Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A close call

Plan - Monday night session at Parliament House
Time - 5.30pm
Weather - from memory I think it was mild
Distance - about 8.3km
Time - 48.52min
Calories - 468
AHR - 147bpm

A different warm up to what we're used to - we ran through the bush surrounding PH. Hilly in parts but very enjoyable even though my legs were complaining bitterly about running again. R glute also a bit troublesome - has entailed sitting on a tennis ball to release pressure points.

Then the fun part - not! Notice the bit in the above map that criss crosses - the session involved :
slow run down the side;
fast diagonal run uphill from flagpole to flagpole;
slow run down;
fast diagonal run uphill from flagpole to flagpole
then all of the above as a recovery run.

This was repeated another 4 times. Its all run on grass which is fine except on one of the downhill slower runs I rolled my ankle. You hear about life flashing before one's eyes in an accident - in my case, it was all my training to date flashing before my eyes and the prospect of not doing the marathon. I kept running hoping that my ankle was fine - it felt a little woolly to start with but eventually improved and by the end of the session was fine. I stayed on the paths after this though - I wasn't taking any more chances! Griffin was flying along in this session - hard to believe he ran a blistering PB in the half marathon the day before - obviously he didn't run hard enough!

And thanks everyone for your supportive comments - it really does help and certainly makes my day! And as for the comments about deserving more than one Tim Tam following the half marathon - I would've had more if there had been more than 1 Tim Tam left in the packet! :)

Oh, another thing - in the latest Vetrunner newsletter there's of photo of moi finishing in the Mt Taylor race (back in July) with the caption "Another top female runner. CJ charges down the hill to finish in 13th spot [actually 11th] in the field". I love it!!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

ACT Veterans' Half Marathon (or CJ vs Garmin Girl)

....and CJ won!

Plan - run the ACT Veteran's half marathon at a fairly fast training pace (ie 5min/km pace)
Time - 1hr 45.08min
Distance - half marathon
Weather - perfect running weather - blue skies, no wind, not too cold nor too warm -perfect!
Calories - 1,176
AHR - 159bpm; MHR - 174bpm

I decided to use the Virtual Partner (or Imaginary Friend as NottsLad refers to it - I prefer Garmin Girl myself) option in this half marathon to ensure I stayed on pace and didn't do something really stupid, like go out too fast, or forget that its supposed to be a training run and race it; the possibilities were endless, going on my previous form. As I have Sydney marathon in 2 weeks time I really wanted to be careful. So I set the distance (half marathon) and desired pace (5 min/km) and once the starter's gun went off, it was on for me and Garmin Girl.

It was a little unnerving when everyone took off and I plodded along (well it felt like it initially, sticking to my 5min/km pace) but I kept reminding myself that I will probably pass some of these fast starters further along in the race. I kept looking at my watch frequently to start with to check where Garmin Girl was, and to make sure I was just ahead of her. All was going well until the first drink station when I stopped to grab a drink. Garmin Girl snuck past me when I was preoccupied - very sneaky. However, I soon caught her up and then I changed my tactics slightly - I made sure I stayed about 50-60m ahead to give me a buffer when I came to drink stations.

In the meantime I ran along enjoying the run, being mostly by myself. I was beginning to think that most runners in this group (this half marathon has 3 starts to cater for slow, medium and fast runners) were fast runners and had obviously got confused and started in the wrong group. Eventually I started passing some stragglers and then could just see a group of runners ahead of me, so I was keeping in touch. I was still feeling good though feeling twinges in my R glute, which has been causing me some grief lately (I am having a massage Thursday afternoon and I'm so looking forward to it).

Mr B would pass me every now and then on his bike, or would be lazing on the grass as I ran past to provide encouragement- all right for some! There are some hills in the middle to latter stages of the run and it was here I passed more runners. Feeling good, still ahead of Garmin Girl, on days like this I feel I could run forever. Up the last hill (Hospital or University Hill, depending on who you talk to) which is a bit of a killer - passed Rainforestrun (aka Liezl), though I didn't know this at the time! After this last hill, its pretty much flat to the finish and, yes, I decided to step on the pace a little in the last couple of kms - couldn't see how that would hurt me now, I was almost finished. Its strange passing people who look absolutely stuffed when I felt so good - it didn't seem right somehow!

