Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One Crowded Hour (and 38.21min)

(with apologies to Augie March)

(have been experiencing problems with our wireless broadband connection *fingers crossed this works*)

Session - half marathon
Distance - 21.1km
Time - 1hr 38.21min
Av pace - 4.37min/km
AHR - 173; MHR - 189
Place - 3rd in age group (woo hoo!) SmileyCentral.com
On Sunday it was the vets annual half marathon. I had mixed feelings going into this run because I have really lacked consistency in the long run category lately. And it probably didn't help having Chinese the night before either - not something I usually do! Anyway I woke to an overcast and cool morning. I had to decide whether to wear the CR singlet and cap or a dark pink short sleeved coolmax top and cap - decisions, decisions! I eventually settled on the pink outfit!

Saw a few familiar faces before the start - Liza, Susan, Kathy, Charlie, speedygeoff, to name a few. And then we were off.

I tried to not go out too fast but boy doesn't ego play such a big part early on!!! Its very hard to let others run past and to hang back but I had to convince myself that the business end of the run is in the last half of the run and that was the time to start passing other runners, not early on.

Susan took off and I was not going to see her again until after the race. Helen also took off and generally she was within view (just, at times) the entire race but I couldn't close the gap. Charlie ran next to me for a while and then she, too, took off and I plodded along behind, also keeping her in view!

However, about halfway around the lake I managed to catch Charlie and pass her. I was getting into my stride now and feeling much more comfortable - I am definitely a long distance runner (the first 10km is such hard work). Passed Carolynne - it was good to see her out there. Said hi to Alice who commented on my pink top! It was a good morning to be out running 21.1km.

Hospital Hill was the last hill thank goodness because I was starting to feel it in the legs by this stage but had about 2km to go, and no hills.

Then I was rounding the bend and heading towards the finish line, feeling cruisey but a little tired. The strangest thing was I crossed the line, turned off my watch, bumped into Roy who asked what my time was, and you know, I had no idea! (I had used the Virtual Partner setting on my Garmin for the race and had set my pace at 5min/km so my goal was to stay under this pace so my time wasn't displayed). I had to scroll through my watch functions to find my time - 1hr 38.21min! Yay! Woo hoo! Not a PB but not bad for a little run around the lake on a Sunday morning!

I spoke to Susan after the race - she had had a great run and had done a PB of 1 hr 36min. This is great because she is in the W55 age group and if she can still do PBs with times like that then this gives me hope! And Maria is in the W50 age group and ran 1hr 37min - really inspiring women!

Today (Monday) I'm feeling just a little tired and a tad stiff in the legs but not enough to stop me going to the gym for a back and biceps workout, followed by reverse crunches, V-sit twist with medicine ball, and plank. Decided to skip running at Parliament House tonight though - sorry geoff :-)


Session - run
Distance - 6.9km
Time - 39.44min
Av pace - 5.44min/km
AHR - 138; MHR - 180

Legs are working albeit slowly after Sunday's run. Shortened the usual route that I run on Tuesdays.

Thought about swimming after work today and even packed my swimming bag with this in mind. However by this afternoon, when it was time to go home, I really couldn't be bothered heading to the swimming pool. The thought of swimming up and down the pool following the black line is just not my idea of fun. Maybe I'll go Thursday morning before work, and then do a run at lunchtime or after work, before going home for the day.

Coming events:
Sunday 10 September, MS fun run, 6.5km
Sunday 17 September, Canberra Times fun run, 10km
Sunday 8 October, Orroral Valley Classic, 20km (still thinking about it)
Sunday 22October, Bulls Head Challenge, 27.3km

Thursday, August 24, 2006

*Warning* Battery power running low...

Did not want to get up this morning and at 5.20am it was sooo tempting to just turn off the alarm, turn over and go back to sleep. SmileyCentral.comBut I didn't - dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, had a coffee and headed out the door for an interval run, convincing myself that it would get better.

Session - interval run: 6 x 3min (1min RI)
Distance - 6km
Time - 33.23min
Av pace - 5.26min/km
AHR - 152; MHR - 207

It did improve marginally but by about the 4th repeat I couldn't get the thought of breakfast (ie food) out of my head - I was hungry. Not that it made me run any faster.

The day was pretty much like the run - slow. Trying to read an academic paper and I could feel my eyes closing. This would entail getting up and going for a walk, usually to the kitchen for another cup of coffee. In the kitchen there was a box of chocolates for fund raising purposes - the number of times I looked at the contents of that box but somehow managed to resist.


