Friday, October 30, 2009

Backwards and forwards but not on one wheel

This morning I was at the gym and on the cross trainer, as I am wont to do 6am on a Friday morning. Well, ever since I've been told advised not to run. I have a personal trainer who I see once a week and she has devised a cardio and weights program for me to do the other days that I don't see her. This morning was cardio morning - hence the reference to the cross trainer. Except this morning I was going to do something different - 2 minutes moving backwards and then 1minute going forwards but with increased resistance. Oh the potential for embarassment….. Switching from going backwards to forwards and then backwards again for 20 minutes was almost too much to bear for a brain and body that was still waking up. I had to intentionally think about what I was doing because at soon as I let my mind wander, my legs wanted to what legs normally do - propel me forward. And when you have a machine moving backwards with legs wanting to go forwards… I said, the potential for embarassment is high!

And the reference to one wheel? Dashing across to the shops this morning to buy some fruit for morning tea (natch) there was a guy waiting at the traffic lights in the regulation public service outfit of suit and tie and sitting on a unicycle. He was cycling backwards and forwards to maintain momentum while waiting for the lights to change. And I thought I had it hard on the crosstrainer this morning - going backwards and forwards.

And why am I not running, you may be wondering? Well more than likely not but I will tell you anyway. I have torn the cartilage in my left hip and am waiting to undergo a hip arthroscopy in Melbourne, in just over a fortnight's time. I have also got tendonitis of the right hamstring attachment to the ischial tuberosity and had my second shot of cortisone into the area after an ultrasound scan the other day. This relates to the hip injury as I have been over-compensating on my right side. The scan however also shows that I might also have a small fracture. I'm falling to pieces!