Monday, July 04, 2005

Monday running session

Training plan for the week ahead:
Monday - swim am; Geoff's run session, pm
Tuesday - gym at lunchtime
Wednesday - Barbecue Stakes 6km run; swim pm
Thursday - 80min easy run am; gym at lunchtime
Friday - swim am
Saturday - long run am
Sunday - easy 50min run pm

Monday run session
Plan - Geoff's Monday running group at Parliament House. Today it was to be 6 laps of a loop course (about 800m) which involved running downhill one side and going hard uphill the other side.

Started off with a bleeding blister - after effects of yesterday's run. Had forgotten about it until I put socks and runners on and then noticed it was bleeding. Ouch! Also have some bad chafing on lower back from drink bottle holder - ouch, ouch!! Still felt a little tired from yesterday's run and the after effects of a restless night - didn't sleep very well. Fuelled up on coffee today and chewy lollies eg Sherbies and Milkshakes. Had a bad attack of sugar cravings after lunch.

Was a clear, crisp evening, the sky punctuated by fireworks from the nearby US embassy (Independence Day). Started with a one lap warm up around Parliament House, then a familiarisation lap around the loop course before starting the repeats - 6 of them (on the bright side, at least it wasn't 20!). On the uphill side, we ran hard uphill until we reached the bridge, slowed down, and then ran hard the rest of the way up the hill to the top. The downhill side was a recovery run before doing it all again. What fun! Concentrated on running lightly and relaxed uphill and was happy with my speed, although I did slow down a bit on the last two laps. Finished the session with another lap around PH. A good session.

Swam this morning - 1km, 21.46min. A very pedestrian time but enjoyable. Mostly had the lane to myself and concentrated on stretching out on each stroke.

Had avocado and bocconcini salad with crispbreads for lunch, and apple for afternoon tea. Felt hungry all afternoon - not sure why. Maybe after effects of yesterday's long run? Had tofu and lettuce tortilla wrap for tea, followed by yoghurt, strawberries and grapes.

Some results from the Gold Coast:

Margaret - 1hr 56.36min in the half - a PB apparently. Well done!

Wombat - 1hr 42min in the half. Great time!

Nerida - her 2nd half - 2hr 16.52min. We'll have you doing a marathon yet!

Geoff - 4hr 01.23min in the marathon. Way to go!!! Done well guys!


Carolyne said...

Boo Hoo. I won't be able to go to the BBQ Stakes this Wednesday, as Bob's flight arrives at 12:55.

[Rant mode on]

You're not having enough carbs, CJ! Yoghurt, good. Tofu, salad, etc, good. Crispbreads and a tortilla ~ not enough!

[Rant mode off]

And I thought that parliament house wasn't on tonight because Geoff was on holidays, Doh!

Do you have any plans for your Saturday run yet?

Lulu said...

Only 6 laps ;) It must be quite interesting training around Parliament House.. a unique location for training. Ouch to the blister AND chafing.. double whammy! (Is that how you spell Whammy or is it wammy.. neither look right but you get the gist!)

Gronk said...

Boy, I look at your week ahead and you nake me feel like a bludger ! Can I have some of that energy ?