Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A 6km time trial

Plan - run Barbecue Stakes at lunchtime
Distance - 6km
Hcp start time - 12min
Time - 28.11min; Place - 8th (of 48 runners)
Weather - cloudy, cold, about 9*C

Made up my mind this morning that I would run the Barbecue Stakes regardless whether it rained or not. After reading of the types of weather other CR bloggers have been running in lately I felt a bit wimpish if Ididn't run just because it rained. Besides my training program said a 3km time trial so I figured a 6km one would do just as well. Wasn't sure though whether to wear leggings or shorts. Finally, opted for shorts with both short and long sleeved coolmax tops and I'm glad I did because I would've been too hot in leggings. At least I remembered to bring them to work because I managed to leave my running cap, towel and soap (for shower afterwards), and hairdryer at home.

There were 48 starters for the run today - not bad for this sort of weather but then runners are a strange lot. The worse the weather, more of them show up to run! Discovered to my delight that my start group had changed from 12.15min to 12min.

The first couple of kilometres were okay and I was not as sore I as I thought I would be from yesterday's gym workout. The offroad sections were a bit muddy and I slipped and slid around a bit but managed to stay upright, preserving my dignity! It would've been very embarrassing otherwise. I have a fleeting memory of a burning feeling in my lungs and my legs feeling incredibly tired as I headed up what seemed like the umpteenth hill but once off the offroad section and on to footpaths, settled into a comfortable rhythm again, though I slowed down near the end. Only 2 other runners passed me over the 6km so happy with that. Finished in 8th spot in 28.11min. Good run on a cold day. I must admit coming back into the office building after the run I did get some strange looks from people rugged up against the cold but one woman at least did say I had inspired her!

However, have decided against swimming tonight. Too tired, too cold, too many excuses....! Its really hard sometimes to go out at night in this weather for swimming and tonight I succumbed. Oh well, there's always Friday morning.

Got a very rare phone call from my brother in WA the other morning. He rang to ask what cheese we used to grill on the barbecue (we were back in WA in March this year). I said Haloumi, why? Well, he couldn't remember the name of the cheese but thought he remembered the packet but apparently ended up buying Feta cheese - didn't work so well on the barbecue!!!!!

Tomorrow - hour run early in the morning, before work. Must try and watch a bit of the TdF tonight.


Lulu said...

After that great effort in the cold and damp at lunchtime you deserve a very large cup of hot choccie and cuddling up watching something interesting.. no guilt necessary..

Jen_runs said...

A great run CJ on a not-so-nice day. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. As for tonight, I think a cup of hot choccy and TdF sounds like a perfect plan to me!

Aki said...

Not nice weather? What are you talking about! :p

That's a great time for a challenging course, congrats for a brilliant run. :)

miners said...

Congratulations on a fantastic run CJ - hope you enjoyed last night's stage of the Tour