Sunday, July 10, 2005

Easy run to finish the week

Plan - easy run
Time - 4.15pm
Duration - about 50mins
Route -Florey cycle path, heading towards Lake Ginninderra and return
Weather - about 10*C, windy, cloudy but with patches of blue sky

Training program said a 50min easy run so a 50min easy run it was. Initially I wasn't planning on running today because I had too many other things to do (ie life gets in the way!) but a small window of opportunity opened up this afternoon so I grabbed it. The first 20min of the run was fairly typical - felt tired, wanted to stop and go home but then it all came together and the rest of the run felt really really good.

Total for the week:
Swimming - 3.5km
Cycling - big fat zero....again
Running - 5hr 40min
Gym - twice this week....yay!!!
Yoga/stretching - after runs, when I can fit it in, at the gym

Niggles/injuries/illness - nothing. Unbelievable!

Feeling :-)


Carolyne said...

A good week, CJ!
I saw the '50min easy' on the website program. I hope that the weather keeps up, so that the trails dry a bit. The Black Cockatoos are calling!

speedygeoff said...

You must be doing something right, CJ, to have no injuries or other worries. We will do some "fun" surging on nice soft grass tonight, if the weather stays clear as it is now. Longer and better days are here! The best is yet to come.

miners said...

Good to see someone else is finding it hard to get on the bike CJ! This weather is just silly.

How nice is it to be able to record "no injuries" at the end of a solid week!