Tuesday, October 25, 2005

DOMS....in a big way

Woke up this morning and attempted to get out of bed. !@#$% what happened to my legs overnight? All muscles seem to have seized. I was doing a pretty damn fine interpretation of a hunched over little old lady. In fact, little old ladies could've given me a run for my money this morning - it was very embarassing. Although I didn't think it was possible, my legs were more stiff and sore than yesterday - I've decided that I do not like downhill running. Then to add insult to injury - I read on Flash Duck's blog that she has no muscle soreness whatsoever! How can that be! Here I am, hobbling/shuffling around, grimacing when attempting to go down steps (and believe me, there are lots of steps around today!) and Carolyne is not experiencing any discomfort at all. Hmmmppphhh.

Decided to go to the gym so shuffled/hobbled over there at lunchtime to do an upper body weights session plus the killer abs session. Figured that I was better off concentrating on the upper body today, and let the lower body recover from Sunday's effort (never again!)

I'm also still feeling very tired and nodded of four or five times in front of the TV last night before heading to bed. Gosh, the life of a runner - so exciting!


Jen_runs said...

You say that now but I'll bet that you'll be back next year. Besides, I'll need a pacer ;-)


Lulu said...

Sounds very nasty. Downhill running must use different muscles for you to be that sore when you weren't after the marathon. Hope it's better towmorrow and you can walk like the sprightly young thing you are :)

KIT said...

Haha I don't think I have seen the end of a TV show for the past two years!!! much to the amusement of my hubbie :) Maby you worked harder :)

Ewen said...

I have a good memory. That's what I felt like many years ago when I ran leg 3 in a relay team. Swore I'd never run it again.