Monday, July 11, 2005

Round and round and round we go

Plan - Geoff's run session: 12 x 40sec efforts (80sec RI)
Time - 5.30pm
Location - Parliament House
Weather - cold, no wind, about 6*C

Yawning most of the afternoon. Certainly didn't feel like going to Geoff's run session after work, would've been very happy to just go home. However 5.30pm found me, rather reluctantly, at Parliament House, feeling cold and tired. Good to see everyone - some like Charmaine and Rae I hadn't seen for a very long time. Margaret was feeling very happy after her PB at the GC half marathon. Flash Duck showed up near the end of the warm up run. The session consisted of running a loop, uphill one side and downhill the other, on the grass - 40sec efforts followed by 80 sec at a slower pace, 12 times. Downhill efforts - not a problem. Uphill efforts - required a little more work. Had certainly warmed up by the end of the session. A cool down lap and then home for a hot shower and something to eat.

This morning I went swimming before work. Plan was to do 1km but I lost count of my laps and did 1.1km - 23.51min. Arrived at the pool a bit after 7.30am so missed the early morning rush - I virtually had the pool to myself. For this reason, I really enjoyed my swim this morning. I didn't have to worry about getting in anyone's way, or overtaking anyone, or try to avoid random kicks from swimmers in the lane next to me, or rope burn from swimming too close to the lane ropes, etc.

Plan for the week (already looking shaky and its only Monday)

Mon - am swimming; pm run session (done)
Tue - gym at lunchtime
Wed - will either be an hour run before work or Barbecue Stakes 6km at lunchtime (may be having lunch with friends); pm swim
Thurs - will either be a run before work or run session at Dickson oval after work (depends on weather); no gym - have another lunch date
Fri - am swim; maybe gym at lunchtime (to make up for not going Thurs)
Sat - long run
Sun - rest day (at long last!!)

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NottsLad said...

Thanks for the note on my blog. I responded there but I'll also ask here:
Have you found a good deal on the 301? I'm struggling to justify the difference between that and the 201!