Finished in 1hr 45.05 and feeling very chuffed that I stuck to my plan and didn't have a blood rush to the brain and do something really stupid - my usual tactic, I have to admit! And I beat Garmin Girl!!! After the run a woman came over to talk to me and introduce herself - this was Rainforestrun, one-time training partner of Minersrun. So we had a little chat - she was lovely and very friendly. Maybe we might bump into each other at the Canberra Times fun run next month - I think she's doing it. Geoff did an amazing time, as did Gary - well done guys. Maria won her age group, as did Susan, and Margaret also did a great time. I came 5th in my age group.

Sunday afternoon, 3.40pm
Second run for the day

Plan - my training program had me doing a 2hr 30min long run. Well I had run 1hr 45min in the morning, so I still had 45min left to run.
Distance - 7.92km
Time - 44.54min
Average pace - 5.40min/km (slightly slower than the morning's effort!)
Calories - 439
AHR - 143bpm; MHR - 179bpm

In between the morning run and this run I had bought a new pair of Asics GT 2100s - the narrow version, 2A, so decided to break them in. As with last week's second run for the day, I ran better than I thought I would. Once my legs realised they had to run again (after some initial complaining) I soon settled into a rhythm and thoroughly enjoyed the run. Shoes were comfortable. Promised myself a Tim Tim after the run, which I had later that night :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

Required: some inspiration and motivation

I love this photo - I can still remember how I felt coming down the finishing chute at the Forster ironman, April 2004, after 13hrs and 02.11min - very very happy to have achieved my goal! Now, whenever I'm feeling down about my running or before a big event I look at this photo for inspiration and motivation. And that's what I've been doing today! So bring on Sydney marathon - I'm ready!

Friday morning
Plan - swimming
Session - 1km which included 2 x 500m
1st 500m - 10.42min
2nd 500m - 10.34min

Got into a rhythm fairly early on, which is unusual for me. A good swim.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Running on empty

...an empty stomach, that is.

Plan this morning - run a medium long run of about 80mins
Actual time - 79.34min
Distance - 14.09km
Average pace - 5.38min/km
Cals - 806
AHR - 148

Temperature at 5.30am - minus 3*C

Definitely, absolutely did not want to get out of bed this morning but somehow found myself at 5.30am dressed in running gear, had had a coffee, and was heading out the door. Brrrrrr! It was chilly - you'd think I'd get used to it by now. Slight twinge in side of L knee - also noticed it briefly in yesterday's run. However, it went away eventually. Then an ache started in L foot, underneath big toe. This too went away eventually. Thought about the new running shoes that I should be buying before the marathon - only trouble is, the marathon is getting closer by the day. Note to self - will get to the Runners Shop this weekend.

There was absolutely nobody out this morning, apart from me, so a very quiet and uneventful run. Face was slowly going numb with cold and so were a couple of my fingers, despite the gloves I was wearing. Stomach started growling at about the 7km mark, not good considering I still had another 7km to run. Thought about food for the rest of the run.

Have also started the carbo loading diet as I'm running in a half marathon on Sunday. Its a diet that appeared in the Runners World a few years ago now and really works for me. Prior to this, I used to be a little haphazard with my diet before a half or full marathon and paid for it in the actual event. I've not experienced this since following this diet.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Change of plans

Plan - was to run for 80mins before work but slept in. Therefore new plan was to run the 6km BBQ Stakes at lunchtime.
Time - 29.15min
Place - about 48th (?)
Group - 13.30 (arrived late and missed my group - 12min!)

(It is 10.10pm and I have just finished my work - at home - so now have time, finally, to update my training blog and have a quick look at others - I am blog-deprived!)

Busy, busy, busy! That just about sums up work at the moment so I was running late for the lunchtime run. My start group for this run is 12min but they were calling out 13.30 when I arrived, and even then I think I missed the group. So I was behind the eight ball from the start and it didn't improve today. Decided to take it easy to start with, and then ease into the run but it was a little disconcerting when one by one runners started passing me. Okay, I did start off from a later group and they were all fast male runners that passed me, but it wasn't helping my mindset! Just before heading up a steepish road before heading off onto a track, I cut around a tree and a guy who was passing me at the time told me doing that was illegal! By this stage I had lost any remnant of the sense of humour I possessed and muttered something about not racing for sheep stations.

