Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Peak hour at Nth Lyneham

Last session for the day and I was looking forward to it, for a change. It had been head down, bum up all day at work (apart from the killer abs workout at the gym at lunchtime) so I needed to get outdoors.

Session - 3 laps of Nth Lyneham course (all offroad)
Distance - 11.08km
Time - 1hr 6.56min
Av pace - a comfortable 6.02min/km
AHR - 135; MHR - 159
Calories - 589

It was quite busy at Nth Lyneham this afternoon - other runners, people out walking their dogs, and kangaroos - lots of them. In fact, I wished I'd brought my camera phone along for the run because I could've got some great shots. Next week. Anyway I managed to get in a 1.6km warmup while waiting for Strewth to show up so had the advantage of getting all my huffing and puffing done before we started running the course! No problems with the run today - after doing a fairly hard cycle session this morning and then a gym session at lunchtime, I really just wanted to turn my legs over on an offroad course, and this was perfect. There was quite a brisk chilly wind blowing so I never really got too hot while running and once we had finished, we didn't hang around talking for too long because it got quite cold quite quickly.

(am) Cycle - hill repeats (so looking forward to it - not!!!)


speedygeoff said...

We will be training at NL in two weeks time - can't wait! Hey CJ, next week tell the people walking their dogs and kangaroos (??) that kangaroos are supposed to hop, and that the dogs will have a lot more people to chase from November 1st.

Susan said...

Let me know and I can help you with a banner.

Rae said...

I'd have a heart attack if I saw a kangaroo while I was running! That is SO cool. You've gotta take your camera phone and take some pics for us!