Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Massage = bliss

Had my regular monthly massage today and it was well worth the wait. Had been getting increasingly tighter across the shoulders and upper back (most likely due to work) plus the usual problems with my glute. My marvelous massage therapist also found other tight and/or tender spots such as my left calf, courtesy of my recently sprained ankle, and also my right hamstring. By the time I left an hour later I was feeling so much looser and calmer. That lasted all of 5 mins (the walk back to the office) and then it was straight into a teleconference. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

One of our work colleagues had been to Haigh's cholcolate shop in Sydney recently, and brought us back a bag of chocolate freckles - they were the best! However, it was not a good idea to leave the opened packet on our meeting table - it was just way too tempting to take one...another one...then another one....well, another one won't hurt......oh hell why not just eat the whole damn lot!

Run session - after work, 5.09pm
Location - Nth Lyneham
Distance - 15.6km, 5 laps
Time - 1hr 34.19min
Av pace - 6.02min/km
AHR - 145; MHR - 170
Calories - 837

Arrived at North Lyneham before Strewth [though might have scored a speeding fine for my troubles :( , will have to wait and see if anything arrives in the mail], so did about 1 3/4 laps before meeting up with Strewth, running the other way. Enjoyed a leisurely, though at times challenging, run - ankle was fine. It was almost dark by the time we finished - it will be great once daylight saving starts in a couple of weeks.

Was planning on doing some work tonight but feeling too tired so have decided to give it a miss and work doubly hard tomorrow ;-))

(lunchtime) gym - upper body weights session/ab exercises/stretches
(pm) swim - maybe


strewth said...

GO TO BED! Don't work tonight. There's always tomorrow... You raced me to do your blog. I have mine to do yet while the washing is going.

Hilda said...

Hi CJ! About the tight soulders and neck, doing a prone incline dumbel shrung has helped me a lot.. Is it enough with the name?
I think that you enjoy more running without sun when you said:
"it will be great once daylight saving starts in a couple of weeks". Is it??
Sound funny that maybe for the swiming... well on you.

D said...

I'm one of those Odd runners that has NEVER had a massage. Today I am feeling like I need to change that! You are doing awesome w/your gym workouts...that is my goal starting next week! I like your new PR chart!

Susan said...

Oh, I am needing a massage and chocolate! I think I might schedule one for tomorrow at lunch.

I'm going to start my workouts again Thursday. How hard was it to do a 10k the weekend after the marathon?

Tesso said...

Haigh's :-) A friend brought me back a gigantic chocolate frog from the Adelaide Haigh's recently - yummmmm.

Oh, and how about I trade my physio for your massage therapist :-)

KIT said...

I love a good massage- but one with no fear who will dig in get rid of the niggles :) Another good run! I agree I can't wait for daylight savings.. although the light mornings makes getting up easier!

Jen_runs said...

I know what you mean about the effects of a massage lasting only so long as it takes you to get back to the office, LOL!

Don't Haigh's chocolates rock?? I expect your next visit to Sydney is going to be rather chocolate-laden...


Rae said...

I love massages!!! When I win the lottery I'm going to hire my lady to come and give me one every morning. It's amazing what she can find that I don't even feel!!