Thursday, September 29, 2005

Return of winter

Finally decided that I should be doing some exercise given my chocolate over-indulgence earlier in the week so reluctantly headed out at 5.45am this morning. I had woken during the night to hear howling winds and heavy rain but the bad weather looked to have blown over by morning. Boy, was I wrong. I had probably got about halfway into the run when it started raining and then the strong wind gusts started. Somehow I seemed to be running into a headwind no matter which direction I turned. I had strapped my ankle and it was fine on the run.

This morning's stats:
Distance - 7.03km
Time - 38.03min
Av pace - 5.24min/km
AHR - 154; MHR - 176
Calories - 369

My next race is on Sunday, 23 October - Bulls Head Challenge, 27.2km of mainly downhill, all on bush roads and tracks. It is half of the Brindabella Classic - "Australia's Toughest Downhill Mountain Race". Sounds like fun! It also means that I should probably be doing some downhill running in my training.

My gym vow
I do solemnly swear that commencing next week I will faithfully attend my gym on a Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime, dressed appropriately, to do a prescribed set of upper body and lower body weights plus ab exercises. I will not, I repeat not, be tempted to skip my gym session for whatever reason unless it is a matter of life and death (and this does not include going for coffee with Bec).

Yes, you guessed it - I got talked out of going to the gym again today and instead had coffee with Bec (a very bad influence on me). However, I am turning over a new leaf...starting next week.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

Back from Sydney where I spent a couple of days for work. I didn't do any running, or in fact anything remotely resembling exercise, but I did eat chocolate! Went out to an Italian restaurant with Mr B for dinner on Sunday evening and had Penne Siciliana - very nice and very filling. Afterwards I could hardly refuse the Truffle Tim Tams that were offered ;-)

Monday night I went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant with Lulu, Mr "the Legend" Lulu, Owl and Jen. Beautiful food, great wine and company (a photo will appear when I get myself organised), despite the best intentions of 'Rod'(or 'Roy'?) and his 'running' mates to gatecrash our gathering. Again, I could hardly ignore the Truffle Tim Tams in my hotel room fridge (oh dear, there is a theme happening here!).

Tuesday morning dragged my work colleague along to Lindt Cafe. I had to ring jen to get precise directions because I only knew that it was in Martin Place, not helpful when we were actually dropped off at the opposite end and it was raining! Still, it was worth it - 'I'm in heaven' comes to mind, when we were sitting surrounded by everything chocolate. Bliss! I had 2 mochas which are made with Lindt dark chocolate and a chocolat au pain (chocolate croissant - has a layer of Lindt chocolate inside). I also bought chocolates to take home!

A detox is probably what is required, as well as some serious exercising now that I'm home...well, once we've finished the box of Lindt chocolates!!!!! ;-)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Deeks Forest Park run, 8km

This morning it was the monthly Veterans' Athletics handicap run at Deeks Forest Park (named after Robert de Castella - apparently he used to train there). It used to be a lovely pine forested area but the bushfires put an end to that - now its a desolate looking area. However, it is still undulating - that hasn't changed.

I strapped my ankle and hoped for the best! Strewth picked me up this morning. Met up with Trath and Helen before the start, which I must admit was a pleasant surprise. Helen didn't look keen the other night when we were talking about the run today so expected her to win the argument about whether to go or not! Obviously not! They were doing the short course which was about 4km and they didn't hang around after the finish. But the good news is they've joined the club!

(I'm trying to do a million things at once - I'm going to Sydney for work so I am trying to pack, update my blog, washing, etc - my flight leaves in 2 hours!)

Distance - 8km
Time - 38.48min
Av pace - 4.50min/km
Calories - 460
Didn't wear my HRM
Place - 69
Start group - 26

In short - went out too fast and paid for it on the return as indicated by average pace for each km (it was uphill on the way back or, at least, it felt like it!):
1km - 4.35
2km - 4.34
3km - 4.33
4km - 4.43
5km - 4.38
6km - 5.04
7km - 5.09
8km - 5.23

Ankle held up well though was careful on the downhill bits. Afterwards, we had a coffee or two at Black Pepper. Now I must dash and pack! :)

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Today I decided to test my ankle by doing a short run. If it held up ok then I would run in the Vets' run tomorrow - an 8km off-road run. My ankle has improved steadily over the week and the swelling has gone; only the bruising remains. Besides I couldn't stand sitting watching the Eagles/Swan Grand Final - a run seemed like a pretty good idea!

