Saturday, October 29, 2005

The joys of cycling

It was not exactly a gut-busting effort Miners, but I was out there :)

And all the fond memories of cycling on the road came flooding back:

* bus drivers who think its their calling in life to see how close they can get to cyclists and then honk their horn;
* large semi-trailer vehicles that go roaring past as you hang on for dear life and hope not to get sucked under the wheels;
* bright sparks in cars who think there is nothing funnier than harassing a cyclist by yelling out, swerving in front of you, and not giving way when they are supposed to;
* and finally, my personal favourite - the driver who thinks that cyclists have no place on the road and that their taxes should not be wasted on on-road cycle lanes. They tend to slow down, wind down their window and let you know exactly how they feel, punctuated with many expletives.

Yes, I got one of this motorists this morning so they consequently got the finger - I really wasn't in the mood. For a couple of seconds he seemed to slow down and I thought uh-oh he's going to come back but then he continued on, gesticulating madly. As if I care!

Session - Cycle
Distance - 37.54min
Time - 1hr 32:09min
Av spd - 24.4kph; Max spd - 45.5kph
AHR - 144; MHR - 192
Calories - 769

I thought I might ride some of the Tour de Femme course since I actually entered the event yesterday. However, it has been a few years since doing the event so I was pretty vague about where it actually went but I'm sure I covered some of the course!

Hopefully I will be getting a new pair of Shimano tri cycling shoes next week - they had to order in my size.

(am) Run - monthly vets' run at Bluett's Pines, 7km


Jen_runs said...

OMG! And to think that I thought to myself earlier today "gee, I wouldn't mind doing an tri one day".

Maybe not ;-)


Jen_runs said...

I've just read your comment on my blog. The Tim Tam ice cream has those mini-tim tam balls in it!

Highly recommended!

Hilda said...

OMG! That sounds pretty dangerous, imagine if that happens in your developed country... here???
So besides being such a strong woman also brave.
OK, then you say 194 mhr?? what is that you should be for shure one of the blessed with a great VO2.

Rae said...

So drivers there are just as big a group of jerks as they are here?? Bummer! I'm looking for a country where the focus is on fitness with all kinds of incentives for active people! Maybe one day I can buy an island somewhere and start my own democracy!

miners said...

Hey - looks like a great session (glad you get those motorists down there too - thought it was just my fat bum that annoyed them).

The course you took appears to have been over parts of the Half IM course? Any feedback?