I could just see Flash Duck and Peter ahead of me - 'Flash Duck, wait for me, I'm just behind you' I was mentally, rather than physically, calling out but I just couldn't bridge the gap until Flash Duck headed uphill, the other way. Oh well, I managed to gasp out a hello to Peter as I passed him, and then continued on down towards to the footpaths. Garmin Girl wasn't playing the game today either - it took a while to acquire a satellite signal so only managed to record 4.28km of the 6km run, though I did get the total time.

Speedy Geoff passed me not too far from the finish however I did manage to pass a couple of other runners myself - though not many today. Quick chat to Speedy Geoff, Peter and Flash Duck and then it was back to work. Not a great run but a run nevertheless!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Three weeks to go!

Gulp!! Now the worries set in - did I do enough distance; what about faster runs; will I cope with the hills; what if its hot; what if it rains; what if......?

Monday morning - Civic Pool

Finally made it back to swimming after two weeks out of the pool. Decided to do 5 x 200m freestyle - total time was 21.35min.
1st 200m - 4.24min
2nd 200m - 4.22min
3rd 200m - 4.16min
4th 200m - 4.13min
5th 200m - 4.18min

Felt tired and heavy which may be me still recovering from the 2 runs on Saturday or the huuuuuge slice of cheesecake I had the day before!!! Anyway plodded up and down the lane and felt so much better when I finished.

Monday 5.30pm - Run session at Parliament House

Total distance - 9.71km
Total time - 53.46min

Strewth showed up for her first session post overseas holiday - so good to have her there again! Geoff was having the day off to celebrate his 35th wedding anniversary so Colin took the session. We ran 2 laps around the House as warm-up then ran fast/slow intervals around the House, a total of 12 faster efforts, and 12 slower ones. This was followed by another cool down lap.
A good session to blow out the cobwebs and thankfully there was no tightness or tiredness from the weekend's runs.

Plan for Tuesday:
Gym at lunchtime (maybe lower body/abs workout)
Yoga after work :)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Second run for the day

***Total kms run this week (14/8 - 20/8): 85.78km***

Plan - 10km run
Time - 56.20min
Pace - 5.37min/km
Cals - 577
AHR - 153 (at the halfway mark of 5km - HR: 138)

This was an experiment as I'd never run twice in the one day and definitely never after a long run. My first run for the day began at 7am. This run began at 3.55pm. Between the two runs I made sure I ate well, drank lots of water and even had a little lie down after lunch. Also, fortunately, the rain had stopped when I set out for the 10km run.

I was actually quite surprised how well I was running. I expected to feel stiff and achey and tired but was feeling none of these during the run. I made sure I ran on a fairly flattish course with only a few undulations. Experienced no problems and still feeling fine, 4 1/2 hours later. This also means that I now have 48 hours in which to recover before the Monday evening session at Parliament House.

Have had one Tim Tam today but another one is looking really tempting right about now! :)

The long plod to Deeks Drive

Training program - long run of 2hr 40min
Actual time - 2hr 40.29min
Distance - 27.6km
Pace - 5.48min/km
Cals - 1,521
AHR - 154 (at the halfway mark of 13.8km - HR: 160bpm; 5.31min/km)

Woke this morning to rain - for a nanosecond thought about wussing out but then thought how changing my run to another time would upset my weekend, so reluctantly got up. Wore fluoro yellow spray jacket so I would be seen for miles today! Decided to leave ipod at home because of the steady rain. Not too many people out running, cycling or walking their dogs this morning. It was very grey, very wet with a chilly wind. Ran down the cycle path between Cook and Aranda and the turned off to run past the cork plantation and the stand of Himalayan Cedars, that were planted in 1928. It has been a few weeks since doing an off-road run. Passed several groups of kangaroos who would pause to look at me as I ran past. Felt really sluggish and tired - probably something to do with doing a gym session yesterday - ambitiously increased weights on most exercises. Note to self - avoid doing weights session the day before a long run. Had also forgotten how undulating this particular route is.

