Thursday, July 07, 2005

Back to the gym

Didn't feel at all inspired to go to the gym today and if anyone had suggested going out for a coffee, I would've been there like a shot. However, that didn't happen *sigh* so headed off to the gym at lunchtime. Did feel a little rejuvenated heading outdoors (there is something about being stuck indoors that makes me feel tired and blah sometimes).

However, had to modify my exercise regime because the club had decided to recover some of the seats on the machines "for our comfort" and therefore would be without padded seats for 48hours. Hmmm, wasn't planning on sitting on metal to exercise so used alternatives to those exercises where I usually use a machine (not that many actually). Surprisingly not that sore fromTuesday's session though could feel it when doing some of the exercises. Nearly fell off the swiss ball when doing crunches - why do balls have to be so round (no comments please). Decided that I hate reverse dumbbell flies with a passion - too hard.

When I got back to work to eat my well-earned lunch of feta cheese salad (yummo), a work colleague commented that I looked tired - I was supposed to look rejuvenated!!!! (admittedly I am tired and looking forward to vegeing out in front of the TV tonight *yawn*).


Jen_runs said...

I have to agree with you - reverse dumbell flyes are the worst exercise and (unfotunately) my personal trainer loves them.....just think how strong our upper backs will be (one day) :-)

Lulu said...

All that gym work will pay off eventually.. but it is hard to get inspired to throw lumps of metal around. As to falling off the ball, been there and done that a number of times, always good to give the fellow gym members a laugh!

As to Bewitched, what you need to do is borrow a tweenie aged girl and then you have an excuse ;)

Aki said...

Gyms are scary and horrible places. I'd go for coffee anytime!