Uh oh, that little red warning light is flashing...batteries running low...time to go to bed. Goodnight.

Triple Treat

Wednesday was such a full-on day – it started at 5.30am for breakfast before going to the gym, and finished at 10.30pm, when I fell into bed in a semi-comatose state (from tiredness!).

Ran the BBQ Stakes at lunchtime – I haven’t run this course in a very long time.
Session – BBQ Stakes
Distance – 6km
Time – 28.21min
Av pace – 4.44min/km
AHR – 162; MHR – 180

Talked to Charlie very briefly before the start – apparently we finished 7secs apart in the C2S. Also said hi to speedygeoff before I headed off on an early start for the run because of work commitments. And it was such a great run – I really enjoyed it. The weather was beautiful – sunny, blue skies, not much of a breeze, great environment and excellent stress relief. I loved it – it was great.


Made it to yoga last night after work feeling exhausted before we even started (having been to the gym and running 6km earlier in the day). Had to be very careful I didn’t doze off in the ‘quiet’ phase at the start of class – would be very embarrassing to be caught snoring in class! The session as usual was very physical and we also had some balance-type poses to do. However my balance had deserted me and I spent most of the time wobbling, toppling over, or grabbing hold of something to keep me upright. It must have been a pathetic sight to see and there was absolutely no grace or style to my poses! Its apparently a matter of ignoring the mind and allowing the body to take the initiative but my mind and body were in collusion and were intent on sabotaging my every pose.

Then on the way home I was directed to pull over for random breath testing – I’ve never been breathalysed before so this was a novelty. There’s a first for everything!

"Think you can't change the world? Too late, you already have. It was changed for the better the minute you were born. There are more people than you can imagine who will never be the same because they came in contact with you, if only for a fleeting moment." - Gail Pursell Elliott

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Marathon and other memories

One very happy CJ finishing the Canberra marathon in April this year

Googong half marathon, July 2006

In reverse

Session – moderate run
Distance – 8.8km
Time – 50.28min
Av pace – 5.43min
AHR – 160; MHR – 225

Just for something different I decided to run one of my regular course in reverse (no not running backwards!). It was interesting how hard I had to think about where I was going and how things looked different running in the opposite direction. In fact, one point early on I found myself turning down a street that I’ve never run down before – why on earth I thought that was part of my regular run, I don’t know. The neurons weren’t firing too well at 5.30am! (and yes, Strewth, you’re right – it is getting lighter earlier in the morning!). Anyways, I was feeling very tired in the legs – it was like running through mud (might have had something to do with the 21km run Sunday afternoon and the legs weight session Monday morning!)

Meal plan (in a quest to stay healthy):
Breakfast – rolled oats and cottage cheese with sauteed pear and sugar-free maple syrup
Morning tea – slice of Apricot loaf with cottage cheese spread
Lunch – serve of Layered Pasta Bake
Afternoon tea – strawberries with cottage cheese
Dinner – Vegie sausage, sundried tomato and asparagus frittata
Supper – WW Chocolate mousse

*not a peanut butter sandwich in sight!

Have also discovered that I am off to Melbourne for work from 19th – 21st September. I’ll be staying opposite the Albert Park Golf Course and Lake so I am assuming I can run around there?!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday, sunny Sunday

Yesterday was a beautiful day – we are getting rather spoilt with all this spring-like weather but I love it! Now if the warmth could be turned up a notch or two (or ten) then I’d be a very happy CJ. However, the next bout of sub-zero frosty days with winds whipping off the alps must be just around the corner I’m sure.

Yesterday Strewth and I were helping at the monthly vets run at Urambi Hills – a gently undulating 7km course – NOT! That’s why we were helping and not running. This course is one of the toughest monthly runs and after running it a couple of years ago I have since elected to help out instead (wimpy I know). My very important task was to give out the place cards to runners as they finished the long course. Its very interesting viewing the race from this perspective – the sights and sounds you witness as tired runners come hurtling down towards the finish line – with little ol’ me standing back hoping not to get steamrolled in the rush! Fortunately there were a few helpers to ensure that runners finished in some sort of order and I was able to hand out the cards without too much bother (tho’ my hands were frozen and I found it difficult to get them to function properly). Afterwards it was off to Babars for a well-deserved coffee (well it is a very important job handing out place cards!) – mind you, not that I need an excuse to go out for coffee.

