Monday, October 03, 2005

Return to North Lyneham

I love public holidays - the chance to sleep in, laze around, do nothing...well, dream on because my day was nothing like that! Was woken early by Mia, our cat, who was diving on and off our bedhead, and flying around the room at hyperspeed, chasing a moth. Then she insisted that we catch it for her, which Mr CJ did do but only to shut her up, but she lost it and so we went through the crazed cat routine again. After breakfast and shower, I donned my cleaning gear and cleaned the bathroom and toilet and put on a load of washing. Then I was off to Federation Square to meet Bec, do some shopping and have lunch. I bought a gorgeous sapphire blue necklace. Then I was off to Woden Plaza with Mr CJ to price computer parts as we are debating whether to upgrade or just replace the old computer with a new computer. Finally, late in the afternoon I donned my running gear and drove to Strewth's place as we had agreed to run at North Lyneham, an off road 3.15km loop course, that we (Mr B also joined us) ran 3 times. And that was my day.....

Distance - 10.7km
Time - 1hr 02.53min
Av pace - 5.51min/km
AHR - 144; MHR - 172
Calories - 584

The North Lyneham course that we run follows roughly the perimeter of fenced in bush and trees - it is an undulating and at times quite uneven 3.15km on gravel. Sometimes there are cows grazing in the bush and quite often there are kangaroos watching the crazy humans run around in circles! The first lap was hard work and we were questioning our sanity as to why we thought doing this course was a good idea. However, we gradually hit our stride and by the third lap I was cruising along feeling really good. Isn't it funny how we can start a run feeling really bad and yet by the time we have finished can be feeling really good.

Tomorrow -
(am) 30min spin on hometrainer
(lunchtime) gym


strewth said...

Woo hoo - a good run, tough but good! Have fun on the bike. I'll be doing the same only I'll cycle outside - hope it's not dark. I spent ages trying to put a table of km on my blog, saved it on word and put it in my template but it doesn't seem to carry across. Not sure what I'm doing wrong - most frustrating! Hope the gym goes well tomorrow (for both of us)!

Susan said...

Wow what a great run, and did you say sapphire . . . I'm so jealous - I bet it's gorgeous.

I never get to see kangaroos - only cows. If you come to Dallas, will you bring me a kangaroo and a dingo - definately want to know what the scoop is with those dingo things.

Hilda said...

Kangaroos watching?? What an amazing place you are at!!! And still always planning for different places to run at, lucky you!! You've become my inspiration in many things, like starting right now doing more excercise!!

KIT said...

Sounds like a fantastic run!! It is so nice just to get out there and not be bothered with cars and pollution. I would like to do more bush running. I can say I cross paths with cows and Kangaroos!

Lulu said...

It does sound like a lovely place to run... no cars and seeing the wildlife! Not much chance of that in Sydney.. although you did experience the wildlife down Oxford Street on Marathon day :)