Monday, July 25, 2005

go go gadget girl!!!!

That's what my friends are calling me after the purchase of my new Nokia 5140 phone that takes photos and videos, has a thermometer, compass, a fitness coach application, FM radio and other things; a Garmin 301; and my mini iPod (this was a birthday present from the family). Now I've discovered these really cool sunnies - Oakley Thump MP3 sunnies so no worrying about dangling cords etc when running. Mind you, the cost is a bit offputting - between $550 - $690. You wouldn't want to sit on them or lose them! (no, I haven't bought them - I would have a lot of explaining to do!)

This morning I went swimming. Swam 1km in 21.04min so happy with that; its a bit faster than it has been for a couple of weeks. I got in the pool thinking that I wouldn't worry about time (mind you, I still timed it!) but just to ease into the swim and maybe do a fartlek session.

Run session this afternoon - a case of will I, won't I?
Plan - 3 x 20/40/60/80sec efforts with 40/60/80/100sec rest intervals
Where - Parliament House, 5.30pm
Weather - cold, windy

Felt very tired this afternoon and even contemplated just heading home after work rather than go to my regular run session at Parliament House. Even as I was driving toward PH I was thinking that maybe I would just give it a miss for today - after all, I felt justified missing a session because I had run an 8km race on Saturday and a long run yesterday. But my car had different ideas and headed towards PH car park. Ok I'll take it easy; no need to do a hard session. Warm up went well then into the interval session which again involved uphills and downhills, on grass. Felt ok so went fairly hard on the efforts and eased up during the rest intervals. Tiredness did hit during the 60/80sec efforts on the second repeat, especially as the efforts seemed to happen uphill. However, I found I ran the 3rd repeat easier; probably because it was the last repeat and I knew the pain was going to end. A good session and I'm glad I went. At least I don't have to get up early tomorrow and run - yay! Wore my new LineBreak running tights - comfortable and more importantly kept me warm.


miners said...

So how many of these gadgets do you take swimming? Actually, my image of you running is of some recently escaped IC patient with ECG monitors & IV drips still attached ;)

go girl said...

CJ, I'm so jealous! I love gadgets too. I can't wait to get my Garmin. Those sunnies sound so cool.

Chelle said...

So glad I live in the Sunshine State, dont think I would make it out of the door in time with all those extra layers you have to put on!! All those gadgets sound pretty intriguing too. Read about the Garmin on Miners site also, so will have to go do some more research in to that one!

allrounder said...

i've charged my Garmin up so now i just have to find (!) an excuse to use it today...those LineBreak tights sound good too, i was thinking of getting some of the friend showed me those sunnies too, they are just the sort of thing that might keep her running!...i like miners' image of you!

Friar said...

Oakley Thump MP3

"Red Camo Lil Jon" look Cool.

THUMP is a product designed to be an elegant solution for very active people who want to listen to music while they climb mountains, ski, skate or surf.

Are you intending to add these activities to the repertoire??


CJ said...

I wish there was something I could take swimming - it gets boring following that black line. Also, love the image of me running with monitors and IV drips attached - in a previous life I was a nurse and on occasion had to retrieve escaping patients - though not from ICU!