Distance - 5.59km
Time - 32.08min
Av pace - 5.44min/km
AHR - 144bpm; MHR - 168bpm
Calories - 329

A good run. Strapped my ankle before setting out and stuck to a route that is fairly flat. Iced the ankle once I'd finished the run. Its still feeling fine 4 hours after the run so *touch wood* it will be fine to run tomorrow.

Friday swim

It was my second swim for the week - the other being Monday. Today I decided to swim pyramids to break up the boredom of swimming up and down following the black line. My shoulders, arms and back were still a bit sore from Wednesday's gym session so swimming was a good idea. My ankle was a bit sore so tried not to kick too hard or push off from the wall with my left foot. Had brekkie with Strewth after the swim, and had porridge with dates and toasted flaked almonds - yummo!

Distance - 1km
Session - 200m WU; 50m/100m/150m/200m/150m/100/50m (10 sec RI)
Didn't time the swim

Didn't go to the gym at lunchtime. Decided coffee with a friend was a much better option ;-)

Friday night we went out to dinner with Helen and Trath, who had returned from an overseas trip earlier in the week, and Strewth. It was a great night, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday morning, Mr CJ and I decided to try Pellegrino's Cafe in Fyshwick as they were advertising that their fully trained barista had over 10 years experience and strives to make every coffee perfect. While the coffee was ok and not bitter or weak, there was very little froth on top. Afterwards, we checked out a couple of kitchen shops as we are in the process of getting plans drawn up to renovate our house, and we need some inspiration. We came away with quite a few ideas and a better idea of what we might want.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ohmigod, I have muscles!!!

I have muscles and ohmigod are they complaining. I am feeling the after effects from the upper body weights workout I started yesterday at the gym - my arms and upper back are feeling rather tender today. Hopefully I will have recovered sufficiently by tomorrow so I can do it all again!

Ankle update - very colourful, various shades of blue and purple and a touch of green. The swelling is going down - I can actually see my ankle now. Its not painful to walk on or when I do the ankle exercises from the latest R4YL magazine.

Also had more root canal treatment this morning - not happy. Seems like it was not healing the way it was supposed to and so there was more cleaning and scraping of root canals followed by more antibiotic dressings and temporary fillings, oh and another visit in November.

Tomorrow - swimming and brekkie with Strewth. Looking forward to seeing her new purchase - yes, a Garmin! Then gym at lunchtime.

Running? What's that?!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A much better day!

Ankle is still swollen but the swelling does seem to be going down. It feels a lot better today so maybe running on Sunday is an outside possibility?! Have been very proactive with treating it and it seems to be working. Also went to yoga last night and had my own personal instructor. I spent most of my time lying on my back on the mat with my legs up in the air or against the wall.

Today - its the gym for an upper body weights workout and ab exercises. It has been a while (surprise, surprise) since I've been to the gym but because I'm feeling blobby, I feel the need to do something. Otherwise, I'm going to drive myself and everyone around me up the wall!

Also, I know I shouldn't weigh myself every day (after all its what I tell everyone else) but what have I been doing lately - yup, getting on those damn scales. Must stop it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A fat ankle :(

Monday night session - Parliament House

Distance - 9.8km
Time - 61.41min
Pace - 6.17min/km
AHR - 133bpm; MHR - 167bpm
Calories - 558

Last night, near the end of the run session at Parliament House, I rolled my ankle. My ankle went over the edge of the footpath. There was a horrible crack, followed by much jumping around and a few choice words which I won't repeat! I was sore when I stopped running so decided to do the cool down run (ignoring Strewth's protestations) because I hoped that the ankle would feel better, and it did feel marginally better. However, my ankle was hurting like hell on the way home in the car after the session and throbbed all night - gladwrap, voltaren gel and hirudoid ointment being the prescribed treatment overnight. I have been icing, resting, elevating, strapping, taking anti inflammatories, etc etc. My ankle is swollen, bruised and sore, though the bruising isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Today l feel like a big blob (I have put on 1.4kg overnight). Not a good day :(

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sydney marathon time

Place - 317
Race time - 3:40:58
Net time - 3:40:11 (woo hoo!!!)*cartwheels*

Canberra Times 10km fun run

Distance – 10km
Time – 45.40min (12secs slower than my PB! Gotta be happy with that!)
AHR – 167
Calories – 549
Mood - :)

The Cool Runner Chickybabes team did really well today! And the weather had improved, thank goodness, otherwise it would’ve been gloves, scarves, and ear warmers. Woke to blue skies and no wind. As per usual, got down to the start about 15mins before the start and after standing in a toilet queue that was going nowhere, gave up and headed for the start. Fortunately we Cool Runners are not hard to spot and Flash Duck and Strewth were waving their arms in case I should miss them!!! Was a bit concerned because we were right up the front, albeit to the side. I was also a tad worried that I might get caught up in the stampede once the gun went off.

