Saturday, July 23, 2005

Cross Country Championships

Today I ran myself ugly, according to a certain Nike ad - it certainly didn't feel pretty!

Plan - Cross Country Championships
Distance - 8km (2 x 4km laps)
Location - 12.10pm at Weston Park
My time - 37min (4.38min/km)
Place - 20th female (of 35)

Had an unsettled night, especially from 3am onwards, no thanks to our neighbours so didn't get out of bed until about 9.30am, and not feeling really enthused about running. Thoughts of missing the 8km race passed briefly through my mind but decided that I should show because I'd regret it later.

It was blue skies, sunshine but very cold. Saw a few familiar faces when I arrived at Weston Park - Maria, Charmaine, Roy, Geoff, Alice and Margaret. Did a little warm up run to the toilet block with Charmaine and then it was time to head to the start. Lots of very fit looking, fast runners, young and not so young, standing around me. Then we were off and I broke that cardinal rule - "Do not go out too fast". I knew I was doing it but would I slow down - oh no, just kept on going knowing that eventually it was all going to come crashing down! I found the surface really hard going too - grass, uneven surface, twists and turns, boggy patches - it had it all. Guess thats why its a cross country run!

The first lap went well - managed to keep up with a group of other women and even pass a couple of them but I knew as I headed down for the second lap that I was going to start feeling it. Also I'm sure the course was extended for that second lap because it felt a helluva lot longer and it took me a helluva lot longer to get anywhere. Kerrie passed me somewhere on the second lap but gave me some encouraging words which really helped. I tried to stay with her, then behind her, and then the aim was to keep her in my sights, which I managed to do. I was very very glad to finish the race and not disgrace myself by throwing up, passing out or falling over. I much prefer longer distances. Charmaine was really happy with her time - a PB I think. She looked really comfortable even though she assures me she wasn't feeling it.

Tomorrow - a 2hr 45min long run with company for the last 45min, followed by coffee and brekky at a lakeside cafe. Pancakes are looking good!


Jen_runs said...

Well done on your run today. I'm thinking pancakes for breakfast tomorrow too!! J

Ewen said...

Yes CJ, that was a wombat you saw. They are very shy creatures you know. It was a fantastic excuse for my tired legs to avoid the pain of racing.

Congrats on your race - 4:38/km pace is good. The second lap is always longer than the first... [wombat's law of multi-lap race courses]