Sunday, October 09, 2005

The week in review

A productive week, exercise-wise

Monday 3 Oct:
(pm) Run - 10.7km

Tues 4 Oct:
(am) Cycle (WT) - 30min
(pm) Gym - upper body weights/ab exercises

Wed 5 Oct:
(am) Cycle - 16.34km
(pm) Run - 8.02km
(pm) Swim - 1.5km

Thurs 6 Oct:
(pm) Gym - lower body weights/ab exercises
(pm) Cycle (WT) - 40min

Fri 7 Oct:
(am) Swim - 1.4km

Sat 8 Oct:
(am) Long run - 19.97km

Swim - 2.9km
Cycle - 1hr 10min (WT); 16.34km (road)
Run - 38.7km

dodgy ankle - a bit stiff and achey

No *touch wood*

(am) Swim
(pm) Run session @ PH

No cycling this week - bike is in for service. What a shame!


Hilda said...

Yes, an excellent week!!! And how is the ankle afterwards? Is it about the greater effort you made this week?
It sounded to me, you don't eat much protein, yes many crabs, ok good carbs, but I can't believe this is enough... is it??

Rae said...

Wow, you haven't slowed down a bit since finishing your marathon a few weeks ago. That's awesome!!

Jen_runs said...

Wow, what a huge week you've had. Very glad to hear that the ankle is holding up pretty well to the workload.


PS and I love the second quote you've recently added to your banner - my sentiments exactly!

Lulu said...

Now you're just trying to make me feel guilty for my slack weekend ;) I don't know how you fit it all in....

TA and the Gnome said...

I'm glad one of us has sorted out some tri training. I've decided to adjust my goals :-) (ie drop said goal and quickly think up plausible excuse!).