I had set Garmin Girl for a 50min 10km though, to be fair to Garmin Girl, I was only doing this so I would at least stay focused enough to keep under 50min. Passed one guy early on running in bare feet – all I could think was how painful that would be – for me. It obviously wasn’t bothering him. It also reminded me of the time I watched the IM in Forster and one of the Japanese competitors forgot his bike shoes, so he pedalled the 180km in bare feet on clipless pedals! And he completed the IM in 9 ½ hours and qualified for Hawaii.

Anyway I digress. I could just see Flash Duck ahead of me and tried to keep her in sight for the rest of the run. She was running well as usual. I was feeling pretty good myself actually – not feeling the tiredness that had plagued me during the week. After the crowds in Sydney last week, the crowds today were very subdued. Stopped twice during the run for a drink – at the 4km mark and then about the 7km mark to pick up a water sachet. Had learnt, from using the sachets at the Canberra marathon, how to open them without squirting the entire contents over my face!

Felt strong throughout the entire run though I don’t think I could’ve gone any faster. I think I did manage to negative split the run so happy with that. However, I find 10km just too short – I’m starting to get into my stride and then its over. It also means going out harder earlier in the race – something I’m never keen on doing. Marathons are easier! :) Flash Duck finished 10secs ahead of me. Both Strewth and Lucky legs had good runs – I think LL did a PB! Aki looked fresh as a daisy after doing the walk.

After the barrel draws and photo shoots of the Canberra Cool Runner contingent, a few of us headed off for a very welcome and much needed coffee at The Deck café. Strewth and I had been thwarted earlier in our coffee quest when the power had been cut off to the only mobile coffee van at the race finish. Not happy Jan!!! But a great day nevertheless!:)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Eagles are in the grand final!!!

Woo hoo!!! What a great game!! :-))

Return to winter

Today, it is wet, bitterly cold and a miserable 7.9*C. Not conducive to going outside or running. Not that I had any intention of doing either of these things as the mighty West Coast Eagles are playing the Adelaide Crows in Perth, and I’m watching the game on TV. If its not blatantly obvious, I’m an Eagles supporter! Currently, Eagles are 8 points ahead! Be warned – this entry will be punctuated by footy updates!

Friday’s run – my first post-marathon run
Yesterday I managed to haul myself out of bed before 6am to run.
*Yay – Ben Cousins kicked a goal – now 14 points ahead!*
*Another goal – 20 points ahead – woo hoo!!*

Distance – 4.8km
Time – 28.57min
Pace – 6.02min/km
Calories – 253
AHR – 136; MHR – 155

*Woo hoo – another goal!!!*

Because I had been having so much trouble waking up at the designated time on previous mornings for a run, I asked Mr CJ to wake me when he brought me my morning coffee, before he leaves for work. What I didn’t anticipate was having my bedside light shone in my face at 5.20am, and someone asking me if I was awake yet!

*another Eagles goal!!*

It wasn’t a brilliant run but the purpose was to get my legs turning over, and eventually they obliged. There’s a bit of tightness in my calves and my R glute (the usual problem area) but otherwise everything felt reasonably okay. I should be able to run 10km on Sunday, as part of the CR Chicky babe team in the Canberra Times fun run. Looking out the window now, though, the weather had better improve before tomorrow morning!

Now its back to the footy! Go the mighty Eagles!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The accidental PB!

Finally decided it was time to write down my thoughts and experiences of Sydney marathon. Details are a bit sketchy now - post marathon tiredness has well and truly set in!

I woke early Sunday morning, to the noise of trains rumbling below us - we were staying at the Harbourview Hotel. Great hotel, great view, shame about the train station! Stuffed around deciding what to wear, eventually deciding on my CR singlet rather than tri top (and so glad I did because it got very hot out on the course). Got a phone call from JS who was also doing the marathon, wanting to know where I was. "Still in the room" was the answer. I looked out the window and could see groups of runners off in the distance - mini panic attack. Had I missed the start? No, it was the start of the half marathon. Phew! By the time we got to the start it was 7.05am (the marathon was due to start at 7.15am). I couldn't find the 3hr 45min pace group so stood in the pack halfway between signs that indicated 3hr 30min and 4hr. Couldn't see anyone I recognised. Then it started raining. Great. The last time I ran a marathon in the rain, I had a lousy run.

