Saturday, October 01, 2005

Post-chocolate blowout

I have been very slack with my running since the marathon which, I hasten to add, is ok because recovery time is very important......and chocolate is good for the soul! However, this morning it was time to get out the door and do some serious running. It was a return to Spring weather - blue skies with some clouds and a brisk breeze. My plan was to run down to Lake Ginninderra for 50 mins, then return the way I came, keeping to a 5.30min/km pace - thanks to Garmin Girl.

Distance - 18.3km
Time - 1hr 40.03min
Av pace - 5.27min/km
AHR - 160; MHR - 175
Calories - 992

After a sluggish start (my first km was 5.05min but it felt slower) I gradually relaxed into a comfortable stride and didn't have any problems, apart from being swooped by a magpie - the first time for me this year. The ankle still aches a little.

Will be running around the lake again tomorrow with Strewth et al, followed by brekkie at Black Pepper - can't wait. Mr CJ and I are getting through the orange flavoured and extra dark chocolate Lindt balls that Strewth brought back from Sydney on Thursday.

Friday morning - swimming
Only averaging one swim a week at the moment. On Friday met up with Strewth at Civic pool and decided to do the following session:

Session - 200m wu; 8 x 100m (10sec RI); 200m cd
Times for 100m - 2.05/2.04/2.05/2.02/2.03/2.06/2.05/2.01
Total distance - 1.2km

Good swim followed by brekkie with Strewth at Red Belly Black cafe.

First triathlon for the season - Women's and Girls' triathlon, 27 November - time to get on my bike!


Susan said...

Reeces are chocolate cups with peanut butter inside sooo yummy.

What are magpies?

Hilda said...

That running sounds terrific!! If you can include some photos of that marvelous place!! At least the good weather is back!! What do you do when is winter, is there snow? I'm shure during the winter you eat even more chocolate.

D said...

Nice run! You are fast!! I'd love to run w/you - but since you are Extremely far away......I'll just read about your

My real goal is to break 4 hrs. It would be nice to do at least a 3:45 which would get me into Boston - but I am not putting that type of pressure on this run. If it happens great, if it doesn't - it will eventually as I am so close!!

Lulu said...

Glad your ankle is good enough to allow you to burn off the Sydney Chocolate fest!

TA and the Gnome said...

I was reading Tri & Multisport Mag, Vol 8. no 7 - swimmer and Your First triathlon on front cover.

Like the idea of the Women's and girls one but think I am busy that weekend.
Enjoy it