Monday, July 18, 2005

Running round a rectangle

Plan - speedygeoff's run session
Session - 3 x 20sec/40sec/60sec/80sec efforts with corresponding rest intervals
Location - Parliament House

Wore my new pink Nike top to the session tonight - don't know if I was hoping it would help make me faster or the session easier! Did the usual warm up lap around PH and then headed back down to run between the flag poles again - similar to last week. However, tonight the session was far more interesting and felt that it went quicker because of the variation in times of the efforts and rest intervals. Felt twinges in R glute tonight - will I ever run a session without any niggles, twinges or aches or is this welcome to old age?! Good session tonight - didn't feel blah, didn't feel like throwing up, legs didn't feel like jelly, lungs not burning - yep, good session. Actually looking forward to Thursday evening's track session at the AIS - haven't done one of those in over a year. Yikes!

Late edit: Just remembered - the lights went out on us during the session so we were running in the dark. Interesting! However, it wasn't a problem as I had done several laps by then so sort of knew where I was going.

This morning I went swimming at Civic pool before work. Had to scrape ice off the windscreen before leaving home - it was -3*C (the upside being that it was blue sky and sunshine today). Had a lane all to myself the whole time - bliss! Swam 1km - 30.26min.

Total for last week:
Swimming - 2.1km
Cycling - who am I kidding?!
Running - approx 5hr 25min
Gym - Tues/Fri

Plan for the week:
Mon: am swim; pm run session (done)
Tues: pm yoga
Wed: am med long run (approx 1hr 20min); pm gym
Thurs: pm track session, AIS
Fri: am swim; pm gym
Sat: pm Cross country championships, 8km
Sun: am long run (approx 2hr 45min - 3hr)


Lulu said...

Sounds like an interesting session. I wouldn't even consider getting up if it was -3 degrees, that's why I live in sydney not england! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

allrounder said...

hi CJ, i've ordered my Garmin from Bike Run Walk - total cost including postage $US265.94...should arrive early next week

Jen_runs said...

Sounds like a great session - I'm looking forward to joining speedygeoff's sessions in the future (though I suspect the -3 weather is going to take me a little while to get used to!!). J

PS I've just finished Winton's latest The Turning - it was good but I didn't enjoy it as much as Dirt Music probably because of the format (short stories). I confess that I haven't read Cloudstreet. It is on my bookshelf. I've just never got around to it. I'll have to rememdy that I think...

miners said...

I had been feeling warmer today until I read your ice on the windscreen comment :(

Hannah said...

the pink top sounds nice! I do like Nike stuff! :) You put me to shame feeling reluctant to swim here in Bris, when it's -3 where you are!

Sounds like your track session went well too :)