Started slowly and it wasn't long before Flash Duck caught up with me - it was good to see a friendly and familiar face. It was an amazing feeling running over the bridge, with no cars around. However, I wasn't feeling too crash hot - my legs felt very heavy and I felt really tired. Finally I told Flash Duck to go on and not wait for me. Today, I thought, was going to be a very long day.

I remember running up Oxford St, seeing drag queens on the sidewalk cheering us on! Quite a sight! High fived a couple of guys further along. And yes, further along, there was that naked guy rolling around on the grass! By the 10km mark I was feeling very tired and was thinking that 42km was a very bloody long way. I tried to keep Flash Duck in sight and not too far in front of me. Had my first energy gel at the hour mark (I was carrying two gels under my cap).

Slowly but surely I was starting to feel better - my legs were feeling like they wanted to run after all and I decided to use the crowds along the road to help me along - encouraging them to cheer and clap louder when I ran past! And it helped! I started enjoying the scenery; seeing parts of Sydney I hadn't seen before. By the 18km mark the clouds had burnt off and the sun was out - not a good thing as then it got hot and humid. Passed Flash Duck at some point - not sure where. Tesso yelled out to me at some point too - she was looking really comfortable.

Heading back into the CBD, a group of us were stopped at traffic lights by a policeman - I couldn't believe this was happening. It seemed so surreal - this was the Sydney marathon and we were being stopped to wait for traffic to pass. One of the guys got really upset, hurling abuse at the police. At the next couple of aid stations he pushed and shoved his way through - not a very nice person at all. Saw Plu further on in the marathon - I think I surprised him as he was looking to the other side and he didn't know who it was calling out to him!

My main goal for this marathon had been to enjoy myself and to smile from start to finish and I stuck to that. No matter how bad I was feeling, or how tired, I smiled. This, believe it or not, helped. That, and not having a strict time goal. My secondary goals had been to run between 3hr 45min (on a good day) and 4hr (if everything went pear-shaped). I wasn't watching the time on my watch and because Garmin Girl dropped out a several times during the marathon, even the distances weren't accurate. Also, not running with a pace group (because I couldn't find them) meant that I ran according to how I felt. At the 37km mark I waited for the inevitable tiredness to set in (the usual sticking point for me) - it didn't happen. Ok, maybe it will happen at the 39km mark (as in the Canberra marathon) but nope, still felt ok.

Those last few hills were cruel - who dreamt up this course?! As if 42.2km wasn't enough, some bright spark decided we needed some steep hills at the 41km(?) mark. Still, I persevered and absolutely refused to walk at any stage - I can be stubborn! The Cool Runner cheer squad on the Cahill Expressway was just amazing - you guys are so so so wonderful. I can still see Jen yelling and screaming, madly waving pom poms, jumping up and down - I think that memory will last forever!!!!

Through a tunnel, then out in bright sunlight with masses of people cheering and clapping as we ran downhill to the finish. For the last couple of kms I had been looking at my watch, thinking there was something wrong with it because the time did not seem right. How could I possibly be running close to 3hr 41min, a PB for me, when I hadn't even been trying to do a PB?! But when I crossed the finish line, the official clock also said 3hr 41min so 3hr 41min it was to be, a PB by about 1min 40secs, on a course that I think, personally, is a lot tougher than Canberra, and the weather didn't help either.

After finishing I wandered around a bit, met O'Runnner and O'Runner jnr briefly, donned my LineBreak tights (which I think helped in my recovery), sat on the steps of the Opera House soaking in the atmosphere while waiting for JS to finish, walked up to the recovery area (who thought that one up - putting the recovery area at the top of the hill!), had a well-earned cappuccino (god it was good!), got to talk to Lulu and jen and Don Juan(?), Flash Duck, Go Girl, Tesso. Then off for lunch at Circular Quay and back to the hotel for a shower before heading off again with Flash Duck - to the Orient Hotel in the Rocks to meet up with Jen, Owl, JD, Tesso, Benny for a chat. A great afternoon! It was really good to put faces to names though it got confusing trying to remember 'blog names' and real names!

And that night? No Tim Tams but I had a Chocoholic cocktail - tia maria, kahlua, baileys, frangelico, chocolate syrup and cream. Perfect post marathon refreshment!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sydney Marathon - the short version

Stop Press: A marathon PB!!! Yay!!!