I still had a long run to do for the weekend and somehow I managed to find time to nip out the doors after lunch – about 3.30pm. The plan was to run about 20-21km since I do have a half marathon next weekend and I haven’t run that distance since the end of July.

Session – long run
Distance – 21km
Time – 1hr 49.33min
Av pace – 5.13min/km
AHR – 156; MHR – 192

A good run – I ran down to Lake Ginninderra, around the lake and then home again along the cycle path. I had eaten about 7 large Darrell Lea liquorice allsorts (only the best) just before starting out and these repeated on me the entire way – all I could taste was liquorice (possibly not the best pre-race nutrition *LOL*). There were plenty of people out running and walking, with or without dogs, including one person with a little white fluffy ankle biter that was trying to take a chunk out of my ankles as I passed. I was pleased with the run and the fact that I pulled up okay, just a bit tired. However I don’t think I’ll be setting any PBs next week – I haven’t put in any consistent training.

CJ’s Cooking Misadventures (my latest project)

As a result of a 12 week challenge which I finished several weeks ago now I am trying to maintain my healthy eating habits (prior to this I was possibly the world’s laziest vegetarian – toast with peanut butter was my idea of a nutritious evening meal and chocolate goes with everything, doesn't it?!). This has meant becoming acquainted with my kitchen and all its utensils – I am the type of person who will buy the latest whiz bang piece of equipment and then it will spend the rest of its life in a cupboard until I have a garage sale and get rid of it (you know, the juicer, the sandwich press, the waffle maker, the vertical grill - tho, in all fairness, I did inherit that!) For example, we have an espresso machine (used a couple of times in the last 6 years), dripolator, several plungers, and a stove top percolator but guess how we make our coffee – yep, instant! Anyway now that I have a brand new modern kitchen I have decided that I need to be a bit more creative with my meals and so I have been….COOKING! My family have been amazed at this transformation into kitchen goddess (actually that’s probably not what immediately springs to their minds) but I’m still in two minds – a) it’s time consuming and b) it makes a lot of mess (but that might just be me) – so thank god for dishwashers.

This weekend I managed to make the Apricot Loaf, strawberry pancakes (though yesterday I decided to make a strawberry sauce using that Braun stick thingummy I was given several years ago but never used - I somehow managed to get strawberry gloop everywhere – there is obviously an art to using one of these things) and Layered Pasta Bake.

I can’t say I enjoy cooking yet but there is a certain feeling of satisfaction of producing something edible – even if the production is fraught with many little calamities along the way (running a marathon is easier). Anyway the plan is to try at least one new recipe a week.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The latest house photos.........

...courtesy of a temperamental Blogger. Perserverance has paid off and here they are.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The best laid plans......

Today didn't quite work out as I wrote last night. The Farmers Markets didn't happen mainly because I slept in. Maybe next week!

However I did make my favourite breakfast - pancakes with strawberries. This is a weekend treat and I really look forward to it and its really easy to make too - just whiz up in the blender the following: 4 egg whites, 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/4 cup cottage cheese and 1 Tbs protein powder (I used vanilla this morning but I have also used chocolate). Then cook in a non-stick fry pan (I can get 3 pancakes from this recipe). In another saucepan heat 150g sliced strawberries over a gentle heat and then serve with the pancakes. I also topped these with some sugar free maple syrup - yummo.

(ok, not as stylish as you would see in a magazine but still delicious!)

Then it was off to Belconnen markets - but first for a cappuccino at Beppe's. They serve their coffees with a teaspoon of chocolate rocks (small chocolate pieces covered in a thin candy shell). I love going into fruit and veg shops - seeing the displays of fresh fruit and veg, the colours and smells - it all looks so.....healthy!

I made the Apricot Loaf (courtesy of The Owl) once we got home. However I had soaked the Allbran in the milk before we went to the markets and so by the time we got home it had been soaking for a couple of hours (I think it says for an hour in the recipe). Once I added the other ingredients it was like mixing concrete so I had to add more milk - I was a bit worried I was creating a concrete door stop! I must confess that I am very out of practice when it comes to making cakes - in fact I can't remember the last one I made. However it smelt delicious while it was baking and Mr CJ had a slice and didn't clutch his stomach or make some facetious comment!

Didn't get in a long run because time just got away so I went for a short run and will do the long run tomorrow - promise!

Session - easy run
Distance - 7.5km
Time - 39.33min
Av pace - 5.15min/km
AHR - 145; MHR - 168

It was a really enjoyable run. Bumped into JD who was just finishing his run as I was starting - stopped for a brief chat before heading off. Favourite running song was one by The Offspring - can't recall the name but has a really fast beat and great lyrics.

