Sunday, October 02, 2005

11.7km run on a beautiful Sunday morning

Blue skies, bright sunshine and no wind - that was what confronted me when I ventured out for the newspaper this morning. I was meeting Strewth, Mr B, Helen and Trath down at Lake Ginninderra for a gentle run around the lake followed by brekkie at Black Pepper cafe - all very civilised. I decided not to strap my ankle today as I was running on a mainly stable surface and I wanted to see how my ankle would fare. Also noticed that the bruising had ventured up the side of my calf - the bruising was more extensive than I'd realised. Anyway my ankle was fine for the run. Tomorrow is an off-road run so I'll strap it because of the uneven surface.

Helen and Trath started off before us using the excuse that they are still easing back into exercise (after their recent overseas jaunt) and didn't want to hold us up. Strewth wasn't feeling very well initially so we waited until her stomach settled a bit before starting off. Mr B soon left us behind as he took off to catch up to Helen and Trath, and in fact passed them as well. It was a beautiful day for a run - very pleasant weather. Lots of people out running, walking and riding bikes. No magpies were swooping today.

Distance - 11.7km
Time - 64.33min
Av pace - 5.31min/km
AHR - 146; MHR - 232!!
Calories - 604

I always enjoy our post-run refreshments and today was no different. Sat outside at Black Pepper cafe and had 2 cappuccinos and muesli with yoghurt 0;-) The Hare and Nerida joined us, as did one of Strewth's non-running friends.

Later today I bought the Triathlon and Multi Sports magazine for the triathlon training program, hoping that this will spur me into getting on my bike next week (thanks TA!)

Proposed program for the week
Tomorrow (Monday) - a planned off-road 10km run with Strewth, and maybe Mr B, at North Lyneham
Tues - (am) cycle!!
(lunchtime) gym
Wed - (lunchtime) Run - Barbecue Stakes 6km
(evening) Swim
Thurs - (am) cycle!!
(lunchtime) gym
(after work) run
Fri - (am) swim
Sat - (am) long run
Sun - (am) long cycle


Hilda said...

I am astonished!! You push yourself so hard!! And still feeling guilty because you don't go to the gym?? Well, cycling swiming, running are doing a lot for you (I know you already have muscles)... well i read also you are a triathlon competitor, so that should be the reason, you are such a strong woman, but still wondering how can you eat so little?? I am learning so much with you guys!!! Thanks.

Rae said...

Mmmmm, every time I catch up on my blog readings I come away with a major craving for chocolate and a vanilla cappucino (my favorite indulgance at Starbucks). We're going to have to exchange mailing addresses and send each other some sweet treats because I have no idea what ?Tim Tams? are but they sound fabulous. However, considering the large amount of birthday cake I've had this week (and the enormous piece of tiramasu I consumed last night) maybe we shouldn't..... =) But hey, why run if you can't treat yourself??

Susan said...

Wow - was that HR 232? That's amazing. My heart would explode if it got that high.

I agree with Rae, I'll send you some Reeces and you can send me some Tim Tams . . . I'm very curious.

Wobbly man said...

Sounds like a great morning CJ. Exercise, good company, good food and great weather... perfect!