Time: 3 hours 41mins.
Previous marathon best: 3 hours 42.43mins (Canberra marathon, 2003).

Hot, muggy weather; challenging course, but I enjoyed every single kilometre of it (well after the first 10km), including those cruel, cruel hills at the 40km mark.

More will be revealed tomorrow.............

Friday, September 09, 2005

Hurts so good

Thursday - massage day
Had my massage courtesy of Matt - deep tissue massage which was verging on painful - but oh such a good pain! "How are you feeling?" Matt would ask while pushing his elbow into my back. "Fine" would be my muffled reply. "Does that hurt?" he'd ask as he found a particularly tight spot in my calf. "Oh no" I'd lie, not very convincingly I might add, as I was also going "ooch, ouch, ooch, aaargh!" Felt very lightheaded and woozy for a little while afterwards - that's a first. Decided not to run after work but have a bath instead and an early night.

Friday - last run - 2 sleeps to go!
Program - 12 x 30sec efforts (30sec RI)
Time - 31.28min
Distance - 5.6km
Calories - 444
AHR: 159

Set Garmin Girl for 12 x 30sec intervals followed by 30 sec rest intervals and then followed the countdown beeps and chirps - so much easier than checking the watch all the time. My muscles felt fine after the pummelling they received yesterday. The run was a good final hitout though I did feel a bit heavy in the legs by the final 30sec interval - I hope that feeling disappears before Sunday. Then I headed home for carbs, carbs and more carbs.

Well that's it - have done the training and now its crunch time - or it will be on Sunday. Have decided to take my ipod (thanks Tesso). We head off to Sydney some time tomorrow. I have made sure my number and timing chip are in my suitcase already so I won't forget them in the mad panic that will happen tomorrow because, as usual, I will have left my packing to the last minute.

As Big Kev would say, I'm excited! Bring it on! :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

4 sleeps to go

Went to yoga Tuesday evening and could quite have easily fallen asleep on my mat. Which is probably why the teacher kept using me to demonstrate certain poses - which is very embarrassing as I'm so stiff that when eventually I do get into a pose it takes me a long time to get out of it again! Well, this was the case last night anyway - my muscles were so tight. As for the 'quiet' bit near the end of the session, where we lie on our mats, close our eyes and concentrate on our breath - it went something like this for me:
Inhale, exhale......what will I have to eat when I get home....inhale, exhale, follow my breath.....I must remember to read all those boring corporate documents for planning day tomorrow....inhale....did I remember to make that dentist appointment...exhale, inhale....gee my lower back is feeling stiff....exhale, or was it inhale...great, now I'm forgetting how to breathe.....what was that she said, follow my breath...inhale...and so it goes on.

Wednesday - easy run
Program - easy 50min run
Distance - 8.32km
Time - 49.29min
Average pace - 5.57min/km
Calories - 500
AHR: 142; MHR: 159

A good run - felt comfortable, apart from my R glute and now some tightness behind my R knee. Sciatic nerve? God, I hope not - anyway I'm stretching and taking anti-inflammatories. Tomorrow afternoon - appointment with Matt the masseuse for a much-needed massage.

I have been thinking about what to wear on Sunday. The weather forecast for Sydney seems to fluctuate between cloudy but fine to cold and rain. I'll probably wear my Cool Runner singlet. I think the Cool Runner tri top will be too hot but its handy in that it has pockets. I'm planning on wearing a short pair of Linebreak running nicks and they don't have a pocket so I've got nowhere to stash my gels. What to do? Ideas anyone?

Tomorrow, I start the carbo loading diet.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

5 sleeps to go

Thanks for the comments - it is helping to keep me positive :)

I have been thinking about my goals for the Sydney marathon.

Main goal - to enjoy the marathon, and the day. Can't wait to meet up with everyone!
Minor goal - I have elected to run with the 3hr 45min pace group.
Minor goal - To finish in under 4 hours.

There, I've said it - its now out in the open!

Monday run session - Parliament House
Session - similar to last week, a total of nine sprints this week.
Distance - 8.3km
Time - 52.30min
Average pace - 6.20min/km (I have to confess I was taking it easy and Strewth will back me up on this)
Calories - 479
AHR - 143; MHR - think there was a blip in the system because Garmin Girl said 224!

Found the warm up hard work so it wasn't looking promising for the main session! It was similar to last week in that we ran the straight sides slow and the diagonals faster (can honestly say I didn't sprint, except for the very last one). Chatted to Strewth for most of the session so a very pleasant way to pass the time while running. I hope Strewth felt the same! My R glute is still troubling me though, which is a bit of a worry. I have another massage appointment with Matt this Thursday, and I've been doing the appropriate stretches; it just doesn't seem to be improving.