Initially I was going to do a 3 hour run today. However, at the 70min point I decided to run for 2hr 40min in the morning, and then back up in the afternoon for a 10km run. The rain was falling steadily and getting heavier - my shoes were starting to feel very soggy. The return trip home felt really slow and heavy going so was surprised to look at the data later to find that I hadn't slowed a great deal and was actually running better than I felt. Once I got home I stretched, had a protein banana smoothie and a much anticipated warm shower before heading out for some shopping and to try Sfoglia Cafe in Dickson that reportedly has very good coffee. Note to Flash Duck and Strewth - the coffee wasn't bad!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Long intervals

Training Program - to do 3 x 3km (1.30min RI); efforts to be at 10km pace
Distance - 12.2km
Time - 62.24min
Cals - 705
AHR - 156; MHR - 174

Woke up feeling like absolute crap this morning - prickly throat, headache, and incredibly tired (actually felt like this the night before). Decided that I would skip the track session tonight and if I felt better later in the day would do my own session, based on the training program I am following, very loosely, for the marathon. Have been taking cold/flu capsules today and throat lozenges - I don't have time to be sick.

This afternoon I set up the prescribed interval session on the Garmin then set out on my run not long after arriving home from work. It began with a 10min warm up run which was fine. Then the 3 x 3km at 10km pace - sounded easy when reading the training program. Hmmm, a little different in practice, and it didn't help when Garmin Girl kept chirping at me to 'speed up' - not very polite or supportive, I thought!

* 1st 3km - 4.45min/km - 'slow'down'; 'speed up'; Garmin girl wasn't quite sure what she wanted - it was starting to feel like a fartlek session. However, I did settle into a pace but it was the longest 3km I've ever done and I didn't relish the thought of repeating this another 2 times.

* 2nd 3km - 4.40min/km - thankfully I recovered sufficiently during the 1.30min RI, to run the next 3km. This one felt a lot better - I was able to get into a steady pace fairly quickly and tried to maintain my form when I started feeling tired.

* 3rd 3km - 4.43min/km - started slowly and felt like my legs were all over the place. Garmin Girl was chirping at me to 'speed up' - some support would have been appreciated at this point! However, I did respond and managed to maintain some form and then I began to feel a lot better. I finished this interval feeling a lot stronger than when I started.

Then it was a slow 9min jog home. This session will either make or break me - I'll either come down with something or I will get over whatever it is that is lurking - hopefully its the latter! And you know what - I think I'll have a Tim Tam tonight. I think I've earned it! :)

Longer easy run

Plan - training program said 1hr 20min easy run
Actual time - 86.47min
Distance - 14.07km
Pace - 6.10min/km
Calories - 833
Forgot to put on HRM strap

Minus 4*C so rugged up in layers. After a coffee I headed out with the idea of running down Petterd St, along Belconnen Way and then down Haydon Dve. I wasn't sure how long this would take so would make it up as I went. Saw a guy running in t-shirt and shorts - was it a case of no sense, no feeling?! Ran along the sparkly grass along Belconnen Way - I didn't want to follow the cycle path as that veers in and there is no lighting - I wanted to stay where I could see and be seen! It was a comfortable run, though started to feel quite hungry on the homeward stretch. Breakfast was looking good! Its also getting lighter earlier in the morning. Spring is just around the corner. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Back to Canberra; back to work; back to training!

Plan - was tossing up between an interval session or an easy run - the easy run won out!
Distance - 7.8km
Time - 47.56min
Av Pace - 6.09min/km
AHR - 141 (think there was something wrong with HRM to start with - my MHR was supposed to be 224!)
Calories - 463

Up at 5am this morning for coffee and then an easy run. Was hoping to do about 50min. After a couple of days of warm weather it was back to the layers and gloves and out into the frost again. Some tightness in my L hip/glute but otherwise everything was fine. Was feeling quite hungry near the end of the run - was looking forward to breakfast. Must check my training program tonight to see what I should actually be doing!

Plan - the gym at long last - I've been putting it off..again so time to bite the bullet and make an appearance.
It was great to get outdoors and walk to the gym - its a lovely sunny day. Once at the gym I got stuck into the weights and even increased the amount I was lifting in many cases - except for the dumbbell flyes. Also used the glute machine recommended by Phil the physio. Tomorrow I may be regretting this!

Tonight is yoga - looking forward to stretching, twisting, and finally relaxing!

Have eaten far too many Fantales today - feel very blah now! >:(

2005 City to Surf run

Plan - City to Surf 14km fun run
My (unofficial) time - 68.31min; Official time - 69.03min
Pace - 4.45min/km
AHR - 169; MinHR - 117; MaxHR - 179
Place - 4,290th!

