Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A [non-running] win!

This is not an exercise post but I've had a win with a telecommunications company which shall remain nameless. My mobile phone has been playing up for the last couple of months - it has an annoying habit of freezing during a phone call, the screen goes blank, the keys don't work and I lose the phone call. I'm 15 months into a 24 month contract. I went into one of the company's shops on the weekend to explore my options but was basically told that since my warranty had run out (after 12months) either put up with it or pay out my contract. When I questioned whether it was satisfactory to have to put up with a crappy phone until March next year, the sales woman's response was "well you chose the phone". #$%&*......However, I remained remarkably calm and didn't respond with anything remotely rude or inappropriate but instead went home and sent off an irate email to said company. Their response, by email and phone, has resulted in them paying out my current contract allowing me to update my phone on a new 24month contract. Yay!! :-)


miners said...

nice to see a win for us poor and down-trodden sorts

Lulu said...

Yay.. I love to see the consumer having a win over big corporations.. I triumphed over our car manufacturer recently.. they can't take on us runners and win..