Saturday, July 09, 2005

A long run with Flash Duck

Plan - a long run with Flash Duck.
Time - a very civilized 11am (I could sleep in!)
Route - around Lake Burley Griffin
Distance - 26km
Time - 2hr 30min
Av km rate - 5.40 min/km
Weather - cold, grey, windy (in parts) but no rain

I was really looking forward to running with FD this morning but also very nervous - what if I couldn't keep up with her, what if we had nothing to talk about, what if she didn't like me, etc, etc. Well, I needn't have worried - FD is a lovely person, there was plenty to talk about, so much so that the time went quickly and I really can't remember any difficult sections of the run (which is how a run should be). I was probably overdressed for the run, wearing leggings, short sleeved coolmax top, long sleeved coolmax top and lightweight jacket, but I wasn't taking any chances!!! The rain held off and the wind was really only troublesome on the return trip back to our cars. We saw some type of waterbird who had been fishing (successfully I might add, with a fish in its beak), a pair of swans with some gorgeous grey fuzzy goslings, and a guy practising on his trumpet. Some hardy cyclists were also out enjoying the break in the rain and a few families rugged up in jackets, beanies and scarves, laying out picnics (very keen I thought).

I was really taken with FD's Garmin 301 Forerunner. I have been thinking about getting one and having seen one in action and the great things you can do with it after the run (eg the maps and the info that can be downloaded), I'm sold! It is definitely on my shopping list.

After the run we had a couple of coffees to warm up - always a good thing. All in all, a great day. I'm so glad the weather held out and we could run. Thanks FD :-)

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