We arrived in Sydney late Saturday afternoon and headed straight for the factory outlets at Homebush where I managed to buy a pair of boots that were $240, for $70. They are so cool! Then we headed to our hotel - Hyde Park Plaza. We met up with everyone for dinner at Two Fat Ducks (Hotel restaurant). Ordered what was called Homemade Gnocchi with Eggplant on the menu but looked very much like Eggplant Ravioli when they sat the plate down in front of me. Whatever, it was delicious.

I was up at around 7am Sunday morning for toast with honey and banana in our hotel room (the room had a small kitchen) and met up with everyone downstairs at about 8.45am. The advantage of staying at Hyde Park Plaza (about the only advantage though) was that it was close to the start and so we didn't have to use the portaloos - very important! By the time we got to the red group starting point it was probably about 9.10am and we headed for what was the the back of the group at that time though I think we were about halfway in the group by the time the gun went off. Anyway we didn't have too long a wait for the start (I hate the hanging around).

Took the start slowly, trying to avoid discarded clothes, empty drink bottles, newspaper, etc. Going through the tunnel we nearly came to an abrupt halt - not sure what the hold up was ahead but anyway we got moving again. Heard the reassuring chirp of my Garmin every kilometre - I really only took notice of the distance as I never usually look at my time when running. Saw a couple of CRs - thanks to those who called out to me. Smelt the tantalising odour of freshly brewed coffee at one point - oh so tempted to stop for a cuppa but promised myself one once I'd finished! However the smell of a sausage sizzle did absolutely nothing for me.

About the 7km point my legs felt strangely tired, as if I had run out of oomph. Uh oh, this was not good with HBH still to come. Focused on running a steady even pace and eventually this feeling passed - though I wonder what caused it? HBH has grown - of that I'm sure - its longer than I remember it. It went on and on and up and up and on and on and ohmigod, its still going on and on! I eventually made it to the top. However the hills following HBH, which usually gave me a few problems in past years, seemed to have got smaller. *Quietly, I think they've been doing some rearranging of hills - moving bits from the other hills to make HBH bigger!*

I stopped at most drink stations on the way to get either water or sports drink and experienced only one mishap when I had a cup of sports drink and was about to take a mouthful when someone's elbow connected with my cup and I ended up with a face full of sports drink! Managed not to get mowed down by other runners as I negotiated my way into and away from the drinks tables.

Bondi came into view - what a wonderful view! Then it was downhill and around the bend and past the CR cheersquad. Thanks guys for the cheers, it really helped - that last kilometre goes on and on - I had forgotten how long it is. Passed a guy wearing a top and pants made of what looked like silver glomesh-type fabric - interesting! Then it was all over - I crossed the line, was given a time card (69.03min), handed that in, collected a medal, had an orange segment or two and several cups of water and sports drink. Wandered around a bit, heading toward the designated meeting place and finally caught up with Mr Cj and Geoff. Others eventually joined us - it was good catching up with everyone.

A text message and phone call from Lulu and I was off again wandering around looking for CRs - and found them near the giant green Gatorade bottle (fortunately they're not too difficult to find). Finally got to meet some CRs face to face - Lulu, Mr Lulu, Jen, Owl, Wobbly Man, BennyR, Lucky Legs, Sparkie, Skizzik, Expozay and others that I just can't remember. Aki and Flash Duck were there as well. Would have loved to stay longer but unfortunately had to leave. However, I'm back in Sydney in a month's time for the marathon so I hope to see everyone again!

Went to Star City Casino that night for dinner - had a great time. The chocolate mousse was to die for!

Had a good cappuccino at Mr espresso, which is just around the corner from the hotel.

More Garmin Girl stats:
Pace per kilometre
1 - 6.34
2 - 4.34
3 - 4.41
4 - 5.04 (drink station?)
5 - 4.16 (downhill?)
6 - 4.47
7 - 5.48 (start of HBH?)
8 - 5.20 (HBH and drink station?)
9 - 4.39
10 - 4.42
11 - 4.54
12 - 4.20
13 - 3.59 (definitely downhill)
14 - 4.28

Friday, August 12, 2005

Easy run followed by more root canal treatment

Plan - to do an easy run of about 40min
Actual time - 41.48min
Distance - 6.91km
Pace - 6.03min/km
AHR - 140; MHR - 163
Calories - 406

Rugged up and set off for an easy run at 6am. Felt a little sluggish, maybe from the track session the night before. Uneventful run other than nearly tripping over twice - somehow managed to regain my balance both times. Felt a little tight in the L hip flexor.