Tomorrow I'm on duty to help at the Urambi Hills run in the morning and then I hope to run 20km later in the day.

Finally, here are latest photos of the house, with the deck and railings complete - well, they would be but Blogger has had a dummy spit.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Up at 5.30am, had breakfast of rolled oats and cottage cheese (tastes better than it sounds) and then off to the gym in the 'tank', dropping son #3 off at the bus stop on the way. This morning it was a back and biceps session followed by swiss ball back extensions (I had serious balance problems this morning - could not stay steady on the damn ball), bicycle crunches and swiss ball crunches.

There seemed to be a few more wannabe muscle men wandering around the gym this morning, stopping every now and then to stare into the mirrors and flex various body parts. They seem to move around in packs of 2 or 3 and hang around various machines in the heavyweight section of the gym - its not often you see women down that end. One day I'll venture down there and check out the machines - there are some serious bits of apparatus.

It was a very quiet day at work as most people had decided to take it off for one reason or another. I had Monday off (post C2S) so couldn't really justify another day off in the same week. However I did meet Bec for a coffee and some seriously delicious mini loaf at Coffee Club before lunch (the mini loaf has dates and other good stuff in it - it is delish).

Then at lunchtime I surprised my self by heading back to the gym for an interval session on the bike. For the last few days I have packed my gym bag to do this particular session but somehow always managed to find an excuse not do it. Guess I ran out of excuses today!

Session: bike intervals - basically gradually increasing resistance, holding for 3 mins and then decreasing resistance marginally for 2mins.
Time: 30mins in total
Distance: 13.7km
AHR: 141; MHR: 230 (think there was some interference!)

It was a good session - got the heart rate up and also got very sweaty. Headed off to the showers and managed to lose my soap - it slipped out of my hands and slid several cubicles down. There was no-one around to rescue my soap so I used some slivers of soap that were left in the soap container and rescued my full bar once I had dried off and got dressed (it was just too much bother to go fetch it while I was still showering).

We have finally got the cedar blinds installed in our bedroom. The rest of the house was done about 3 weeks ago but they provided the wrong blinds for the bedroom so they had to be returned and we have had doona covers as temporary window coverings - a really good look - not!

Tomorrow Mr CJ and I are planning on going to the Farmers Markets in the morning for our fruit and veg (and possibly Belconnen Markets to get anything we can't get at the farmers markets). This is a first for us so we're not quite sure what to expect. Then I will make the Apricot loaf recipe that I got from Owl's blog - having tasted it after C2S last week I can't wait to make a loaf. I bought all the necessary ingredients tonight. Then I will do a long run of about 20km around Lake Burley Griffin, and this will be followed by a slice of the Apricot Loaf. Can't wait! (for a slice of the loaf not necessarily the run!)

Good luck to anyone racing this weekend especially to Tesso in the Noosa Half :-). Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time." — Anonymous

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A horror day

Today was definitely not one of my better days - any gloss from the weekend has well and truly worn off and its back into reality - back to back meetings all day; having to deliver our car to the assessors for damage to be repaired that was not done by us (someone backed into our car in a carpark and never bothered to leave their name and number); allowing someone else to organise the above but they don't get all the details hence I show up at the assessors expecting a replacement car only to be informed that it will take at least 2 hours to get a car and I would have to go to Braddon (assessors are in Fyshwick); expecting to get a small economical car but instead end up with a petrol guzzling tank; a reallocation at work means that I inherit someone else's stuff-ups; and due to a meeting running over time I miss yoga, grrrrr (and tonight is probably the night I really need it). Okay *breathe deeply*

Right, now that's off my chest. I went to the gym before all of the above happened (except for the !@#$% backing into our car) and managed to do a chest and triceps session followed by reverse crunches, v-sit twist with a 5kg medicine ball and plank.

Yesterday I went for my first run post-City to Surf:
Distance - 8.8km
Time - 50.29min
Av pace - 5.42min/km
AHR - 150; MHR - 186

Felt okay. However I did an impersonation of a flying goose at one point when I tripped on a footpath - my last fall earlier this year flashed before my eyes and I strained with every ounce of effort and with arms outstretched, trying not to go over and it worked! Somehow I managed to stay upright though it must've looked amusing for the solitary person waiting at the bus stop just ahead.

And to those who left comments - thank you! It was one of the very few highlights of my day.

Tomorrow will be better.......

