know they are going to be hard work. But good on you for making it - sounds like a tough session! I think you deserve a tim tam after a session like that ;-)


miners said...

Pretty damn fine effort for Mondayitis CJ.

allrounder said...

i prefer mornings or lunchtimes to run...

BTW the Honolulu Coffee Co. received high marks from both my rbother & parents - my brother in particular fancies himself as a "primo barista" so that says something for the standard...