Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Be true. Be real. Be great.

Well, that was the 'thought starter' on the Pria chocolate bar that I bought after gym today!

Plan for this morning - a moderate run of about 80mins (was actually 76.30min)
Time - 5.20am
Temperature - minus 4*C
Route - round the suburbs

Winter running in Canberra:
Thicker leggings - check
Gloves - check
Headband - check
beanie - check
croptop, coolmax t-shirt, coolmax long sleeved top - check
running jacket - check
thicker socks - check
shoes - check

It was frosty, there was no wind, but it is getting lighter a bit earlier in the mornings, always a good sign. I wasn't cold, apart from the lack of feeling in my cheeks and lips. However, the rest of me was toasty warm. Had a good run - in fact, ran the route 3min faster than a couple of weeks ago.

Lunchtime plan - gym
Time spent at the gym - about 45mins (not including changing, showering time)


silverfox said...


I have a favourite saying - 'long after you pay the price the quality still remains'. Running in early morning -4 degrees is quite a price! Good on you, these are the runs that make the difference when it would be so easy to stay in bed. Good on you and keep it up!

Carolyne said...

It's great that it's getting light earlier CJ, but "you are a better man than me" being out there at that time of day!

Hopefully we can trail run soon, instead of the suburbs!

miners said...

Right that's it! No more reading your blog CJ. I had only just received an email from my surfclub about training courses for the upcoming season, so I'd started to feel toasty for a second ... then I read your post and was reminded we still have a couple of months of this :(

Lulu said...

SF is right.. this will all pay off big time and the warm sunny mornings will be right back very soon!

Aki said...

And when the heat does come back it'll be just when we are used to this temperature again! Go CJ!