Monday, June 30, 2008

But wait there’s more……

This coming Sunday I’m running in the Gold Coast marathon. I’ve trained as best as I can, with Pat’s guidance and encouragement, even though my goal times and actual times are getting further and further apart! I’m relatively injury-free. I’m looking forward to a break up on the Gold Coast with 2 of my bestest friends, and hopefully we’ll have some warm weather. Shopping doesn’t look too bad either.

So what’s next on the agenda? I’ve decided to do something completely different and *drum roll* will be part of a 4 person team doing the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker in late August (Hawkesbury to Sydney). I met with two of the team members for coffee today and agreed to help them out after one of their original members had to pull out for personal reasons. It sounds like a big adventure and I like the fact that its done as a team – we start together and finish together. So I have a few long walks to do once the marathon is over, including one that will start at 7am and finish at 7pm, and another weekend where we will do a 40km walk both days. There will also be a couple of night walks of a couple of hours to look forward to, so we can get used to walking in the bush with headlamps.

But first things first, this Sunday – I am focused, I am pumped, I am so ready………for a great weekend on the GC!!!!! Oh, and there’s that little run I have to do while I’m there!!!!!!!!!