Friday, July 01, 2005

It's raining again

Not that I mind rain but I like sunshine more! We need some drying out time. Yesterday ended up being a rest day by default. I know that I said that I would go to the gym but when the opportunity arose to have lunch with a very good friend, well what could I do? So, I have promised myself that I will go to the gym Tuesday and Thursday next week. Then I was supposed to go to run training after work but that was cancelled due to the rain. For about a nanosecond I thought about doing a spin session on my bike but changed my mind.

So because I didn't run yesterday I decided not to go swimming this morning but instead do what looked to be a fairly doable run session before work. The session involved 10min at 75%-80% effort, then a 5min effort, 2 x 2.30min efforts and finish with another 10min effort (with 1.30min rest interval between each effort). I began at 80% effort but by the end of the session I was struggling with 75% effort, though it felt like 95%! My legs felt like wet concrete, I was just so sluggish. A very deceptive workout.

Best music to run with, this morning: "One Way or Another" - Blondie; "Run to Paradise" (not!) - Choirboys, and "I'm Still Standing" (barely!) - EJ.

Have also been thinking about buying a Garmin Forerunner 201 thingy - have been reading about it on the net; sounds good. A new toy! Trouble is, I bought a HRM last year and still don't use it properly. Hmmm, do I need one?


speedygeoff said...

When they make a Garmin Forerunner thingy that videos your running style I might get one too!

Aki said...

huh, weren't the only one in Canberra resting on Thursday!

Aki said...

Forgot to add that the Garmin sounds like fun. I don't know what the gym sessions are like but they sound complex