Chatted to Griffin after the session then it was off home where, after a shower, dinner, some household duties, and chocolate (part of Mr CJ's Fathers Day present), I fell asleep in the lounge.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Seven sleeps to go

Ohmigod, only seven sleeps to go and I'm hardly running. Filling my face and drinking coffee but not really running.

Program - long run of about 90mins
The plan was to run a loop near home and then head down to Lake Ginninderra to meet up with Strewth and Mr B and run around the lake. Coffee to follow afterwards at Black Pepper cafe.
Distance - 17.7km
Time - 89mins
Average pace - 6.03min/km
Calories - 797
AHR - 139; MHR - 151

For the first 7.3km by myself I felt very dreary and blah punctuated by moments when I felt like I was running okay. Thought my heart rate would be rocketing through the roof but it settled down as I plodded along. The second part of the run, with Strewth and Mr B, was far more pleasant and I felt much better by the end of it. Certainly wouldn't set the world alight with my pace but I did it and didn't keel over during it or at the end. Even more importantly, I still felt okay later in the day, just some residual tiredness. However, the thought that the marathon is only 7 sleeps away is starting to get to me - I wish the blah feeling would go. I haven't had a sore throat, fever, achey joints just headache and feeling very tired and blah.

I have decided to go to the Team Moore run session Monday evening at Parliament House but will take it easy. It also saves me having to get up early Tuesday morning and run!

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!!! :)

Friday, September 02, 2005

My taper so far.....

First of all, thank you everyone for your concern/well wishes :)


8.30am: Started with breakfast at Babars Cafe with friends.
12.45pm: Coffee with Carolyne (aka Flashduck) at Cafe Gaudi, a highlight of my day.
2pm: Massage with Matt the masseuse. Bliss! (with a little pain thrown in - I think Gronk can relate to this)

Running? Oh, I'm supposed to run?! Seriously, I wish I could but even walking at the moment requires energy.


12.15pm: Takeaway pizza from Belucci's with work colleagues/very good friends (this pizza is to die for).
1.30pm: Coffee with Bec at Michels - just the thing to have after pizza.
4pm: Got home from work and crashed out on the sofa for an hour.
5.15pm: eggplant and tofu stirfy with steamed rice, and a cappuccino, at the mall - necessary sustenance before grocery shopping.

Again, no running. However, I am going to attempt a run tomorrow morning. I have planned to meet Strewth at Lake Ginninderra, we'll run around the lake, and then head to Black Pepper Cafe for coffee. (Yes, Carolyne, I promise to take it easy!) Tomorrow is another day and I will feel better! (I've just read over my entry and there appears to be a pattern forming - I am rather focused on food and coffee!)

(Robert, thanks for your comments - I have been trying to follow the advice that I gave you - I'm just not very good at it!)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The dreaded Garmin lurgy?

lurgy [noun]
lurgies [pl.]

1. Originally a highly infectious non-specific disease.
Example: Caught the dreaded lurgy

2. Now any illness that is not very serious.
Example: There's a 'flu lurgy going about

3. A mysterious non-specific blah feeling experienced by purchasers of Garmin GPS watches.
Example: I've contracted the Garmin lurgy

Etymology: 1950s: although it is generally believed that this was first coined in the radio show, The Goons, there is slight etymological evidence that dialectal variations of it already existed, eg fever-lurgy; a euphemism for 'laziness'.

In short, I am incredibly tired and headachey and have been since yesterday :( I was planning on running a 3km time trial this afternoon but have put that on hold. Not going to the gym either.

Wednesday morning run
Plan: program said 1 hour easy run
Actual time: 29.20min
Distance: 4.7km
Av pace: 6.15min/km
Calories: 265
AHR: 140; MHR: 166
Weather: blowing a gale and raining

As can be seen from the above, planned and actual run session didn't quite match. I felt incredibly tired when I woke up, dragged myself out of bed, tried to ignore the howling gale outside, and plodded down the road trying to focus on putting one foot in front of the other. I mentally tried to think of running routes that did not include hills because I did not think I would have the energy to run up a slight incline, let alone anything steeper than that. Then it started raining. Nope, I was not enjoying the run so decided to call it a day and head home. Too windy, too wet, too tired.

The photo from Vetrunner, if anyone is remotely interested - not the most flattering of shots but what the heck!