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Sydney weekend

The City to Surf fun run was on last Sunday in Sydney. Strewth, Mr B, Mr CJ and I traveled up on Saturday to spend a couple of days in Sydney, shopping, relaxing, eating and running in the race. As per usual, we stopped in Berrima on the way to Sydney for a coffee or two. That evening we went out for dinner to a pizza and pasta place across from our hotel - very convenient.

We were greeted with a beautiful blue sky Sunday morning. After breakfast of fruit salad and yoghurt plus some toast we eventually made our way to the start, a couple of blocks away from where we were staying. Of course, leaving so close to the start does mean that I end up at the back of my starting group but that's fine. I started in red group (A1), Strewth and Mr B were starting in the group behind me - Green group (or A2). Even the 10 or so minutes I end up waiting for the start feels like an eternity - I really don't know how those people who get there early so they get a good start, handle hanging around that long.

Soon we were off and after a shuffle to the starting line I managed to start jogging slowly and then the never-ending criss-crossing to avoid runners began - you just cannot run a straight line from Hyde Park to Bondi! However I had my music and so rather than get frustrated I focused on what was playing on the ipod - much more pleasant! Ran alongside Superman for a while, passed a guy running in glomesh singlet, shorts and cap, tried to avoid the inevitable crush at drink stations and thought that if I could run under 70mins I would be happy. I never once looked at my time, preferring to run according to how I felt and I felt pretty damn fine. In fact I was enjoying the run and even Heartbreak Hill was not a problem, compared to last year when I could've sworn that it had gotten longer and higher!

The last kilometre I decided to sprint, assisted as I was by the cheers from the CR cheer squad - they are truly awesome! Thanks guys! I had sort of forgotten how long that last bit of the run is - it goes on and on and on and on and would you believe, on a bit more before finally we round the bend and there it is ahead - the finish line. What a beautiful sight but so close and yet so far! My finish time was 65.33mins - a PB by 2.30min! Yay, woo hoo and all that!

Caught up with Tesso who came in just after me, Minersrun, and Go Girl not long after finishing. Briefly spoke to Aki who had done a amazing time despite what had happened, saw Rae P from Canberra, and also briefly spoke to allrounder who had also run a PB. Sat around in the sunshine for a while with Mr B and Strewth and others from Canberra. Tuggeranong Don managed to catch up with us for a quick chat. Mr CJ bought us cappuccinos (he knows me so well!) and these went down a treat. PRB also appeared for a quick chat - its amazing who you manage to see despite there being well over 60,000 people! Then Lulu, Jen and Owl showed up - it was so good to see them. Owl was offering an apricot slice which was to die for (and yes, I have got the recipe from owl's blog!).

Had lunch back in the city then after a quick shower Strewth, Mr B, Mr CJ and I headed off to Darling Harbour - the guys to check out the Ferraris while we indulged in some retail therapy. That night we had dinner at the hotel - a pleasant meal of wine and good food finished off with cheesecake for me and apple cake for strewth (I think).

We had a late checkout on Monday which meant we could indulge in a bit more retail therapy! Then it was time to head home. Of course we stopped in Berrima, as you do, and both Mr B and I had the famous Magpie Cafe apple pie with icecream - this is just the best apple pie. I finished off the day by eating a box of Tim Tam balls so consequently was feeling pretty blah by bedtime. Trouble is I can never stop at one.

Distance - 14km
Time - 65.33min PB!!!!!!
Av pace - 4.38min/km
AHR - 171; MHR - 188

Friday, August 11, 2006

Short and sweet

Its late at night and I need to get to bed so this will be quick. We are off to Sydney tomorrow - yay! City to Surf on Sunday; retail therapy and eating and drinking the rest of the time - what more could a girl ask for! :-)

Good luck to everyone running on Sunday - hopefully I'll see a few familiar faces and maybe meet some new ones!

Oh, I did run this morning - it was minus 4 degrees Celsius apparently.