Back to the dentist for stage 2 of root canal treatment - wasn't too bad apart from having to keep my mouth open wide for 45mins - ouch! Now that the anaesthetic has worn off, its a bit achey and sore but according to the dentist, that's to be expected today.

We'll be leaving for Sydney sometime after lunch tomorrow - can't wait. I hope its a lot warmer there! Must remember the phone charger, Garmin charger, ipod charger and to charge the camera batteries before we leave! :)

Yasso 800s in 2*C

Plan - track session at the AIS
Session - Yasso 800s - 4 x 800m in 3.40min (3.40min RI)
Total kms run (inc warmup/cooldown) - approx 6.5km

Went to the Team Moore track session Thursday evening - it was freezing. After the snowfalls on Wednesday, the weather had only warmed up marginally. Driving to the AIS I heard that the temperature at 5.30pm was 2*C - brrrrr. Wearing 4 layers on top and leggings, gloves and headband, I joined the group to do a warm up run outside the athletics stadium, heading along the cycle path and then back to the track. While others were doing some version of parlouf relays I decided to try Yasso 800s as part of my marathon training. According to my Complete Book of Running (Runner's World) Bart Yasso would include the following workout as part of his marathon training - repeats of 800s in the same time, in minutes, as his marathon goal time, in hours/minutes, and jog for the same number of minutes that it took to run the repeat eg goal is to do a 3hr 30min marathon, then run 800s in 3.30mins and jog for 3.30min after each repeat.

Anyway, I decided that my goal marathon time will be 3hr 40min so the plan was to do 800s in 3.40min. I managed to do 4 repeats, with the same amount of time jogging in between each repeat.

1 - 3.30min
2 - 3.30min
3 - 3.33min
4 - 3.38min

Hmmm - its not easy trying to run to a goal pace but was starting to get the hang of it by the 4th repeat. I was also starting to feel comfortable running the repeats as well. However, others had finished their relays and were doing cool down laps so I joined them. Will try this workout again next week but maybe not at the track as there is not enough time to complete the workout. I should increase by one repeat every week until about 2 weeks out, so have another 2 repeats to go....yikes!!!.....is it that close to the marathon?!!! Maybe I'll increase by 2 repeats each week for the next 2 weeks.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wind, rain, sleet, snow

Woke several times during the night to hear rain. One part of me hoped that it would still be like that at 5.30am because if it was, I wasn't getting out of bed. However, it wasn't to be so I was up and dressed in multiple layers and out the door after a coffee. It was drizzling but now I was up I would put up with it. It was also quite windy.

Ran one of my usual routes with the Garmin. It would be interesting to actually see whether I had over-calculated the distance in the past. No problems with hip flexors other than feeling a bit tight, but no niggles. Had been to yoga the night before and had discovered how stiff and tense I was.

Garmin Girl stats:
Distance - 8.13km (this was about what I had calculated in the past - pre Garmin!)
Time - 49min
Pace - 6.02 min/km
AHR - 150

The weather deteriorated over the day and there was sleet, as well as snow later in the day. Hopefuly tomorrow night won't be as cold - have a run session at the AIS track.

Work is so hectic at the moment so I haven't had a chance to update my blog regularly or get to read others. I'm not getting my daily fix! Hopefully the situation will improve next week. Really looking forward to the weekend in Sydney and playing spot the CR on Sunday!!!

Have also received my marathon number (#978), timing chip and other bits'n'pieces for Sydney marathon.

Note to self - do my stretches! :)

And the diagnosis is...........

Tight hip flexors - very, very tight hip flexors, and calves, and glutes, and..... So much for being trim, taut and terrific - obviously you can be too taut! I went to the physio Monday afternooon feeling fairly confident that there wasn't too much seriously wrong because I had pulled up ok after the long run on Sunday. After much poking and prodding (and pain from me) it was agreed that it was only very tight muscles and a few muscular imbalances that a lot of stretching and certain strengthening exercises should help with. The fact that I couldn't drop my heel when standing on a step had him shaking his head in disbelief - there was absolutely no give in my calf muscles (I had to keep reminding him that I had run 32km the day before so there was bound to be some tightness). And the good news - I could continue running.

