Friday, July 15, 2005


Plan - swim 1km: 200m wu; 4 x 200m
Time - 7.10am
Location - Civic pool

Son #3 looks like death warmed up this morning - he's not a happy little bunny at all today. Complaining of aches and pains, headaches, stuffed up nose, sore throat and is a picture of abject misery. Left him with a supply of painkillers, throat lozenges and cough medicine to go swimming.

Foggy everywhere - looked amazing driving down towards Glenloch Interchange, with the Brindabella ranges rising above the fog in the valleys.

Times for 200m:
Rest intervals varied, depending on whether there was a faster swimmer turning (in which case I'd wait til they turned and had swum off) or waiting for a slower swimmer to get at least halfway down the pool before I started.

Went to the gym at lunchtime. Though still very cloudy, the sun was shining and I could see little patches of blue sky. It's about 10*C, the breeze is a bit chilly. Long run planned for tomorrow morning and then NOTHING until Monday morning, when its back to the pool. Yay!

Started on my tax return last night and early signs indicate that a Garmin is on the cards. Double yay!!!!


speedygeoff said...

As a change and a challenge have you tried negative splitting the 200s? That's fun!

Lulu said...

Gym and swim, that's very impressive! Thanks for your words of encouragement.. tired and emotional today.. must take chocolate remedy immediately!

I'll be jealous of your Garmin when you get it. I casually mentioned my interest in said device to Mr Lulu earlier in the week as a subtle hint for a birthday pressie.. but it's too late.. he's already got me something else.. oh well there's always Christmas. Alternatively, Plan B is I could buy him one and then use it constantly!
Hope son number 3 is soon back to normal and that you don't catch anything from him!

Luckylegs said...

I'm in tune with your weather, CJ....max of 10 degrees here today, but unlike Canberra, clear skies & sun (big yellow ball in sky) in case you've forgotten what it looks like! Great training you're into in spite of the cold days!

miners said...

Hey - those swim times look great - you're foxing with your comments on my blog.

(if Mr. Taxman doesn't deliver me a Garmin this year I may have to go into Norfolk Island exile)