Session - 6 x 2.30min intervals (1min RI)
Distance - 6km
Time - 30.45min
Av pace - 5.01min/km
AHR - 152; MHR - 172

Faster than yesterday so pleased with that. Didn't feel so much like the bumbling abominable snowman as I did yesterday but more like a runner today.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

And now to running

I thought I better add something about my running as this blog is supposed to be about my running - lately its been anything but. I've downloaded some new music and while I'm listening to it I'll work back from today:

This morning's session - Intervals (6 x 2.30min with 1min RI)

Distance - 5.7km
Time - 30.38min
Av pace - 5.20min/km
AHR - 162; MHR - 208

I think my pace is a little slow because it was soooo cold and I was soo rugged up that I resembled the Michelin Man! Well that's my excuse anyway. I was up at 5.30am for a coffee before heading out the door at about 5.50am. It was still dark but there was a full moon. However I was wearing my head lamp so I could see where I was going and didn't have to rely on street lighting. No-one else was up and out, not that I blame them because to say it was chilly is an under statement! Afterwards I met Strewth for breakfast - scrambled eggs on toast plus a cappuccino.

Tuesday session - moderate run

Distance - 8.8km
Time - 50.53min
Av pace - 5.45min/km
AHR - 138; MHR - 196

Nothing memorable to report.

Monday session - hill repeats x 20

Distance - 7.5km
Time - 54.37min
AHR - 138; MHR - 177

Finally made it to speedy geoff's session at Parliament house - it has been a while. And gee, talk about bad timing - it was the second last session of 20 hill repeats, and I'm away next week for the last session. I recall thinking when we still had 12 repeats to go that I'd had enough. For the last few repeats my legs were wobbly on the last little bit where it gets very steep. Has to be doing me some good, hey?!

And what are the songs I have downloaded?

Black Fingernails red wine - Eskimo Joe
SOS - Rihanna
Red dress and Push the Button - Sugababes
Vertigo - U2
Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
Pieces - Hoobastank
Your woman - White Town
I was alive - The whitlams
Common people - Pulp
One crowded hour - Augie March
Like a Prayer - madonna
We're coming home - Rogue Traders
Hips don't lie - Shakira

Oops, its getting late - 11pm *yawn* - goodnight.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A day in the life of CJ

5.30am - bugger, that's the alarm and not a dream. Up for breakfast of rolled oats with chocolate protein crunch (just like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy - ok so its not coco pops but it could be!)

6.30am - drop son #3 off in Woden for work and then go to gym for a chest and triceps session followed by several killer abs exercises.

8.45am - make it into work. Check my email, make a couple of follow-up phone calls. Have a protein bar and an apple.

10am - off to Parliament House for the launch of the Out of the Abyss report - Australia's Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma by Tony Abbott. Went to get a coffee before proceedings started only to have everyone file into the room for the launch. Oh well, I'll get one later. Listened to a speech by the CEO of FASTT and a young Sudanese refugee before Tony Abbott got up to say his piece.

11.30am - back to work. Read more emails and chase up more phone calls that I missed when I was out. Annual reports from non-government organisations are waiting to be read.

12.30pm - Met Mr B for lunch. Heard more about his France trip. And got a very cute Tour de France t-shirt. Had minestrone with a side order of bread, and black coffee. Did order a cappuccino but it never appeared despite reminding the waiter that I was still waiting for it. Not happy.

2pm - back in the office ploughing through the annual reports, reading and replying to more emails and taking phone calls.

3.30pm - time for cottage cheese and strawberries and more annual reports - yech.

5.45pm - yoga class but not the sort that has me lying on a mat contemplating my navel and focusing on my breathing. This is more the twist the joints in the sockets and stretch to the point of (almost) no return type of yoga(Iyengar), all in the name of better alignment. And I have to admit that it was not one of my better nights - my alignment was nowhere to be seen, my lower back as very tetchy (I did aggravate it at last week's class) and I felt like an old crock. There were times when I could have quite easily have burst into tears and usually I am not a sook. I'm sure I've had more fun at the dentist.

7.30pm - dinner, finally. Cottage cheese and strawberries can only sustain a person for so long. Resisting the urge just to make do with peanut butter on toast, tonight its sweet chilli vegetarian sausages and stir fried vegies. This was followed by putting on a load of washing, stacking the dishwasher,washing those dishes that don't go in the dishwasher, making tomorrow's lunch, paying bills on-line, making the bed (can't stand getting into an unmade bed,)folding the washing that had been brought inside from the clothes line and put it away, and finally trying to catch up on some blog reading and do my own entry. And finishing off with some diet strawberry jelly and a choc'n'toffee hot drink.

Somewhere between 10.30pm and 11.30pm - finally get to bed but not before checking that the alarm is set for 5.30am for tomorrow's interval run before brekkie with Strewth.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Before and After photos

A before photo of our house - an example of Canberra's classic (ie ugly) ex-govies!

An after shot, but not the most recent as I have been slack with taking photos. There is now a deck out the front.

More to come soon.......