Thursday, July 21, 2005

Track session debut

Plan: track session with Geoff's group - 1500m time trial (6min 11sec)
Location: AIS track
Time: 5.30ish pm
Weather: cold but no wind

Had been looking forward to this session but also dreading it. It has been well over 12 months since I had done a track session of any sort and my memories of these sessions usually include a great deal of pain. You know, the "if it doesn't kill you it must make you stronger" type of session. Had also been to a farewell lunch and had a delicious pizza (not your standard Pizza Hut pizza) followed by cappuccino and choccies. Passed on the wine though - didn't think it would sit too well with a track session.

The session involved a couple of laps warm up then for those of us who weren't at the track last week, a 1500m time trial. I'm not keen on time trials because I always seem to run badly when someone is taking the time. I also got Geoff's instructions mixed up and started off on my own time trial, well, that's what someone (who shall remain anonymous) told me to do. However, after 800m Geoff stopped me, and a couple of others who had also started, to say that the time trial hadn't started yet so what we had done essentially was a warm up. Good start. The time trial did eventually get underway and off I went again, this was all starting to feel very familiar. I tried to pace evenly and not go out too fast nor get caught up racing whoever was next to me. I felt fairly comfortable over the 3 and 3/4 laps and was happy with my time - room for improvement but at least I didn't feel like death warmed up when I finished - always a good sign! We finished off with 4 x 200m efforts with 100-200m recoveries. I am not a sprinter! I felt so uncoordinated when trying to 'sprint' the 200m - I'm a marathon runner so why does 200m seem to take forever?!

All in all, a good session - I have lots of work to do but hopefully these sessions will help my speed, which is sadly lacking at the moment.


miners said...

Great effort CJ! I wouldn't know what running a bend is like anymore either so that's impressive stuff.

Incidentally, what did you do for your first 800m TT? ;)

Friar said...

I haven't run on the track for the past several years, although I thoroughly enjoyed the Adler series spiral handicaps.
The Adler 10 lapper is not held any more, only the shorter events for the speedy; at least the effort is over sooner rather than later.


speedygeoff said...

Running an 800 in about 3:15 and a 1500 in just over 6 minutes moments later is great for a debut. And those 200s are good for marathon training because they make the marathon feel so much easier! At least for the first couple of hours of the marathon. Well done and we will try and make the track work varied and interesting.

vat_man said...

These speed sessions are so good for form and cardio fitness. It will really help your distance running as your running style will become more efficient and running at your proposed marathon pace will be physically easier. I do wonder about the benefit of running repeats under 400 metres though.

....and they're best done in a group environment. Nothing improves speed like watching other people's backsides.