Monday, October 17, 2005

A good swim

Monday morning - swim

Session - swim inc 300m wu; 2 x 100m L2 (15sec RI); 2 x 100m L2.5 (30sec RI); 2 x 100m L4 (1:30min); 2 x 100m L2.5 (30sec RI); 2 x 100m (15sec RI); 100m cd
Distance - 1.4km
Times for 100m -

Had a good swim this morning. Thought I paced myself quite well over the main set of 100m swum at increasing then decreasing intensity - a version of pyramids. Felt strong in the arms and focused on pulling through the water. It was good to have a good swim for a change.

Monday afternoon - run

Decided to run from home rather than go to Geoff's run session at Parliament House. Was having the usual problems with motivation.

Session - 10min wu; 3 x 5min L2.5 (5min RI); 5min CD
Distance - 8.5km
Time - 47.08min
Av pace - 5.32min/km
AHR - 143; MHR - 170
Calories - 468

Interval times:
1st 5min interval - 4.56min/km
2nd 5min interval - 4.46min/km
3rd 5min interval - 4.43min/km

Thought I was going to die in the first interval - heavy breathing, tired legs, and Garmin Girl kept beeping at me incessantly to 'speed up'; god I hate the first interval. I'm traditionally a slow starter and have always struggled with the first one or two intervals on the track. However, the 2nd and 3rd intervals were much better - time-wise and physically. In fact there were a couple of times when GG beeped at me to 'slow down'. By the end of the session I was feeling so much better and glad that I had made the effort to run after work.

(am) Cycle (on windtrainer)
(pm) Gym - upper body weights workout plus ab exercises
(pm) Run @ Nth Lyneham with Strewth


Wobbly man said...

Sounds like a huge day CJ! You will sleep well tonight, I bet. I can empathise with the slow start during the first few intervals - except I don't get faster.

Hilda said...

You struggle but still then you get those times!!
Thanks for detalling how you increase your speed and effort step by step.
I am wondering if you produce so much energy running that you still have to go for more and that's what develops a ironman personality??
The photo is one I found from last year, it is a cloudy day at the hotel, is good isn't it?

KIT said...

Great minds think a like!! I had a day of poor motivation!!! I had to really bully myself out of the house! Great run :)

Jen_runs said...

Wow, that's a huge day CJ. I'm interested in your swimming intervals. Do you have a program I could have a look at??


Tesso said...

Isn't if funny that those intervals seemed so tough but during a 10k race you go faster all the way. I can never figure that one out :-)

Lulu said...

Nice to hear that Garmin Girl was telling you to slow down! Sounds good to me ;)

go girl said...

Wow CJ! A huge effort for a Monday. I'm the same , I always start off felling less than average at Intervals. They must be doing some good though!

D said...

Mondays are tough...and you kicked butt!