Monday evening - Team Moore session at Parliament House
Plan - after a warm up, to run intervals following the round around the building - 2 laps x fast, slow, fast, slow intervals. Then while others were running up and down the hill a few of us ran some more surges for another lap around. Finally a warm down (you guessed it, another lap around!), chatting to Wombat.

Garmin Girl stats:
Distance - approx 9.4km
AHR - 148
MHR - 175

Suffered badly with heartburn once I got home - could the fact that I consumed quite a few Fantales just before the run session have anything to do with it!? Hmmmm...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fingers crossed.........

I'm baaaack! Well, fingers crossed I am. Reading my last blog entry I could see I was definitely having a dummy spit! And, thank you everyone for your lovely comments - it certainly helped a lot. On reflection I think the niggle was a reality check because I have been lazy with stretching and doing my specific ITB exercises. Yoga once a week just doesn't cut it when I'm training for a marathon. You would think that after not being able to run for 8 months last year and then having ITB surgery I would learn but oh no, obviously I still get complacent.

Friday 5 August
I decided to do a very short run on Friday morning just to see what would happen. It was sooo cold, must've been about minus 4*C. It got to the stage that I thought if I moved a facial muscle my whole face would crack it was that frozen. The bird bath out the front was a mini ice skating rink.

Garmin Girl stats:
4.97km (I said it was going to be short)
31.53min (and slow)
6.24min pace (hmmm)

Then, I went swimming! I did an allrounder swim session of 10 x 100m, average time per 100m was about 2.05min (15sec rest interval). The time went quickly so will try that session again soon. Then was a guy who was swimming in my lane before I got in and continued the entire time I was there. Anyway when I finished my swim, we were both doing some stretches and so made idle chitchat. Then he said enjoy the rest of your swim! Guess he must've thought I'd just done my warm up. However, I admitted that I had finished too but also added that I had been for a run prior to this (he didn't need to know the details!).

Sunday 7 August
Aim - to do a long run, but time/distance would depend on my hip.

I spent Saturday evening stretching, rolling ITB over a pipe (oh boy that hurts), rubbing voltaren gel on the affected area, consuming nurofen tablets and then finishing with an epson salts bath (had heard that was good for injuries - I was willing to try anything within reason!).
Woke up Sunday feeling okay - no sore spots or stiffness. Wore flash new LineBreak tights and about 4 layers on top plus gloves, headband and cap and mini ipod, drink belt, gels, sportsdrink, mobile, and Garmin (Mr CJ was worried I might get mugged given all the gear I was carrying!). The plan was to run for 60min toward Lake Burley Griffin, return the same way, and then continue to Lake Ginninderra where I would meet up with friends - all going well.
And the good news? I think the stats speak for themselves *Help - have to find out how to get the profile up here - having problems*.

Garmin Girl stats:
Distance - 32km
Time - 3hr 01.56min
Pace - 5.39 min/km
AHR - 145

And how do I feel? Other than a little stiff and tired, so far so good, so fingers crossed! Seeing the physio tomorrow afternoon to find out what exactly the problem is.

And after the run I had the banana pancakes with caramel sauce and a cappuccino! After all, that run was worth 1,826cals! Great run, good food and great friends - Ruth, Dave, Helen, Steve, Geoff and Nerida, and not forgetting Mr CJ.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

!@#$%& week

Talk about hitting the lows after the highs of last weekend - I have certainly come back to earth with an almighty crash. This has been one of the worst weeks I've had for a long time (well at least for a couple of months anyway). What with family crises (what bright spark said that it gets easier when the kids grow up?!), a niggling injury that won't go away, understaffed at work but expected to perform miracles, and a really bad headache that also won't go away.

I haven't been able to run because there seems to be a problem in the area of my left hip flexor - I'm not sure if its a pulled muscle or what it is but I DON'T NEED IT NOW! I have been sensible all week and only did a 15km easy run on Wednesday and I'm over being sensible - I want to run properly. Went to yoga on tuesday night and hoped that all the stretching would have some effect but when I ran Wednesday morning the niggle niggled and by the end of the day it was quite sore. I was supposed to go the gym today but when a friend suggested coffee I was there like a flash. I will take coffee over gym any day and this week particularly. So my motivation levels have slumped big time and I'm generally feeling sorry for myself. Even the arrival of my Garmin 301 didn't really get me excited for long because I can't run. So I have made an appointment to see a physio Monday afternoon and hopefully in the meantime whatever it is will get better.