Thursday, September 29, 2005

Return of winter

Finally decided that I should be doing some exercise given my chocolate over-indulgence earlier in the week so reluctantly headed out at 5.45am this morning. I had woken during the night to hear howling winds and heavy rain but the bad weather looked to have blown over by morning. Boy, was I wrong. I had probably got about halfway into the run when it started raining and then the strong wind gusts started. Somehow I seemed to be running into a headwind no matter which direction I turned. I had strapped my ankle and it was fine on the run.

This morning's stats:
Distance - 7.03km
Time - 38.03min
Av pace - 5.24min/km
AHR - 154; MHR - 176
Calories - 369

My next race is on Sunday, 23 October - Bulls Head Challenge, 27.2km of mainly downhill, all on bush roads and tracks. It is half of the Brindabella Classic - "Australia's Toughest Downhill Mountain Race". Sounds like fun! It also means that I should probably be doing some downhill running in my training.

My gym vow
I do solemnly swear that commencing next week I will faithfully attend my gym on a Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime, dressed appropriately, to do a prescribed set of upper body and lower body weights plus ab exercises. I will not, I repeat not, be tempted to skip my gym session for whatever reason unless it is a matter of life and death (and this does not include going for coffee with Bec).

Yes, you guessed it - I got talked out of going to the gym again today and instead had coffee with Bec (a very bad influence on me). However, I am turning over a new leaf...starting next week.


Derek Rydall said...
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Aki said...

:) Your blog heading couldn't get any different from mine today. The afternoon was happy! I won't even mention my failed attempt of a walk this morning.

Susan said...

Oh those gym workouts - gotta hate em and love em too. That downhill moutain run sounds fun. I look forward to reading about that

Hilda said...

You are very fast and strong already, so you have earn already those coffees. Enjoy them. So that speed was under the rain, and cold wind!! you are my hero.

Al Carter said...

I can't wait to hear about the downhill race...I love running downhill, it feels so freeing.

Jen_runs said...

I haven't even met Bec and I think she is a very bad influence ;-)


Lulu said...

Good thing you don't come to Sydney more often otherwise Jen and I could lead you astray all the time;) I think we've been quite restrained this week.. no sneaking off to see the Mr Lindt at all...
Glad you ankle is getting better and we'll severely chastise you if we notice any slacking off from gym work.. you are allowed to do the same!

A Girl Running said...

I love running in the rain but not with wind, well done on slugging thru it!

Have a good weekend

RunDave said...

If it's any consolation, I would rather have coffee than go to the gym. I'd rather go for a run than have coffee but it would be a close call.

Cirque said...

Next week is always a great time to turn over a new leaf. Please tell Bec I like her style.