Sunday, July 31, 2005

Who put all those hills there?!

Plan - Vets' monthly handicap run
Location - Mt Taylor, 6.8km
Weather - blue skies, sunshine but a cold breeze blowing
Time - 33.14min
Place - 11th
Group - 25

Was feeling very tired this morning but not as stiff as anticipated after yesterday's run. The thought of running more hills wasn't helping the situation either - felt tired just thinking about it. It had been a couple of years since I had run that course so was a bit vague on the details - I knew there was a killer hill somewhere in the 6.8km but that was about it. After last month's win I had moved from Group 18 to Group 25. Peter was also running in this group but I lost him at the first downhill - he is a lot faster on the downhills than I am.

Anyway, the start has us going uphill for a bit - cruel. Then we turn off into the nature park and up and over more 'little' hills (as opposed to the 'big' hill coming up). Everyone seemed to be passing me at this point so I decided to settle into a comfortable pace and not worry about what was going on around me. I was running up the hills better than I thought I would and gradually upped the pace. The 'big' hill was just as steep and seemingly endless as I remember but I didn't walk - not once. Wasn't surprised when Maria passed me (from Group 27) and I said in passing that I had expected her sooner! The challenge for me then was to keep Maria in sight and this helped to focus me for the rest of the run. But who put all those extra hills in the way?! I truly could not remember it being so hilly - this is what I meant about being vague on the details!

The final stretch seemed to go on forever. Saw Flash Duck, who was on roster duty for today. Passed Peter near the end (thanks for the encouragement!). Crossed the line in 11th place, in a time of 33.14min. I am very happy with that time considering the course I ran yesterday and the fact that the week leading up to it wasn't the greatest, health-wise. Yay!!! For the rest of the week though I am going to run f-l-a-t courses!!! Tomorrow will be a well-earned rest day from running - sorry Geoff, but I'll be there Thursday evening!!!


Lulu said...

Those hills are good practice for the C2S and it sounds like you'll be flying along..

NottsLad said...

Have you received your Forerunner yet? I guess not, otherwise, like me, you'd be raving about it!!!

allrounder said...

i hope you get your Forerunner soon, it's soo much fun...i AM doing the C2S and the Sydney half which will probably be the last of my long running stuff until the cricket season finishes...

allrounder said...

so have you picked it up yet and figured it all out??!!

Lulu said...

Hi CJ. I hope everything is OK.. your blogging silence is beginning to worry me. Perhaps the Garmin has arrived and you are so exciting playing with it that you haven't had a chance to do anything else!

speedygeoff said...

.and more hills in the Vets Handicap this month means I still won't catch you even if they push you further back???

Carolyne said...

I'm concerned about how you are going, CJ . . . are you alive and well?

If so, I hope that you are using the opportunity to eat (chocolate), drink (coffee) and be merry!

A Girl Running said...

there is something so wonderful about climbing hills - the sense of achievement is a real buzz

thanks for your not sure I am happy to hear about the conning being an art they will improve on though

I have 11 sleeps to go =)